Why Gift Giving at the Workplace Is so Important

The end of the year is the perfect time to show appreciation for your colleagues and remind everyone that they are valued. Celebrating together is a great way to encourage team building and create a better atmosphere at the office.


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Tips on How to Choose New Year Gifts for Employees

Before we start, let’s go through 6 simple steps that will help you sort out the best corporate presents for the occasion. Skip the mainstream branded items and go with a more personal approach!


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Don’t Give Anything Work Related

You might feel tempted to order another batch of office essentials with the company’s logo. Instead of promotional presents, select something they will actually use.

Change the Gifts Every Year

Come up with creative New year gifts ideas for employees every season. Pick presents that show attention and care.

Tips how to choose new year gifts

Choose Gender Neutral Gifts

Your team members have different preferences and tastes. Functionality is the key factor to finding the best business gifts.

  • Power Bank

Deliver Gifts Personally

Managers play an important role in building the community in the office. Take time to deliver the presents and wish everyone a happy new year.

  • Appreciation Mug

Deliver gifts personally


If you want your New year gifts for employees to make a good impression, definitely go for custom items.

  • Personalized Card Holder Shop here
  • Office Caricature

Office caricature

Be Careful with Food Presents

Have in mind that some of your colleagues might be avoiding certain types of foods. Make sure to provide different options for them.

  • Chocolate Truffle Assortment

Best Corporate New Year Gifts for Employees

You don’t need to look for the most exclusive and over-the-top gift to make a nice surprise for the team. Here are the most popular New year gift ideas for employees!

Board Games

As we grow up we shouldn’t forget to have fun and accept challenges. Shop here


Practical New year gifts for employees that everyone can use at work and outside the office.

Gourmet Sweets

New beginnings are always sweet especially if they include some delicious treats!

Gift Cards or Certificates

New year gifts for employees that give them the flexibility to choose exactly what they need.

Gift Baskets

The best thing about this idea is that you can combine multiple products to create the perfect holiday gift.

An Extra Vacation Day

There is no harm in surprising your colleagues with a day off! People are most productive when they are happy and rested.

Best corporate new year gifts

Creative New Year Group Gifts for Employees

Surprise the team with New year gifts for employees that will be appreciated!

  • Digital Photo Frame – Since all of our photos are in digital format, this is a smart solution.
  • Engraved Diary and Pen – One of the classic corporate gifts that are always suitable for the occasion.
  • Storm Cloud Weather Predictor – A cool desk item that changes according to the weather outside. Shop here
  • Smartphone Projector – Easy to use for videos at home or impromptu presentations at the office.
  • Fun Sticky Notes – New year gifts for employees giving them a small reason to smile every day.
  • Magnetic Desk Toy – To improve concentration during the afternoon slump. Shop here
  • Spa Gift Basket – A luxe selection of self-care goods is always well received.
  • Laptop Backpack – This useful and stylish accessory is a perfect corporate gift.

Creative new year group gifts

  • Tile Pro – The easiest way to track phone, keys, and valuables through your smartphone.
  • Professions Caricature – Turn your colleagues into amazing artwork featuring their most characteristic traits.
  • Bluetooth Headphones – A must-have item for online meetings, sports sessions, and traveling.
  • Adult Coloring Book – If you are looking for fun and creative gifts for a young team.
  • Branded Sweatshirts – Promote unity and team spirit with a cool gift from the company.

Caricature Portrait as a New Year Gift for Employees

Personalized portraits are a great option if you are set on finding unique New year gift ideas for employees! They are also a preferred holiday present for a boss, corporate partners, and clients.

Where to Order Caricatures

You can order a fully personalized design from Caricature24.com and receive the caricature as a digital file, poster or canvas. The cartoon portraits are drawn by professional artists using one photo of the character and your own idea description. Caricatures are a very personal gesture that leaves a long-lasting impression!

How To Order

As you go through the designs on the website, we would suggest checking the Hobby and Professions categories. If you already have a creative idea in mind, select the option “Custom caricature” and use the description field to outline the desired design.

You can add all types of custom details like brand logo, office building, awards, or even vehicles. When the caricature is ready you will receive a preview so you don’t need to worry about how the final design will turn out. Make a statement with a different kind of gift!

Order a caricature