Should You Buy Christmas Gifts for Coworkers

If the whole office is involved in the Secret Santa challenge, you might feel a bit pressured to find a present for a person you don’t know so well. Even if gifting isn’t mandatory, it is always a good idea to surprise your closest colleagues with a nice gesture for the holidays.

Let us solve your dilemma with the ultimate list of coworker Christmas gifts perfect for the occasion!

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Rules of Coworker Christmas Gifts Giving

Here are some quick and easy guidelines to follow when brainstorming the coworker Christmas gifts ideas. Mind the office etiquette, select a price range that everyone can afford, and look for options that the receiver will actually use.

Consider the Occasion

If you are not familiar with their personal interests, you can always stick to winter and Christmas-themed gifts.

  • Holiday Cookie Assortment
  • Winter Scarf
  • Cocktail Recipe Book Shop here
  • Christmas Socks Shop here

Occasion gifts for coworker

Office caricature

Do Not Play Favorites

If the team is small, it would be best to get coworker Christmas gifts for everyone, rather than just your friend. Even if you pick the name of a colleague that you barely know, we have you covered with good present ideas!

  • Daily Planner Shop here
  • Coffee Sampler
  • Paperweight Shop here
  • Desktop Organizer
  • Scented Candle

Gifts for coworker

Don’t Get too Personal

The Christmas gifts for coworker are not birthday presents so you don’t need to get too personal. Show your appreciation with a practical item for the workplace!

  • Tea Infuser
  • Cell Phone Stand
  • Lunch Container Shop here
  • Business Card Holder
  • Mini Humidifier Shop here

Workplaces gifts

Respect Price Limits

If your team has decided to go for inexpensive gifts, don’t get tempted to exceed the price limit. The coworker Christmas gifts are meant to be a gesture, not a competition.

  • Day-by-Day Calendar
  • To-Do List Notepad
  • Eyeglasses Holder Shop here
  • Inspiration Quotes in a Jar Shop here

Price limits gifts

Top Corporate Christmas Gifts for Coworker in 2021

This is the list of universal coworker Christmas gift ideas that are always appropriate, easy to find, and perfectly suitable for the office environment.


They make the office much better and help us relax. Select a small and enduring plant that can easily fit on the desk. If you want to get more creative, make a quick research of the different meanings behind plants and write a cool note.

  • Succulents
  • Money Tree
  • Bonsai Tree


A suitable Christmas gift for coworker who is a coffee or tea fan. Look for an item with light weight, eco-friendly material, and a secure cap that won’t allow any spilling! If you want to go the extra mile, order a personalized tumbler with their initials or a fun text.


What to get a coworker for Christmas if the price range is small or we really don’t know them well? You can’t go wrong with a box of delicious holiday sweets! To make it even more special, get a selection of hand-made treats that aren’t available in the supermarket.

Corporate christmas gifts

Gift Cards

Sometimes the best presents are the ones that we can choose ourselves! Gift cards are a flexible option that provides them with the freedom to get exactly what they want and need. You can get a voucher for food, clothes, beauty or sports places.

Fun Desk Items

Of course, presents don’t need to be practical and serious! Having fun at the workplace helps the day go faster and increases your motivation and satisfaction. We have some fun coworker Christmas gifts ideas to bring the good mood to the office!

Caricature mousepad

Fun desk gifts

Gift Baskets

What to get a male coworker for Christmas since watch, shirt or wallet don’t fit the present budget? A gift basket with holiday treats and a bottle of alcohol is an easy solution that is always well-accepted.

Unique Ideas of Christmas Gift for Coworker

Looking for interesting coworker Christmas gifts that won’t be easily re-gifted? Forget about pens and sticky notes! Select a present with value and imagination. Here are some good Christmas gifts for both female and male coworker.

  • Coffee Mug Warmer – Because cold coffee is really uninspiring! Shop here
  • Lumbar Support Pillow – For better posture and more comfort at work. Shop here
  • Stationery Subscription – Christmas gift for the coworker who likes unique office supplies.
  • Under Desk Foot Rest – Perfect present for anyone who sits behind a desk all day.

Unique christmas gifts for coworker

  • Hobby Caricature – Fun personalized portrait with custom background, theme, and details!

Hobby caricature

Creative Gifts

  • Single-Use Film Camera – For the photography enthusiast.
  • Office Mood Cards – Christmas gifts for coworker with a sense of humor. Shop here
  • Reusable Notebook – In set with a special pen that can be wiped clean of the reusable pages. Shop here
  • Themed Mousepad – Show that you know them well with a design corresponding to their interests!

Creative gifts

Custom-Made Gifts

  • Custom T-Shirt – Add an inside joke or something fun related to the office.
  • Phone Case – Surprise them with a special personalized design.
  • Movie Caricature – Turn them into a character from their favorite movie or series.

Movie caricature

  • Personalized Mug – Order a relatable office design or a theme dedicated to their quirks.
  • Fun Desk Sign – A coworker Christmas gift that will bring them a smile. Shop here

Custom made gifts

What Makes Caricature a Perfect Coworker Christmas Gift

A fun personalized portrait is a coworker Christmas gift idea that definitely makes an impression. Order a one-of-a-kind design that represents their profession, lifestyle, or interests. Imagine the surprise when they see a unique hand-drawn artwork where they are the main character!

Custom caricatures are also a great gift for your boss or manager! They are a gesture of appreciation that goes well beyond the stereotypical office gifts. You can even get an illustration of the whole team since there is no limit to the number of people.

Caricature for coworker offers a wide range of themed designs for all types of occasions and receivers. The portraits are drawn by professional artists using one photo for each character and background idea based on the description you submitted.

The caricature can be delivered as a high-quality digital file or as a vivid poster or canvas print. You will receive a preview of the design to check whether all details are depicted correctly and then get free shipping right to your address!