The Best Christmas Equestrian Gifts 2021

  • Horseshoe Wine Bottle Holder – A unique Christmas gift for horse lovers, which everyone will be pleased to receive.
  • Unicorn Doormat – So that everyone who enters their home can know about their love for horses.
  • Personalized Mug for a Horse Lover – Get a funny coffee mug for the horse lover in your life.

Best christmas equestrian gifts

  • Caricature Drawing with a Horse – Illustrate the horse lover and their favorite animal as cartoon characters. Get a funny and creative caricature drawing of them by adding details, which speak to their interests and passions. This unique present will not only bring them many smiles and positive emotions but will also strengthen their bond.

Caricature drawing with a horse

How To Choose Christmas Gifts For Horse Lovers

Consider Tastes

When choosing Christmas gifts for horse lovers always keep in mind their tastes and interests. Surprise the horse owners with an interesting and unique equestrian present.

Decide On Your Budget

It’s important to also think about your budget and choose a Christmas gift for a horse lover within your planned financials.

Opt Practical Gifts

If you are unsure what Christmas gifts for horse lovers to get, then you can always select practical gifts, which your friends need and will use in their everyday lives.

Christmas Gifts With Horse Symbols

Unique Christmas Gifts

  • Christmas Ornaments – Get some interesting horse-themed ornaments for their Christmas tree.
  • Horse Blueprint – A great Christmas gift for horse lovers. Make them happy with a blueprint of their favorite horse breed.
  • Horse Souvenir – So that it can always remind them about how big their love for horses is.
  • Personalized Caricature for a Horse Lover – One of the best Christmas gifts for horse lovers this year is the personalized hand-drawn caricature. Order a unique cartoon drawing for your friend and his favorite horse. Think of a funny scenario, add a few details that speak to the receiver’s particular character traits or interests and make a one-of-a-kind Christmas present, which will bring many smiles and positive emotions to the receiver.

Caricature for a horse lover

  • Pandora Horse Charm – A beautiful piece of jewelry, which will embody their love for those animals.
  • Plush Horse Toy – They will keep it to remind them of their immense love for those beautiful animals.
  • Saddle Box – Monthly subscription box filled with horse treats, accessories, and grooming tools.
  • Horse-opoly – An interesting board game designed especially for horse lovers. It will gather the whole family, including the kids and everyone will have fun playing the classical Monopoly game with a little twist.
  • Grooming Set for Horses – Every horse owner would love to receive a new high-quality grooming set so that they can take care of their animals.

Unique christmas gifts

Creative Present Ideas

  • Silver Necklace with a Horse – If you are looking for Christmas gifts for horse racing lovers, then you might consider getting them an original silver necklace with a horse.
  • Equestrian Wood Sign – Perfect for horse riding butches as all customers will be able to see it and will love the detailed wood sign that will welcome them.
  • Horseshoe Necklace – Every woman, who is a horse lover, dreams about having a piece of jewelry that speaks to her passion for those big and handsome animals.
  • Horse Door Knocker – Their front door will stand out and will show their love for horses.
  • Horse Caricature Portrait – A unique Christmas gift for horse lovers, which will make them feel special and loved. Get a caricature portrait of their horse, which they will be able to hang on a wall in their home. It’s a dear and emotional gift, which they will treasure forever as it will remind them of the unique connection they have with their horse.

Horse caricature portrait

  • Personalized T-shirt for Horse Lovers – It will be their favorite t-shirt as it will emphasize on their love for horses.
  • Horse Bookends – They will hold the books and will make the bookshelves look much better.
  • Tickets to a Horse Race – If you are looking for unique Christmas gifts for horse racing lovers, then this one might be just the right one. They will feel the fascinating atmosphere of horse racing upon arrival and will be amazed to watch the whole race from the first rows.

Creative present ideas for horse lover

If you haven’t found what you are looking for, you can also have a look at our ultimate guide for Christmas Gifts for Animal Lovers.

Get A Custom Caricature Gift With Horses

One of the top Christmas gifts for horse lovers this year is the personalized hand-drawn caricature drawing!

You can turn your friends and their horses into cartoon characters illustrated on a funny background, or standing at their very own barn. You can also create a custom background entirely from your idea and make a personal and thoughtful present that will delight even the most pretentious people.

The caricature drawing is not just a great Christmas gift for horse lovers, it’s an emotion, a keepsake, as it can illustrate a favorite moment or a dear memory from the recipient’s life.

It can depict their specific character traits and peculiarities or can speak to their interests and passions. This one-a-kind gift will make anyone feel special and loved as it will illustrate their personality and who they are in a funny and unique way.

Make the horse lovers happy with a hand-drawn digital caricature drawing of them and their horses. It’s a Christmas gift idea they will love and treasure forever as it will remind them about the special bond they have with their favorite animals!

Get a custom caricature with horses

How To Order Christmas Caricatures

Choose a Picture

The ordering process in is very easy and simple. Firstly, choose a high-quality photo of your horse lover friend, from which the world-class artists will be able to draw his face.

Decide On Size And Color

Secondly, decide on the size and color you would like to get your caricature in. You can have a black & white or colored drawing. Moreover, think about whether you would like a one-color background or a custom one.

Choose A Way Of Delivery

Thirdly, think about how you would like to receive your amazing caricature. You will be able to choose between getting it as a digital file or having it printed on a poster or canvas.

Send An Application And Wait for Your Order

Lastly, submit your order and wait for the skilled artists to do their magic and deliver the incredible piece of art that will make the receiver’s heart burst with love.