What to Get Your Kid for Christmas: 4 Rules to Follow

Preparing the holiday shopping list is a challenging task. We are looking for gifts that will meet the expectations but also fit into our budget, have practical value and provoke long-lasting interest.

Let’s consider four steps that will simplify our task and then dive into a list of amazing Christmas gift ideas for kids!

Something They Want

We often follow the impulse to select gifts that we like but the most important factor are the personal interests of the receiver. Don’t forget to ask the kids what they really want – surprise them with something they have been dreaming about the whole year!

Here are some entertaining Christmas gift ideas for kids:

  • Board Game
  • Scooter
  • Kids Tablet Shop here
  • Interactive Plush Toy
  • Snow Cone Maker Shop here
  • Magic Tricks Set

Gifts for kids

Something They Need

Think about something that is not only fun but practical too! An item they would be able to use at school, at home, or while practicing their hobbies. Select a gift that would be part of their everyday life instead of gathering dust on the shelves!

Something to Wear

Family members and friends often wonder how to select nice presents for kids that the parents would also like. Since they grow up so fast and change size every year, clothes are always a good Christmas gift idea for the kids.

Something to Read

This is a great time to spark their interest in literature! There are many Christmas gifts for kids that are intellectually stimulating and good for their development.

Book Subscription for Kids– Every month they will receive an interesting book suitable for their age.
Choose Your Own Adventure Book – Interactive book that lets you make choices and navigate through the plot of the story. Shop here

Top Christmas Gifts for Kids This Holiday Season

Christmas is definitely the kids’ favorite gift-giving occasion and they are anticipating something really special! We have a fun selection of smart, entertaining and affordable presents to put a smile on their face.

For Girls

  • Jewelry DIY Kit – A creative project of their own. Shop here
  • Kids Cookbook – Christmas gift for kids who love being in the kitchen.
  • Ombré Hair Kit – Fun to do and easy to wash. Shop here
  • Nail Stamper – For little ladies with personal style.
  • Hobby Caricature – A special portrait dedicated to their dreams, goals and interests.

Hobby caricature

  • Kids Kitchen – For joyful hours of playtime.
  • Dollhouse – A dream come true.
  • Tie-Dye Kit – Christmas present for kids that like crafts. Shop here
  • Night Sky Projector – Turn the ceiling into a beautiful view. Shop here
  • Fashion Doll – With trendy outfits and essential accessories.

Gifts for girls

More Christmas gift ideas for kids await in our holiday list of Christmas gifts for little girls!

For Boys

  • Lego Set – So many creative designs to choose from! Shop here
  • Tabletop Tennis – Great idea for having fun at home. Shop here
  • Car Track – For the Hot Wheels fan.
  • Walkie Talkie & GPS Tracker – Christmas gift for kids that enjoy outdoor activities.
  • Movie Caricature – Turn them into an awesome character from their favorite movie!

Caricature for boys

  • Video Game – What is on their wish-list?
  • Collectible Figures – Kids love having a personal collection.
  • Bowling Set – To have a good time when friends come over. Shop here
  • Mini Basketball Hoop – Christmas gift for kids who are keen on sports. Shop here
  • Skateboard – Spending time outside helps them stay healthy and happy.

Gifts for boys

Trying to find cool Christmas gifts for young kids? Check our list of Christmas gifts for 6-year-old boys.

Christian Gifts for Kids

If you are looking for special presents connected to the holiday, take a look at our ideas for Christian gifts for kids! Thoughtful and interesting gift ideas that they would enjoy.

  • Christmas Story Nativity Set
  • Plush Prayer Pal 
  • Inspirational T-shirt 
  • Bible Trivia Game Shop here
  • Personalized Necklace with a Verse Shop here

Christian gifts for kids

Family caricature

Christmas Presents for Kids They Will Never Forget

What to get your kid for Christmas if you want the present to be a surprise? We know a gift has served its purpose well when we see the joyful reaction of the receiver! Here are some exciting ideas for this holiday season.

A Family Outing

Spend some quality time with the kids and organize an activity for the whole family! You can get a voucher for an experience and create unforgettable memories that have more than material value. Children grow up fast so don’t miss a chance to treasure the sweet moments together!

Discover the top Christmas gifts for family and kids with our amazing guide of Family Christmas gift ideas.

An Overnight Trip

Kids are curious and adventurous, so they are always ready to discover new sights. If you are looking for Christmas presents for kids that are different from toys and clothes, surprise them with an unexpected trip to a secret destination!

Supplies for Their Hobby

What are their interests and passions? You can’t go wrong with selecting something for their hobbies and favorite activities! Here are some great Christmas gifts for kids with all kinds of talents:

  • Keyboard
  • Art Set
  • Drawing Tablet Shop here
  • Theater Play Set
  • Kids Sewing Kit

Hobby gifts for kids

A Portrait

You always tell your kids that they are unique, beautiful and special just the way they are. Turn this affirmation into a one-of-a-kind portrait with a custom design of your choice! Order a personalized theme with sports, hobbies, pets or superheroes that will always remind them to follow their dreams.

Kids portrait

How to Order a Custom Portrait for Your Kid

Personalized portraits are amazing Christmas gifts for kids because they can easily fit all types of character traits, personal interests and fun scenarios. Visit Caricature24.com to discover a unique world of hand-drawn caricatures for every occasion and receiver.

Custom portrait for kids

Choose a Picture

All portraits are created by professional artists with attention to each detail you have selected. Provide one face photo for the main characters and submit a description of the background you prefer.

Decide on the Size of the Portrait

Caricatures come in a variety of sizes ranging from 8″x10″ to 30″x40″. You can receive your custom portrait as a digital file, poster or canvas. You will see a preview of the design before printing and get free delivery to your address.

Leave Your Suggestions in Comments

If you want the caricature to be similar to one of the designs on the website, select ‘Order this caricature idea’ and fill in the description field with any corrections or additions. Use the option ‘Custom caricature’ to order a fully personalized design based on your own idea!

Confirm and Wait for the Present to Arrive

You will be updated on every step of the process and receive a preview of the final design so you can check if all the details are recreated according to your own idea. This gift will bring many smiles and become a long-lasting memory!