Tips for Choosing Good Christmas Gifts for Teens

Looking for interesting present ideas for a middle or high schooler? Teens can be very picky so make sure that the gift is on-trend and close to their sphere of interests. Consider their favorite free-time activities, topics of conversation, and personal style.

Some good Christmas gifts for teens include smart gadgets, beauty products, sports gear, and supplies for their favorite hobby. Tweens also love fun activities and creative endeavors. Check our list to find unique and age-specific Christmas ideas for teens!

Christmas Gift Ideas for Teens of Different Age

This guide will help you find awesome ideas for your teenage daughter, son, grandchild, niece, or nephew! Let’s start with exploring some Christmas presents for teens according to their age group. Get practical and fun ideas for preteens and self-sufficient young adults.

From 11 to 14

  • Board Game – For fun times with family and friends.
  • Wearable Blanket – So cozy and perfect for the season. Shop here
  • Electric Scooter – A cool gift for active teens.
  • Spikeball – A good Christmas gift for teens who love team activities. Shop here

gifts from 11 to 14 year

  • Movie Caricature – A unique personalized portrait that will turn them into a character from their favorite movie.

movie caricature for teen

Age 14-17

  • Inflatable Lounger – Great idea for picnics or the backyard. Shop here
  • Tie-Dye Kit – Christmas gift idea for teens who enjoy crafts. Shop here
  • Bluetooth Speaker – They would definitely make good use of it.
  • Caricature from Photo – A fun custom portrait with background, details, and text of your choice.

caricature from photo for teen

  • Video Game – Ask them what’s next on their wish-list.
  • Ice Cream Maker – Delicious treats that they can make at home.

gift for 14 to 17 year old

 Christmas Presents for Teens Depending on Their Interests

What are the things teens want for Christmas? Forget about generic holiday presents like socks and sweaters! To find just the right Christmas gifts for teens, think about their hobbies!

For Young Travelers

  • Carry-on – An essential item for every dedicated traveler.
  • Weekend Trip – Surprise them with a trip to an interesting destination.
  • Tent – Christmas present idea for adventurous teens. Shop here

gifts for young travelers

  • Travel Caricature – A great memory of their trips and an inspiration for the next to come.

travel caricature

For great Christmas presents for teens who love exploring new places, check our Gift Ideas for Travelers.

For Music Lovers

  • Learn to Play Ukulele Kit – Christmas idea for teens who want to try something new. Shop here
  • Wireless On-Ear Headphones – Amazing sound quality they can enjoy anywhere.
  • Musician Caricature – Get a unique art piece with a custom theme for singer, dancer, or any musical instrument.

Musician caricature

  • Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone – A fun idea for evenings with friends. Shop here

gifts for music lovers

For Book Lovers

  • Book Club Subscription – Every month they will receive something new and exciting to read.
  • eBook Reader – Any book lover will appreciate this Christmas gift idea. Shop here
  • Superhero Caricature – Turn them into an amazing character from their favorite story.

hero caricature

  • Audible Subscription – Easy access to thousands of books even when they are on the go.


For an Artist

  • Art Supplies – Perfect Christmas gifts for teens who are always working on a new project.
  • Drawing Canvas – Time to upgrade their drawing game.
  • 3D Printing Pen – An entertaining activity for the creative mind. Shop here

gifts for an artist


Top Things Teens Want for Christmas – A Good Match for Any Teenager

We have a special selection of versatile, tech, and not-so-boring stuff to make any teenager smile. Here are some clever Christmas presents for teens that they can really use and appreciate.

  • Gift Card – Get a voucher for food or clothes and let them decide how to use it.
  • Smart Watch – A practical gift that combines their smartphone with a fitness tracker. Shop here
  • Instant Digital Camera – Christmas present for teens who like collecting memories. Shop here
  • Hobby Caricature – Make them feel special with a vivid portrait customized for their character and interests.

hobby caricature for teen

  • Experience – Surprise them with event tickets, a voucher for extreme experience, or a trip to a national sight.

things teens want for christmas

Christmas Ideas for Teens Boys They Will Love

A variety of gifts for boys that would keep them entertained or fulfill a practical purpose. Here are some Christmas ideas for teens who stay on track with the current trends and like to have fun.

  • Mini Drone with Camera – They will definitely take it everywhere they go. Shop here
  • Magnetic Dart Board – For entertainment at home.
  • Portable Charger – A practical Christmas gift for teens who always need a recharge. Shop here
  • Nike Sneakers  – What is the new model that they drool over?
  • Movie Caricature  – Get a present with some sense of humor! Surprise them with a cool art piece for their room.

movie caricature for teens boys

  • Laser Tag Set – A good Christmas gift for teens who like team games.

christmas gifts for teen boys

For a whole lot of cool and exciting Christmas ideas for teens boys, check the Top Christmas Gifts Ideas for Brothers of Any Age.

What are the Best Christmas Gifts for Girls Teens

At this age girls already have personal style and preferences. Surprise them with Christmas ideas for teens they would be happy to use! A variety of gifts for self-care, personal development, and free-time activities.

  • Initials Necklace – A special and elegant gift that she will love.
  • Skin Care Set – So she can feel fantastic in her own skin.
  • Cupcake Maker – Christmas gift idea for teens who enjoy baking. Shop here
  • Goal Getter Notebook – An inspirational journal for plans, goals, and dreams. etsy
  • Girl Caricature – A unique custom present for your favorite teen.

girl caricature

  • Gel Manicure Kit – For the girl who loves taking care of her manicure. Shop here

best christmas gifts for girls

How to Order a Custom Caricature in Few Steps

The best Christmas gifts for teens are personal, creative, and long-lasting. How about a custom portrait dedicated to their hobbies, dreams, and aspirations? Create a unique art piece with the professional artists of where every idea can be turned into reality!

You can choose from hundreds of design options in different categories or submit your own idea. For a custom design just provide a detailed description of the background, characters, and plot of the caricature.

custom caricature for teens

Choose a Picture

The portraits are hand-drawn using one photo for each character. Choose a photo with visible facial features, suitable lighting, and good quality. The illustration can also include pets or vehicles from photos.

Decide on the Size

You can choose between a wide range of sizes and options for printing on canvas or poster. We would suggest a bigger size for caricatures with more characters or artwork which is meant to be part of the home decor.

Leave Your Suggestions in the Comments

There are endless possibilities when creating a caricature design! You can order a custom theme for a gamer, photographer, car enthusiast, or any other personal interest. Select a design from the gallery and use the description field to add or remove details.

Confirm Your Application And Wait for the Order

After submitting your order you will receive a confirmation email. Don’t forget to check your inbox for updates and a preview of the finished work. The caricature will be sent out only after your approval of the final design. This way you will be sure it looks exactly how you want it!