What To Get Someone Who Has Everything

The festive season arrives with its own joys and challenging decisions! How to find Christmas gifts for people who have everything they need?

Let us help you with thoughtful present ideas based on personal style and preferences. Surprise your favorite hard-to-shop-for people with Christmas gifts that carry more than material value!

For Him

  • Mini Drone – A new way to capture amazing memories from trips and special occasions. 
  • Professions Caricature – Personalized art is a creative Christmas gift ideas for those who have everything!

Profession caricature

  • Watch Organizer – A stylish box that will keep his collection safe and shiny.
  • Bluetooth Speaker with Colors  –  To create a great atmosphere as color changes according to their music. 
  • Beer Brewing Kit – Anyone who appreciates craft beer would be excited to try it!

gifts for him

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For Her

  • Massager – Relaxation and care with a nice foot or back massage.
  • Elegant Wine Set – There is so much to celebrate in life so let’s do it with style!
  • Digital Photo Frame – Today most of our memories are digital files so that is a nice way to see them! Shop here
  • Woman Caricature – A unique portrait with design of your choice! You can add any favorite objects, pets, hobbies, or even occupation.

Woman caricature

  • Fluffy Slippers – Sweet and cozy Christmas gifts for people who have everything. 

gifts for her

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Tips for Choosing the Perfect Christmas Present

Some people might seem impossible to shop for, but we can help with some extra creativity. Here is how to find truly valuable Christmas gifts for someone who has everything!

Show that you cherish your friendship by selecting presents that correspond to their personal interests and character traits. It is always touching when we receive something that was carefully picked for us!


Fitness Watch – Great idea for those who want to stay fit and healthy.

Instant Camera – To save their favorite moments fast and easy! Shop here

Memory-foam Travel Pillow – For the travel enthusiasts always in search of a new destination.

Hobby Caricature – A fun and original present that can be personalized with their favorite activities and interests!

Hobby caricature

Membership or Subscription – A clever solution for someone who has everything and doesn’t need material Christmas gifts. Many ideas for streaming services, audiobooks, or useful mobile apps. 

Features Of Character

Morning Journal – Impactful 5-minute activity to start their day with gratitude and focus! Shop here

Traveler’s Scratch Map – The perfect check-list for their future travels.

Himalayan Salt Lamp – A stylish home accessory that also purifies the air.  

Movie Caricature – Surprise them with a vivid artwork where they are in the role of a favorite movie character!

Movie caricature

Wishing and Gratitude Globe – A great Christmas gift for the person who has everything to be thankful for! 

featured of character


Charging Keychain – A useful item that will save them whenever they need a full battery on the go. Shop here

Charging Station – Practical accessory for the office where they can charge multiple devices at once. 

Year Planner – Thoughtful Christmas gifts for people who have everything they need and are busy following their dreams!

Professions Caricature – A fun design featuring their workplace or details connected to their occupation.

Occupation caricature

Noise-Canceling Headphones – So they can dedicate their full attention to the task at hand. 

occupation gifts

Top Gift Ideas For Someone Who Has Everything

Looking for some genius ideas that go beyond the ordinary? Here is a list of original Christmas gifts for someone who has everything!

Surprise them with a great experience, a useful item, or a present carrying a personal sentiment and message of appreciation.

Unique Gifts

Kitchen Device– What smart items can help them save time and energy at home? An instant pot would be a good idea!

Instant Beverage Cooler –  An easy way to chill coffee or wine in minutes! 

Christmas Caricature – Instead of a Christmas card, you can get an amazing custom portrait with a festive theme.
Christmas caricature

Sleep Aid Device – Great Christmas gift idea because people who have everything also need to have good rest. Shop here

Genetic Test – It is interesting to learn about your roots but it is also useful to get insights about health predispositions and genes.

Unique gifts 


This could be the best Christmas gift for people who have everything they need! New experiences create emotions and memories that last for a lifetime. Here are some ideas for fun and exciting presents:

  • Theater or concert tickets
  • Sport event tickets
  • SPA weekend
  • Airplane flying lesson
  • Hot air balloon ride
  • Skydiving
  • Whitewater rafting
  • Tickets to a museum
  • Wine tasting
  • National Parks Pass

Experience gifts

Flowers And Gift Baskets

Rather than looking for the most expensive gift, you can make a sweet and meaningful gesture. Some beautiful wrapping, delightful treats, and a bottle of wine would be a good Christmas gift even for someone who has everything. Flowers and chocolates make us all happy!

Maybe you are looking for the best Christmas gifts for boss? LINK This list of Christmas gift ideas for people who have everything contains only presents that are perfect for the office!

How To Surprise a Person Who’s Already Got It All

During the holiday season, we are all bound in search of the perfect present. Instead of piling more items in their homes, let’s think about something personalized, intellectual, or even close to minimalism.

The best Christmas gifts for the person who has everything don’t have to be big and loud. They just need to express the idea that the present was chosen with care, thought, and attention.

Customized Jewelry

Make them feel special by selecting presents with a personal touch! Jewelry with initials or a short message would be a lovely Christmas gift for someone who has everything. We can give you a few hints:

  • Coordinates of a Place
  • Personal Initials
  • Inspiring Message
  • Inside Joke


Intellectual gifts

Books provide endless options of Christmas gift ideas for those who have everything! They widen our horizons, improve our lives, and offer quality entertainment for the evenings at home. Some good topics to choose from:

  • Books about Traveling 
  • Philosophical Reads 
  • Health Guides
  • Plot-twist Novels
  • Useful Courses

intellectual gifts

Unique Caricature Portrait

Surprise the person who has everything with a Christmas gift they have never received before! Custom caricatures can be fun, elegant, or sentimental depending on the style you choose. There are great options for friends, family, couples, and every possible hobby or profession!

Give Something Special by Ordering Caricatures From Photos

If you need good Christmas gifts for someone who has everything, definitely consider personalized art! This special type of present is always a pleasant surprise and a nice memory.

Caricatures from photos can be customized to match ideally the recipient’s interests, occupation, personal style, and character traits. Any design idea can be turned into reality! Just select one photo for the face of the character and let your imagination do the rest with caricature24.com!

Select a Photo Where Her Face Is Clearly Seen

The artwork will be created using one photo so make sure that it is the best one! The picture should be of good quality so all facial features are clear and visible. Also, have in mind that the character will be drawn with the same expression and hairstyle.

Get a Funny Caricature That Will Make Your Mom Laugh

A caricature can be the perfect Christmas gift for someone who has everything. We can never have too many positive emotions and good memories! Instead of a typical portrait, go ahead and create a unique design that will make them smile!