Christmas Gift Ideas for Artists This Holiday Season

For Him

Christmas Gift Ideas for Artists This Holiday Season for him; easel and canvas set; leather pain brush roll, therapy dough, watercolor paint set

  • Leather Paint Brush Roll – Every artist needs a place where to keep his high-quality brushes.
  • Therapy Dough – An interesting and unusual Christmas gift for tattoo artists that will help them release the stress from the busy working days.
  • Hobby Caricature – This holiday season surprise him with one of the best Christmas gifts for artists – caricature drawing. Think about all of his hobbies and get a unique personalized caricature portrait that speaks to his interests and passions.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Artists This Holiday Season for him; hobby caricature

  • Watercolor Paint Set – Make him happy with a new watercolor paint set that will help him create amazing paintings.
  • Easel with Canvas Set – A great Christmas gift for artists that will make it easier for him do to exquisite drawings for his artwork presentation.

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For Her

Christmas Gift Ideas for Artists This Holiday Season for her; color wheel earrings, pen for iPad

  • Caricature for Artists – Make her feel special with one of the best Christmas gift ideas for artists. Get a custom caricature portrait for her that will contain details, which are dear to her. She will love to receive such personal and memorable gift.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Artists This Holiday Season for her; caricature for artists

  • iPad – Surprise her with a portable tablet, on which she will be able to produce digital drawings in vivid colors.
  • Pen for iPad – If your female friend artist already has an iPad, then you can get her a stylish pen for it, which will help her create marvelous digital artworks.
  • Pencils Set – If she likes to draw with pencils, then you can equip her with a brand new professional pencil set.
  • Color Wheel Earrings – One of the best Christmas gift ideas for artists who love to wear personalized accessories.
  • Personalized Keychain for Artists – A small but great Christmas gift for artists who like custom presents.

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Tips for Choosing the Perfect Gifts for Artists

Decide on the Type of Gift

Think about the kind of gif you would like to give. You can choose from many types of presents such as DIY, personalized, practical, unique, traditional, etc. The important thing is to put a thought when choosing the Christmas gift for the artist and to also pay attention to his interests and passions.

Consider the Tastes

Always think about what the person likes. It is important to get a Christmas gift that the artist will like and/or use. You can take into consideration his color taste and other small details that might help you get just the right gift.

Take Into Account the Occasion

Think about the holiday when deciding on Christmas gifts for artists. It is never a bad idea to get some Christmas decorations or Xmas themed presents. They will bring the Christmas spirit to the recipient’s home and will make him feel the warmth and joy of the festive season. You can also wrap the gift in a Christmas themed paper and add a hand-written card to make him/her feel even more special.

Maximize Quality Within Your Budget

Be crafty and choose a high-quality present that will really surprise the artists. If the gift is over your budget, then you can talk to some of your common friends and get a joint gift by sharing the price.

How to Give a Gift to an Artists for Xmas


The best way to give any gift is personally as you can watch the reaction on the receiver’s face when they unwrap the present. Moreover, that person will be able to tell you what he thinks about the gift and whether he/she likes it or really loves it.

Express delivery

However, sometimes it is not possible to give all our gifts personally. That is why you can use some express delivery services to ensure that your friend artist will receive his Christmas gift just in time for the big day. Make sure to also include a hand-written Christmas card in the package in order to tell him/her all the words and greetings that you would normally say in person.

Make a Surprise

You can also get creative and plan a surprise for the artists. Don’t forget to beautifully wrap all the gifts and visit your friends – artists, without notifying them. You can even get some sweets and drinks to make the surprise even better. They will definitely love how spontaneous and unpredictable you are and will have lots of fun during the festive gift-giving.

Caricature Portraits as Cool Christmas Gifts for Artists

Do you have the big responsibility to surprise an artist this year? Have you ever thought about gifting him/her something made by another artist? That’s right, a drawing from another person might appear to be just the right thing he/she needs.

Not only the caricature portrait is a meaningful and thoughtful gift, but it might also spark your friend’s inspiration for drawing some extraordinary and unique. It might inspire him/her to get out of his/her comfort zone and create a non-traditional and creative artwork that might give him a boost in his artistic journey.

And that’s not all, this is definitely a Christmas gift that the artist will remember and treasure forever. It can depict an important moment of his/her life or it can illustrate his/her passion for art. One thing is for sure, the caricature drawing is a personalized and memorable Christmas gift that any artist will appreciate and cherish. Caricature Portraits as Cool Christmas Gifts for Artists

How to Order Christmas Caricatures

One of the best places to get a custom caricature drawing is Caricature24. They offer high-quality hand-drawn digital caricatures from photo that are a great Christmas gift idea for artists.

You can order a cartoon drawing on their website in a few simple steps. Firstly, carefully select the background design. There are many ideas on their website that you can choose from. That’s not everything, you can also create a custom background entirely from your idea in order to make the drawing as personalized and unique as possible.

Secondly, you can choose the details that you would like to add in the drawing and describe your idea. Don’t forget to also upload photos of the artist/s that you would like to be drawn.

Lastly, complete the order form and wait a couple of days until your caricature gets ready. When everything is ready, surprise your artist friend with it and wait for his/her “WOW” reaction! How to order Christmas caricatures