What Makes a Good Christmas Gift for Brother


You can beautifully wrap all the Christmas gifts for your brother and add a small hand-written Christmas card to make the holiday even more special.


You can check our interesting personalized Christmas gift ideas for brothers or you can also add a personal touch to his present by adding a hand-written Christmas card or by surprising him with a gift that speaks to his interests and passions.

Evoking Emotions

Don’t be scared to choose a gift that will evoke emotions. It is even better if you pick up a Christmas gift for your brother that will remind him how much you love him.

What Christmas Gifts for Little Brother Do I Choose

It doesn’t matter who your parents’ favorite kid is, you can still show your little brother that he is not only your rival but also your favorite sibling. Surprise him with some unique and cool Christmas gifts for brother.

Things Any Little Boy Will Cherish

  • Blank Comic Book – If your little brother is into comic books, then this is the perfect gift for him as he will be able to create his own comic book.
  • LEGO Set – If you are looking for cool Christmas gifts for your brother, you can always get him a new LEGO set, just select the difficulty based on his age.
  • Board Games – Your little brother most probably needs more reasons to stay out of the computer or phone screen. That is why you can surprise him with a new board game that you can play together. It will definitely be fun spending more time together.

gifts for little boy

Christmas Gifts for Teenage Brothers They Desperately Need

  • Superheroes Caricature Drawing – Surprise him with one of the best Christmas gifts for brothers. Get him a funny caricature drawing where he is illustrated as his favorite superhero. You will definitely achieve a milestone in your relationship with this extraordinary but amazing gift.

superheroes caricature

  • Drone with Camera – They have so many functionalities and your brother will have lots of fun trying to navigate it.
  • Gaming Chair – A great Christmas gift idea for the brother who loves playing computer games and spends most of his time in front of the screen.
  • PlayStation – If your brother already has a gaming chair but does not have a suitable console for playing games, then it’s time to surprise him with the newest model PS.

christmas gift for teenage brothers

Don’t forget to also have a look at our guide for Your Ultimate List of Christmas Presents for Teens.

Tips for Choosing Christmas Gifts for Older Brother

Think about What He Likes

When choosing Christmas gifts for brother consider his interests and hobbies. Think about all the things he likes doing and get him a present related to them. The best Christmas gift for a brother is the one that will show him how good you know all the little things about him. He will be really thankful to get a present that speaks to his passions and shows him how much you care and love him.

If you have found the best gift for your older brother but your budget is low, you can ask your siblings to get a joint gift. Your family will never refuse to help you when you are trying to make your brother happy instead of torturing him.

Think about What He Dislikes

It is important to think about what he likes, but it is even more important to consider all the things he dislikes. You should be careful about the things he hates and avoid getting him a present that he might not like or use. However, this doesn’t exclude gag gifts. You can always show your older brother your creativity and sense of humor by getting him a funny gift to make him laugh.

Think about What He Needs

This holiday season think about what your brother really needs and get him a practical Christmas gift that he will use. There are plenty of options you can choose from and your brother will really appreciate you thinking about him.

Find A Way to Personalize Your Gift

It is always a good idea to add a personal touch to your Christmas gift for brother. You can get him a unique custom gift, or you can add something small to his present that will make him feel special and loved. You can also add a Christmas card and write some of your best jokes in it to make him get a kick out of it.

Best Christmas Gifts for Brother From Sister

  • Electric Toothbrush – Get your brother a new electric toothbrush that will help him easily clean his teeth and make them whiter.
  • Hobby Caricature – Think about what your brother loves doing and get him a caricature drawing related to his interests and passions. You can choose one of the given designs and customize it, or you can even get a drawing based on your own creative scenario.

Hobby caricature

  • Echo Dot – Keep your brother up with the technology trends with the newest edition of echo dot.
  • AirPods – A great Christmas gift idea for the brother who loves listening to music while on the go. He will be able to listen to his favorite songs while running or while traveling to school or work.
  • Travel Bag – Is your brother a traveler by heart? Make him happy with a new stylish travel bag to carry all his things on his next adventure.
  • Stylish Tie – A great Christmas gift for the brother who likes dressing elegantly. Get him a new tie to complete some of his favorite suits.
  • Leather Wallet – It is always a good idea to get your brother a new classic leather wallet.

christmas gifts for brother from sister

The stuff That Really Shows How Much You Care

  • Personalized Cartoon Drawing – Make him feel as if he has just won the ‘sibling of the year’ award with this amazing Christmas gift for brother. Show him how much you care and love him by getting him a custom caricature drawing that will depict him doing the things he loves the most.
  • Scratch Off World Map – A great Christmas gift idea for the brother who loves traveling and would like to visit all the countries in the world.
  • Watch – Get your bro a stylish watch to complete his style and make him look like a real gentleman.
  • Wireless Headset – A great Christmas gift idea for the brother who loves playing online video games and has to communicate with his teammates while playing.
  • Gym Membership – This is one of the best Christmas gifts for brother if he is into training and weightlifting.
  • Electric Grill – For the bro who likes grilling his meats by himself. Surprise him with an electric grill that will help him master his grilling skills.
  • Console Game – Get him a new video game for his console, but first, make sure you know the type of games he is into.

gifts that show how much you care

Christmas Gifts for Brother from Brother

  • Beard Oil – A great Christmas gift idea for the brother who has a big beard or is trying to grow one.
  • Superhero Caricature – Is your bro a big Marvel fan? Surprise him with a one-of-a-kind caricature drawing where he is illustrated as a superhero saving the world. You can also add a few details that speak to his interests and passions to make the caricature even more unique.

superhero caricature

  • Bottle of Whiskey – This is a great idea for the brother who appreciates high-quality whiskey.
  • Beer Subscription – One of the best Christmas gift ideas for brothers who love drinking beer. Every month he will receive different kinds of beer from all around the world.

Something Funny for Your Bro

  • Funny Caricature Portrait – Make your brother laugh with a funny caricature portrait where he is the main character. Think of a funny scenario and add some details that are dear to your bro to make the drawing one-of-a-kind.

funny caricature for your bro

  • Salami Bouquet – Fill his heart with the spirit of Christmas with this funny but festive Christmas gift for brother. Make him happy with an untraditional bouquet filled with different kinds of salami.
  • Beer Coats – Make him happy with a funny Christmas gift idea for brother. Those little beer coats will keep his beverage cold and his hands warm.

Caricature Portrait – a Great Gift to Get Your Brother

Show your brother how much you love him with a special personalized gift! Get him a custom caricature drawing where he is the main character! You can get him a funny caricature or a one that will illustrate him as his favorite superhero. There are plenty of options to choose from, and that’s not everything; you can even create a caricature based entirely on your idea!