Christmas Gift Ideas For Athletes

For Him

  • Ear Buds – He will be able to listen to music while training.
  • Resistance Bands – Great for home workouts.
  • Athlete Caricature Portrait – One of the best Christmas gifts for athletes, which will make their hearts burst with love. Get a caricature where they are illustrated on their favorite stadium or sports hall, holding a trophy and being applauded by the audience. There are plenty of designs to choose from, or you can even create a custom caricature entirely from your idea.

Athlete caricature portrait

  • Doorway Pull Up Bar – For practicing pull-ups at home.

Gifts for him

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For Her

  • Blender – She will make healthy smoothies and protein shakes in it.
  • Personalized Water Bottle – So that she can always stay hydrated.
  • Sports Caricature – An unique and creative Christmas gift for athletes, which they will love and remember. Order a hand-drawn digital caricature by choosing a funny design, which speaks to your friend’s passion for sports. She will be delighted to receive a meaningful and thoughtful gift, which has sentimental value and shows her how much loved and appreciated she is.

Sports caricature for her

  • Fitness Subscription Box – Every month she will receive amazing fitness gear.

Gifts for her

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What Should Top Christmas Gift For Athlete Be Like


When looking for Christmas gifts for athletes always choose practical products, which might be useful at their work or everyday life.


Every athlete would also love to receive a compact Christmas gift related to their favorite sport, which they will be able to use and bring on their training days.


The best Christmas gifts for athletes are the reliable ones. All weight lifters, runners, triathletes, footballers, etc., would love to receive reliable presents related to the sport they practice.

Tips For Choosing Perfect Gifts For Athletes

Decide On The Gift Specification

Think about the kind of gift you would like to give. Is it a gift card, something related to their passion for sports, or something practical to use in their everyday life?

  • Gym Membership – So that they can train and stay in shape.
  • Gym Wear – Athletes can never have enough gym clothing.
  • Whey Protein Powder – Have you seen a fitness enthusiast who doesn’t drink protein shakes?

Athlete gifts

  • Caricature Drawing for an Athlete – A great way to tighten your bond with your athlete friend. Surprise them with a personalized caricature drawing, which will speak to their interests, passions, and character peculiarities. It’s a great way to show someone how much they mean to you as the caricature is hand-drawn and can be fully customized according to the receiver’s particular traits and interests.

Caricature drawing for an athlete

  • Fitness Tracker – The athletes will be able to track their activity and improve their performance.

Consider The Preferences

When choosing Christmas gifts for athletes think about the sport they are practicing and what would be a practical gift for them.

  • Fitness Gloves – Top Christmas gift for athletes who are into weight lifting.
  • Kettlebell – Great gift idea for fitness enthusiasts.
  • Sports Caricature – This is one of the best Christmas gifts for athletes this year. Get a personalized cartoon drawing where your friend is illustrated playing their favorite sport and holding a trophy or medals. Make a personal and dear caricature by including items related to their interests or personality. It’s a gift they will love and treasure forever.

Sports caricature

  • Training Shoes – For their most intense workouts.
  • Yoga Mat – Great Christmas gift for athletes who like stretching or practicing yoga in their free time.

Consider the preferences

Get Qualitative Gift Within Your Budget

If you are curious what the best Christmas gifts for athletes are then you can check our interesting ideas for presents that will suit every pocket.

  • Foam Roller – A great Christmas gift for athletes, which will help them relax after intensive training.
  • Shaker – Athletes probably receive shakers for all their birthdays but they can also never have enough. It’s always a good idea to get them a new one.
  • Gym Bag – Everyone who is into sports needs a good bag to carry their equipment in.
  • Cookbook – Make sure it’s filled with healthy meal recipes.
  • Ankle Weights – For the athletes who love to run in their free time and would like to add some weight to it.

Gifts within your budget

Ways To Deliver Christmas Present

By Yourself

If you have already chosen a Christmas gift for an athlete but you don’t know how to deliver it, then probably the best way to do this is in person.

Your friend will not only be surprised by the gift itself but will also be delighted to see you during the holidays.

Order A Delivery

If you cannot make it and visit your friend athlete personally then you can also send your gift with a courier and order it online and send it directly to your friend’s address. The only thing to make sure of is to have info about their address.

You don’t have to do anything specific and your athlete friend will receive their Christmas gift as a surprise. However, make sure that you include a small Christmas card in the present so that the receiver can feel extra special and know who the gift is from.

Make a Surprise

Another great way to deliver your Christmas gifts for athletes is by surprising them. Visit them without notification or throw a Christmas party at which you will be able to give your amazing presents.

All your friends and colleagues will love the idea of having a small gathering and chatting with each other while exchanging gifts. It’s not the regular way of gift-giving but it’s a funny and exciting one, and everyone will love and enjoy it.

Get A Caricature Portrait As A Christmas Gift For Athlete

Be different and original this year, and surprise the athletes with a unique hand-drawn caricature, which will illustrate them practicing the sport they love the most.

The caricature portrait is more than a simple gift, it’s a special and unique keepsake, which carries emotional and sentimental value, and is a great option for anyone looking for an incredible and different gift option to surprise their friends with.

You can choose from the interesting caricature designs, which offers or you can come up with your own creative idea about the scenario of the drawing. Think about how you would like the characters to be positioned and dressed, how you would like the background to look, and what additional details to add.

The skilled and experienced artists are able to turn every creative idea into an impeccable piece of art.

Caricature portrait for athlete

How To Order Christmas Caricatures

You can easily order a personalized caricature drawing for the fitness enthusiasts in your life by visiting the website There you will find plenty of designs to choose from and you will also have the option to create a custom caricature entirely from your idea.

Decide on the background you would like to get and then navigate through the options for number of people, size, and other details. Upload your photos, place your order, and wait for the artists to do their magic and create a marvelous caricature for you.