Top Christmas Gifts for College Students

A college is a great place where every person becomes more independent and learns so much more for life. Make college the best time for someone you love, by giving him a great, useful, or even fun gift for Christmas. Check out our suggestions for Christmas gifts for college students, according to their preferences or just by considering what they really need.

What They Want

We have written some Christmas gifts ideas for students, that they would really appreciate, mainly because they really want them.

Coffee Maker – Which student doesn’t want a nice coffee maker for the sleepless nights spent in studying or in the mornings after a great party.
A wireless charging case for their Bluetooth devices – What would a student do if his smartphone isn’t charged?
NutriBullet blender – Every student wants to make a fast breakfast. This gift is actually perfect for a morning after a student party.
Apple AirPods – Modern and portable gift.

gifts for students

What They Need

Aluminum Cookware Set – Different size dish set which will definitely come in handy.
Desk Organizer – Amazing gift for the desk in the dorm room.
Percale Sheet Set – That is a thing that every student needs for the new bed.
Porcelain Tea Mug – For a nice cup of coffee in the morning.
Suitcase – Practical for an internship.
Nice watch – To be on time, you can also choose a stylish model, which will be very appreciated.
A Cuisinart induction cooktop – Useful for a nice dinner.

great gifts for students

What They Will Actually Use

Backpack – Have you seen a student without a backpack? That is a good Christmas gift for college students.
Recipes Every College Student Should Know – An easy cookbook with recipes for healthy snacks, meals, and desserts. To improve their cooking skills.
Glass Food Storage Containers – To organize and preserve the food for the whole week.
Glass Water Bottle – For everyday use at the university.
Pillow – A nice orthopedic pillow for nice rest after a stressful day.
Egg Cooker – Fast and easy way to make a meal.
Tool kit – The most useful gift. Every student would use it once in a while.

gifts for student

Christmas Gifts for Elementary Students

Here you can see some Christmas gifts for elementary students that they would really be happy to receive.

  1. Boardgame
  2. A to Z Mysteries Books
  3. Diary of a Wimpy Kid Books by Jeff Kinney
  4. Legos!
  5. Play Carpet
  6. Harry Potter books, games, or other figures
  7. Herb Growing Kit
  8. Candy Cane Reindeer

gifts for elementary students

Christmas Gifts for College Students from Their Parents

Check out some suggestions for Christmas gifts for college students prepared with so much love from their parents.

Electric toothbrush – Every parent wants to make sure that his kid, no matter how old he is has brushed his teeth properly.
Framed memories – Nice family pictures to remind them of home.
Nice blazer they can wear to an internship or interview
Electric Kettle – For a nice cup of tea in the cold weather.
Blanket – To keep them warm at night.
Laptop – Useful gift, but for parents, it’s a great method to see their kid every day.
Business casual laptop bag – What is the laptop without a stylish bag.

gifts for colleges

Something Practical

Personalized passport cover and luggage tag set – For every trip.
Personal Safe – For keeping the important stuff in a safe place.
Night Light and Alarm Clock – 2in1 – Which young adult doesn’t like cool and modern devices?
Minifridge – Important and practical, especially in the limited space in the dorm room.
A life hacks calendar – Advises for everyday problems that a student could have.
A desk organizer set – To become well organized.
practical gifts

Something for Their Hobby

Wireless over-ear headphones – To use it during studying, traveling, and working out. Find here some awesome headphones.
A National Geographic travel guide – Perfect gifts for students who love to travel to different places.
Scratch Off Map of The World – And of course to mark every visited country.
Kindle – For book lovers.
hobby gifts for student

Something to Remind Them about Home

A candle with an individual scent to remind them of their favorite place or hometown while they’re away at school
Childlike cereal for adults – To feel again like children.
A custom city ring if they’re far from family and are feeling a bit lonely.
Home T-shirt – Stamp a family picture on a T-shirt and make an amazing Christmas gift.
Holiday cookies – To remind them of the taste of Christmas.
emotional gifts for students

How to Deliver Christmas Gifts for Students Who Live Far From Home

You can always choose a courier company which can deliver to so many different places.
Also, you can order and pay for the gift online, and after that get it delivered directly to the student’s address.
But if you want to be more modern and individual, you can choose a different way. The world is so digitalized right now – you can buy digital gift cards for so many stores, which a student can use no matter where he is.
And you can also order a digital Christmas caricature here. You will get a digital copy of the artwork and print it wherever you want. Or you can choose between a poster or canvas, which will be delivered wherever you want.

christmas caricature

Funniest Christmas Gifts Ideas for College Students from Their Friends

Funny Dorm Room T-Shirt – Look here for some funny suggestions.
Study Definition Ceramic Coffee Mug – Not that they don’t know the definition of the word “study”.
Extra Loud Alarm Clock with Bed Shaker – For the tough mornings when they have to wake up after a party for an important lecture.
Drunk Stoned or Stupid [A Party Game] – The funniest college game. Check out some other party games here.
‘Do Not Disturb, I’m Studying’ Funny Socks – What is Christmas without a pair of funny socks?
Instant Camera with Film Twin Pack Bundle – To capture every college memory.
A portable projector – Fun and functional gift for movie nights.
A smartphone-sized travel photo printer
A gift card to a popular wine subscription club
funniest christmas gifts

Christmas Gifts for Students From Teachers

Gift cards – There are so many choices: Amazon Gift Card, Spotify Gift Card, Starbucks Gift Card, Netflix Gift Card / Hulu Gift Card
Planner – To be able to plan the important tasks and assignments for university or even the groceries for the next college party.
Christmas treats – That is the best Christmas gift for everyone. Who wouldn’t love tasty Christmas treats?
Personalized Leather Notebook – Journal with the name of the student.
Gifts from teachers

Why is a Caricature Portrait a Perfect Gift for Student

Imagine if you can include all favorite activities, hobbies, and things a person loves into one single gift. Well, that actually is possible. You can make an amazing personalized caricature. You can make up your own idea, related to the person you want to be in the caricature, and create an individual design that will be drawn by a professional artist.

It’s all about Fun

Think of something funny, that is related to the person which is going to be drawn and include it in your idea. That would be the funniest gift that will make a person laugh and he/she will be proud to hang it on the wall and smile every day while looking at it. Check out here some funny caricature ideas.

caricature portrait for student

It Keeps Memories

The caricature is not only a funny gift, it can be very sentimental. You are writing a story by creating a personalized caricature. This story would remind the person, that you know him so well and that you were able to include so many memories in one amazing gift.

It’s Personalized and Thoughtful

The caricature is an individual gift made especially for someone. Even if you choose a caricature only with a white background without many details, the gift itself is so great and thoughtful, that everyone will really appreciate the effort and could laugh every time they see it.

These are only a few of the many reasons why a caricature is greater than every other gift!

If these Christmas gift ideas for college students wasn’t enough, find here some Christmas Gift Ideas for Her.