Tips for Choosing Toddler Christmas Gifts

Choose Age-Appropriate Gifts

When looking for a toddler Christmas gift, consider the age of the child and select a present, which is age-appropriate.

Consider The Gender

It is important to keep the toddler’s gender in mind when choosing Christmas gifts.

Choose Based on the Kid’s Interests

Select toddler Christmas gifts and products, which speak to the kid’s interests and passions. These can be interesting toys or kids’ books.

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Personalize Your Gift

Try to personalize your toddler Christmas gift by wrapping it in nice paper and including a special Christmas card in the present. Those final touches will make your present extra special and unique.

How to Make Sure My Gift is Age-Appropriate

Avoid Toys and Games with Small Pieces

When choosing a toddler Christmas gift take into account that toys with small pieces are not suitable as they can easily be swallowed by any curious kid.

When in Doubt, Choose a Toy that is Above Their Ability

If you are unsure which toy would be suitable for a toddler, always choose the one that is above their ability as they will be able to play with it after time.

Avoid Loud Toys

Toddlers may find loud toys interesting and awesome; however, their parents will not be pleased if the kid’s toys are making much noise.

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Categories of Toddler Christmas Gifts

Educational Gifts

  • LEGO Alphabet Truck – A toddler Christmas gift that will help him/her easily learn the alphabet.
  • Color Book – It will the toddler improve his/her drawing skills.
  • Words Book – He/she will easily learn to say some basic words and recognize the animals.

Educational gifts

Purely for Entertainment

  • Drum Set for Kids – A toddler Christmas gift for the kid that loves music and loud toys.
  • Big Plush Toy – The kid will love the big plush toy and will play with it all the time.

Entertainment gifts

Durable Presents

  • “The Little Prince” Book – Classical book perfect for bedtime stories and once the kid grows up, he/she will be able to reread it and understand it on a different level.
  • Custom Caricature Drawing – Get a custom caricature drawing for a toddler. It will be illustrated as s cartoon character surrounded by their favorite toys or by the people they love the most. It’s a dear and meaningful toddler Christmas gift, which they will treasure forever.

Custom caricature drawing

  • Personalized Kids Cutlery – Surprise a toddler with a special cutlery set branded with its name.


  • Ear Hoodie – This cute hoodie is suitable both for boys and girls and makes a great toddler Christmas gift.
  • Gift Card for a Department Store – If you don’t know what present to get for a toddler or you are doing last-minute shopping, then the gift card is the perfect option for you.
  • Personalized Blanket – Get a soft and warm blanket with the kid’s name embroidered in it.

Clothing gifts

Unique and Creative Gifts

  • Family Caricature Portrait – Make a unique and personal toddler Christmas gift. Each family member will be illustrated as a cartoon character doing the things they love the most. It’s a one-of-a-kind present, which everyone will love and appreciate as it’s more than just a Christmas gift. The caricature carries sentimental and emotional value and is a gift, which will make the family’s hearts burst with love.

Family caricature portrait

  • Personalized Wooden Name Puzzle – A great way for the toddler to learn how to spell its name.

Best Christmas Gift for Toddler Girls

  • Interactive Baby Doll – She will be able to interact and take care of this great toddler girl Christmas gift.
  • Family Caricature Drawing – Order a hand-drawn digital caricature of the whole family. It’s a special and dear toddler girl Christmas gift, which the whole family will love and appreciate. It can depict an important or funny moment of their lives and turn it into a magical cartoon drawing. Give emotion and memory with a unique gift.

Christmas gifts for toddler girls

  • Ice Cream Cart – A great toddler girl Christmas gift, which she will love to play with.
  • Dolls House – Surprise a toddler girl with a Christmas gift related to her passion for dolls.
  • Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland – She will love to hear the interesting and funny stories about Alice.

Best gifts for toddler girls

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Top Toddler Boys Christmas Gifts

  • Design and Drill Robot – If you are looking for interesting toddler boys Christmas gifts, then this might be just the one for you.
  • Kids Tool Set – He will spend hours playing with this interesting toddler boy Christmas gift.
  • Superheroes Caricature – Make a good impression on the toddler and his family by surprising them with a superheroes caricature of the whole family where each member is illustrated as their favorite superhero character. Everyone will love how amazing and emotional this toddler Christmas gift is and will treasure it forever as it will remind them of the days when their child has been a small kid.

Superheroes caricature

  • LEGO Toy Story Train – LEGO has some amazing toys for toddler boys as they are designed especially to be interesting and educational at the same time.
  • Hot Wheels – Great toddler boys Christmas gifts include car toys as boys love to play with cars.

Top toddler boys gifts

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Is a Caricature an Appropriate Gift For Toddler

The short answer is yes. The caricature drawing is a suitable present for anyone, no matter their age, gender, etc.

Hand-drawn caricatures are a great idea for a toddler Christmas gift as they are personalized and can illustrate a significant moment from the kid’s childhood.

The caricature is more than a dear and meaningful gift. It is a creative idea, positive emotion, long-lasting memory, which carries the spirit and character of the receiver. It has the unique ability to capture the essence of the receiver’s character and illustrate it as a cartoon drawing. It’s a gift every toddler would love and treasure as it will always remind them what they have been as kids.

How to Order a Custom Painting

One of the best places to order hand-drawn digital caricatures is They work with world-class artists who have many years of experience in the field of digital art.

It’s very easy to order on their website, simply click on any of the designs, navigate through the options for a number of people, size, background, additional details, etc., upload your photos, describe your idea, and place your order. It’s as simple as that.

Then wait for your amazing caricature to arrive to your door!

Oder a custom painting