What Do Men Want for Christmas

As you are preparing your holiday shopping list, you might be wondering what are the best Christmas gifts for men? Something special to match their age, interests and personal preferences.

Find the perfect solution with our ultimate guide for selecting Christmas presents for men of any taste! 

Christmas Gifts for Men They’ll Actually Enjoy

There is no definition of the ideal present because different people like different things. That’s why we offer you plenty of options for thoughtful and fun Christmas gift ideas for men!

Classic Options

Classic Christmas gifts for men: Wallet, Perfume, Beard Grooming Kit

  • Perfume – Surprise him with his favorite scent or pick something new and exciting.
  • Sweater – Keep him warm with a stylish fit or hop on the funny Christmas sweater trend.
  • Leather Wallet
  • Beard Grooming Kit
  • Gloves – One of the Christmas gifts for men that perfectly suits the season.
  • Watch – There is no bad timing for receiving an elegant watch.
  • Bathrobe – Cozy and comfortable during the winters days.

Unique Gift Ideas

Unique Christmas gift ideas for men: Instant camera, Drone

  • Mini Drone with Camera – Exciting Christmas gift idea for men with an adventurous spirit!
  • Men’s Grooming Subscription – Deluxe products to keep his beard in the greatest shape.
  • Man Caricature – Surprise him with artwork featuring his favorite hobbies, memories, or even details like cars and pets!

Christmas gift: Caricature for man

  • Instant Camera – So can capture special moments without searching for them on his phone.
  • Digital or Audio Book Subscription – A cool Christmas present for men who love reading.
  • Men’s Personalized Boxers – Be creative and get a custom pattern for the festive season!

Something Sentimental

Sentimental Christmas gifts for men: Photo book, Hand made chocolates, Custom Vinyl Record Print

  • Personalized Wooden Memory Box – Fill it with meaningful memories and the wish for many more to come!
  • Weekend for two – One of the best Christmas gifts for men who like to travel.
  • Photobook – Print out the good moments to make him smile whenever he looks at them.
  • Hand made chocolates – Order a box of sweets with a personal message.
  • Custom Vinyl Record Print – A unique Christmas gift for men who enjoy the retro classics!

Purely for Fun

Fun Christmas gifts for men: Cocktail Book, Fun socks, Board game

  • Beer Making Kit – If he enjoys craft beer, he would be excited to produce his very own batch!
  • Indoor Putting Green – A fun distraction during the cold days.
  • VR Headset – Modern Christmas present for men who are always looking for the ultimate experience.
  • Movie Caricature – Choose a background from his favorite movie and make him the lead character!

Christmas gift for men: Movie caricature

  • Cocktail Book – Now he can impress his friends with the best cocktail recipes.
  • Fun socks – Plenty of Christmas ideas for men when it comes to socks!
  • Boardgame – Perfect gift for men with a taste for challenge and friendly competition. 

Best Christmas Gifts for Men They’ll Be Happy to Receive

What to get men for Christmas in order to show personal touch, creative thought, and great intuition? Try these tested ideas based on his character traits!

Based on Their Hobbies

Christmas gifts for men: Fitness home set, Winter Sports Equipment, Portable Campfire

  • Winter Sports Equipment – December is a great time to surprise him with new ski or snowboard equipment.
  • Cookbook – A Christmas gift for the master chef who is no afraid of new recipes.
  • Fitness home set – Surprise the gym enthusiast with some workout essentials.
  • Fishing kit – If he is a fisherman at heart, he would love a set of new tackles.
  • Hobby Caricature – Create a cool design that depicts him as enjoying his favorite hobby.

Christmas gifts for men: Hobby caricature

  • Portable Campfire – A practical Christmas gift for men who love the outdoors.

Based on Their Personality Types

Christmas gifts for men: 100 Movies scratch off poster, Luggage set

  • 100 Movies Scratch Off Poster – He likes movies but has he really seen the most popular ones from every genre?
  • Luggage set – Great Christmas present for adventurous men committed to exploring new territories.
  • Personalized Socks – Custom monogram or pattern for the perfect outfit from head to toe.
  • Smartwatch – A clever Christmas gift for men who like staying organized and active.
  • Plaid Sleepwear – Get him a comfortable home set for the winter season. 
  • Class Subscription – Genius idea if you are looking for a nonmaterial gift of real value.

Christmas Gifts for Young Men They’ll Be Thankful For

What to Consider When Shopping for a Young Man

Christmas gifts for young men: Charging station, Dash Cam, Tile Pro

Looking for Christmas presents for someone in their twenties or a 30-year-old man? Young people are active and always on the go so aim for something useful for their everyday life. Smart devices also appear to be among the top Christmas gift ideas for men.

  • Charging station – This practical item will help him charge multiple items, so he’s never low on battery.
  • Coffeemaker – A life-saving Christmas gift for the young men who get up early.
  • Laptop Backpack – If he uses his PC for work or university, this would be a perfect fit. 
  • Dash Cam Mini – Even the best driver likes to be sure his car is safe while parking.
  • Bluetooth Speaker – To set a great mood with his favorite playlists. 
  • Tile Pro – A clever Christmas present for men who are just a bit absent-minded. It will easily track down all his valuables.

Best Presents Ideas for Young Men in Their 20s

Christmas presents for young men: Foosball Table, Skin Care Set, Tool Box

  • Wireless Earphones – One of the current must-have items for all young adults.
  • Skin Care Set – Everyone wants to feel great in their own skin!
  • Kindle – This Christmas gift would be a blessing for book lovers.
  • Foosball Table – He’ll definitely enjoy these tournaments with his friends.
  • Professions Caricature – A fun piece of art dedicated to his professional goals.

Christmas gift for men: Professions caricature

  • Insulated Tumbler – So he can always have a warm cup of coffee when he needs it.
  • Sports shoes – This Christmas present would be great for young men who work out. 
  • Tool Box – Useful Christmas gift for the young men growing up to be independent adults. 

Christmas Gifts for Older Men Who Don’t Want Anything

Some thoughtful Christmas gifts for older men who say you don’t need to buy them any presents.

Fun & Practical Gifts Ideas

Fun and practical Christmas gifts for men: Filtering Water Pitcher, Weighted Blanket, Beer Subscription

  • Beer Subscription – Every month he will receive a special selection of top-quality beer brands. 
  • Indoor Electric Grill – He doesn’t have to wait for summer to make the perfect steaks.
  • Gift Basket – Make his holidays sweeter with a set of good wine and exquisite treats.
  • Book – Make sure he has a nice read for the afternoons at home.
  • Flannel shirt – You can’t go wrong with this classic Christmas gift idea for men.
  • Filtering Water Pitcher – Go for a practical gift that he can use every day.
  • Weighted Blanket – If he has trouble falling asleep, this Christmas present will help him have a good night’s rest.

Christmas Gifts for the Man Who Has Everything

Christmas gifts for men who have everything: Echo Dot, Facebook Portal, Wine or coffee subscription

It is challenging to find useful Christmas gifts for the man who seems to have everything. Surprise him with new experiences or think about unconventional presents that he doesn’t have at home.

  • Bucket List of Travel Destinations – Perfect solution for the men who don’t really need material gifts.
  • Experience – Get a voucher for an exciting experience that will leave him with great memories.
  • Echo Dot – Smart tech that connects to different devices, answers questions, and responds to voice commands.
  • Caricature from photo – Create a unique personalized gift and create a design to suit his lifestyle, profession, or interests.

Christmas present for men: Caricature from photo

  • Wine or coffee subscription – He will receive a handpicked selection of brands and varieties he hasn’t tried before.
  • Portable Photo Printer – So he can always revisit his favorite moments.
  • Facebook Portal – Smart tech for video calls, control of devices, listening to music, getting the news, and much more.
  • Monogram Cufflinks – A stylish Christmas gift for men who pay attention to detail.

3 Tips for Buying Christmas Presents for Men

Tips on buying Christmas presents for men

Figure out What They Need

Everyone is satisfied when they receive something that they actually need. Christmas decorations and souvenirs are nice, but they just end up on a shelf. Some practical items don’t seem crazy exciting or impressive, but he’ll be able to use them every day.

Observe What They Like to Buy for Themselves

If you are wondering what men really want for Christmas, take a look at what they enjoy buying or doing. This is a sure sign that they find something useful, valuable, or entertaining.

Notice How They Spend Their Time

To get more Christmas gift ideas for men, think about free-time activities and interests. This gesture shows that you know him well and you put some thought to select a suitable present.

Get a Custom Caricature Gift Now to Put a Smile on His Face

Personalized artwork can make any man feel special! It celebrates his character, interests, and achievements but it can also be quite funny and imaginative. Think about what theme and details will suit him best and get a custom caricature based on your awesome design idea! This can be a great Christmas present for men of any age, style, and interests.

How to Order Caricatures from Photos

How to order custom caricature from photo

You can order a custom caricature from https://caricature24.com/, where you will find hundreds of design ideas and the option for a fully custom theme. Caricature24 works with professional artists who create caricatures using one photo and a design description that you send them. All illustrations are hand-drawn on digital tablets so the result is detailed artwork with great colors.