What is the Best Christmas Gift for College Boys

Entering college life means more independence but also more responsibilities. As they are figuring out how to get through the rest of the semester, they are also juggling with sports, social life and a tight budget. So what is a good Christmas gift for college guys?

Something for Studies

  • Laptop Backpack – Practical and stylish accessory they will need every day. Shop here
  • Daily Planner – So he can easily organize the busy schedule.
  • Blue Light Blocking Glasses – If you are looking for a useful college guys Christmas gift.
  • Professions Caricature – A fun and inspirational portrait with his dream job.

professions caricature

For more Christmas gift ideas for college guys, check Christmas Gifts for Students – A guide for parents, teachers and friends.

gifts for studies

Something for Home

  • Laptop Desk – Every student needs one of these.
  • Charging Station – A smart Christmas gift for college boys. Shop here
  • Cold Brew Coffee Maker – For a strong start of the day.
  • Light Alarm Clock – Sunrise stimulation clock that makes waking up easier. Shop here

gifts for home

Something for Hobby

  • Hobby Caricature – Amazing personalized portrait dedicated to his favorite activity.

hobby caricature

  • Fitness Watch – The best Christmas gift for college guys who want to have a healthy lifestyle. Shop here
  • Duffel Bag – A must-have for the college gym.
  • Sports Water Bottle – Perfect for lectures and activities after classes.

gifts for hobby

Something to Have Fun

  • Instant Camera – A Christmas gift for college boy who is keen on photography. Shop here
  • Portable Projector – Great for movie nights with friends.
  • Movie Caricature – This art piece will definitely find a special place in his room.

movie caricature

  • Event Tickets – To make some awesome memories in his free time.

Best Christmas Gift for a College Boy from His Parents

To find a good Christmas gift for college guys, think about what they can’t afford on their own or what they will use frequently. Here are some ideas that can improve any student’s lifestyle.

  • College Cookbook – A genius college boy Christmas gift idea. Shop here
  • Bedside Caddy – A useful addition to his room.
  • Desk Lamp – For early mornings and late nights with the books.
  • Electric Tea Kettle – Hot beverages can really help with stress.
  • eBook Reader – A  college guy Christmas gift that will be appreciated. Shop here

Best christmas gift for a college

Gifts that Will Make Him Think about Home

  • State Scented Candle – A sentimental Christmas gift for college guys far away from home. Shop here
  • Family Caricature – A fun way to remind him how much you care.

Family caricature

  • Portable Photo Printer – For keeping all the great memories from his trips back home.
  • Bed Sheets – Practical college boy Christmas gift that is always of good use.

gift that will make think about home

Christmas Gifts for College Guys from Their Friends

As your friend is preparing for his dream job, he will definitely need some study-break essentials!  Get a cool Christmas gift for college boy who works hard but also knows how to have fun after classes.

  • Noise Cancelling Headphones – Priceless college guy Christmas gift if he lives with roommates. Shop here
  • College Care Package Box – A box of treats and for the long study days. Shop here
  • Beer Socks – If you are looking for fun Christmas gifts for college boys.
  • Cocktail Kit – A special present for the life of the party.
  • Tile Pro – A smart tracking device that won’t let him lose his keys and valuables.

gifts for college guys

Something Fun and Exciting

  • Party Cards Game – Christmas gift for college boys who enjoy socializing.
  • Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker – Perfect for outdoors or even the shower. Shop here
  • Beeropoly – Saturday nights aren’t always meant for studying.
  • Friends Caricature – Get creative with the custom design and surprise him with a cool memory.

friends caricature

  • Beer Bottle Magnets – So he can make the most of the limited fridge space.

For more Christmas gift ideas for college guys, check our list of Christmas Presents for Friends and Best Friend.

Appropriate Christmas Gift for College Boy You Go out With

What would be a good Christmas gift for college boy that you are dating? It’s not always easy to find a romantic gift for a guy but there are plenty of practical and fun options!

  • Bucket List Book – The best Christmas gift for college guys who like challenges.
  • Cosmetics Kit – Nothing better than feeling fresh.
  • Couples Caricature – A romantic gesture with a funny twist.

couple caricature

  • Throw Blanket – A cozy present to keep him warm.
  • Cotton Robe – The perfect outfit for morning coffee. Shop here

appropriate christmas gifts

Romantic Presents for Your Crush

Selecting gifts for your crush is a little bit tricky. They need to show that you care but also not be too revealing, right? Here are some suitable Christmas gifts for college boy that you have a crush on!

  • Chocolates – College guy Christmas gifts carrying a sweet message.
  • 100 Movies Scratch-off Poster – Maybe you can watch a few of them together? Shop here
  • Custom Coffee Mug – Add a fun message that will make him smile. Shop here
  • Scented Candles – For some special atmosphere.
  • Gift Basket – A bottle of wine and holiday treats he can share.

romantic present

3 Tips to Make Your Gift Special

The best Christmas gift for college guys is something that shows you know them well and selected the present with care. Use those tips to figure out what would be a perfect match for him!

Give something that helps create memories

This is the period of his life when he is making some of the most exciting memories. You can choose a meaningful item that would remind him of a good story or even some college merch that he would treasure after graduation.

Give something handmade

Looking for a Christmas gift for college guys with a more personal touch? Handmade items make us feel special because we know they are unique and created just for us. Get an original present or surprise him with awesome holiday treats.

Give something you actually love

Think about the things that you find useful or really like. There is a high chance that your friend will also find good value in them especially if you share a similar taste and lifestyle. Get him a gift that you would be happy to receive yourself!

Why Personalized Caricature is a Great Gift for College Boys

Need some more original Christmas gift ideas for college guys? Create a fun custom design they will always remember! Personalized gifts are the best because they can scan make anyone feel special. Include a specific reference, favorite memory, milestone event, or just something that makes him laugh.

You can put the main character in any scenario you can imagine. If you are aiming at something inspirational, include elements dedicated to his studies, hobbies, or future goals. Each caricature is unique and created to match the personality and quirks of its owner.

personalized caricature

How to Order The Caricature

To order a high-quality custom portrait submit a photo and a design idea to caricature24.com. Provide a description of all the details that you would like to include: background, pose, clothes, objects or text. When the illustration is ready you will receive a preview and the opportunity to request adjustments if necessary.

The digital portraits are created by professional artists and offer an outstanding resemblance and detail. The standard drawing time is around 5 days, but you can get an express order in 1-2 days. The caricature is delivered via email or printed and shipped for free to your address. This special present is guaranteed to bring him a smile and find an honorable place in his room.