Tips for Choosing the Right Christmas Gift for Boss

Christmas gifts for the office are a special way of expressing gratitude during the holiday season. It might be easy to choose a present for a colleague, but we want to find something special for the leader of the team.

Take a look at some of the best Christmas gifts ideas for bosses of any personality, style and taste. Presents selected to show appreciation, reflect gratitude, or have great practical value!

Give Gifts Reflecting Your Relationship with Your Boss

Christmas gifts for boss: Personalized Pen, Year Planner

  • Award Trophy From The Office – Get a custom trophy with an Oscar-worthy caption. 
  • Gift Voucher  – Surprise them with a pleasant experience like spa day, weekend trip, concert or Christmas event!
  • Professions Caricature – Order a fun custom portrait that will always be a nice memory for them!

Christmas gifts for boss: Professions caricature

  • Personalized Pen – A classical Christmas gift idea for bosses. 
  • Christmas Centerpiece – Get a Christmas gift for boss in tune with the holiday season.

Think Outside the Box

Christmas gifts for boss: Tabletop Pool Set, Magnetic Desk Toy

  • Tabletop Pool Set – Easy to fit in the workspace and perfect for the long afternoon hours. 
  • Magnetic Desk Toy – Christmas gift idea for bosses who understand the importance of taking breaks. 
  • Book about Famous Leaders – Pick a collection with inspiring stories of success and good leadership.  
  • Hobby Caricature – Get a unique art piece dedicated to your boss and their favorite free-time activity.

Christmas gifts for boss: Hobby caricature

  • Anxiety Relief Therapy Dough – A fun Christmas gift to help your boss relax after a meeting.

Let Your Gift Mirror Your Appreciation, Not Your Paycheck

Christmas gifts for boss: Temperature Control Smart Mug, Smart Watch

  • Portable Keyboard for Phone – Lightweight keyboard that would allow them to check off important tasks even without a laptop.
  • Deluxe Christmas Gift Box – If you can’t decide what to buy your boss for Christmas, get a special holiday selection!
  • Smart Watch – One of the best Christmas gifts for a modern boss who follows the tech trends. 
  • Temperature Control Smart Mug – So their coffee or tea never gets cold while they are having a call.
  • Necklace – Elegant Christmas gift for the female boss who knows how to lead with style.

Choose Gifts That Offer Versatility

Christmas gifts for boss: Advent Calendar, Coffee or Wine Subscription

  • Advent Calendar with Gifts – A nice present that will save you from an endless search of Christmas gift ideas for boss.
  • Gift Card – Sometimes the best gift is the one you can choose for yourself!
  • Coffee or Wine Subscription – Since their workplace might be the reason they need a hot cup or a full glass.
  • Stationery Subscription – The gift that keeps on giving! Each month they will receive trendy and useful office accessories. 
  • Superhero Caricature – For the boss that takes up any challenge, protects the team, and fights for a good cause!

Christmas gifts for boss: Superhero caricature

The Best Christmas Gifts for Every Type of Boss

What Christmas presents would be appropriate for any type of team leader? How about some cool functional items for the workspace and the home! We also added more creative Christmas gifts for female or male boss!

Choose between classical presents that never go out of style and unique ideas with a modern twist!

Customized Business Electronics Accessories

Christmas gifts for boss: USB Travel Dock, Key Chain Charger

Show your appreciation with Christmas gifts ideas for bosses who like doing their work efficiently and with a personal touch.

  • Personalized Mouse Pad – An office necessity with a cool twist. 
  • Laptop Sleeve – Pick a stylish design and aim for quality material. 
  • Phone Case – Customize with their initials, favorite items, or an inside joke.
  • USB Travel Dock – Functional Christmas gift for boss who is always on the go. 

Watches Box Travel Case

Christmas gifts for boss: Watches Box Travel Case

A stylish and useful Christmas gift for the boss who knows the value of a good hand watch. This will be a perfect complement for their collection and will help them always keep it safe.

To select the best Christmas gift for your boss consider these options:

  • Size – The boxes come with a different number of slots. Choose the appropriate size depending on your boss’ affinity for watches.
  • Shape – The watch case can be used for safe storage at home or while traveling. That is why it is important to select a light and compact box.
  • Material – The cheaper options are usually made of hard fabric, while the quality watch cases come in premium leather. Pick a gift that would match the style of their watch collection.

Boss Coffee Mug

This Christmas gift will make your boss smile every time they take a nice coffee break! Show your appreciation with a fun personalized mug with a special message.

  • Best Boss Ever – You can’t go wrong with this gift classic.
  • Boss Lady – A Christmas gift for the woman who knows how to be a caring boss and a confident leader. 
  • Boss Nutritional Facts Coffee Mug – Come up with a fun label like: Hard Working 1000%, Unrivaled Skill 500%, Passion 100%, Caring 300%, Sleep 0%, Caffeine 110%.
  • Caricature Mug – With a unique personalized illustration made for your boss.

Christmas gifts for boss: Caricature coffee mug

  • Heels and Hustle – Another cool idea for the female boss who accepts every challenge with a smile. 

Wood Docking Station

Christmas gifts for boss: Wood Docking Station

Impress your boss with a handcrafted Christmas gift which is both stylish and functional. Select a docking station that is compatible with different cell phone models, so they can use it even if they get a new smartphone.

You can add a personal touch by choosing a suitable color and custom text engraving.

Token of Appreciation Gift Tower

Christmas gifts for boss: Gift Tower

If you are still wondering what to get your boss for Christmas, try this sweet surprise! Gift towers are exactly what they sound like – a tower made of boxes of different sizes that are all wrapped in a bow.

When you order a gift tower every box is filled with different sweets and gourmet treats. Another option would be to create it personally and let every colleague contribute to the content of the boxes.

Box of Chocolates

Christmas gifts for boss: Box of chocolates

This is a holiday for treats and celebrations! If you don’t have an office tradition of making big Christmas gifts for the boss, you can choose this sweet gesture of gratitude and appreciation!

  • Gift Basket – Exquisite selection of dainties that come in a beautifully wrapped basket. 
  • ‘Best Boss Ever ‘ Chocolates – Get special handmade sweets with personalized text. 
  • Healthy Snack Subscription – A thoughtful Christmas gift for boss who follows a healthy lifestyle. 
  • Cookie Decorating Kit – Perfect gift for the boss who always brings homemade bakes at the office.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Boss Who Has Everything

Christmas gifts for boss: Storm Cloud, Book Holders

What are some good Christmas gift ideas for bosses who seem to have everything they need? Here are some cool suggestions connected to their career and unique presents that they can use outside the bounds of the office!

  • Mist Humidifier – Refreshing addition for their desk.
  • Engraved Desk Sign – Choose a text with a sense of humor. 
  • Day-to-Day Calendar – With fun or inspirational daily messages.
  • Storm Cloud – Shows the weather changes outside. 
  • Office Caricature – Custom artwork for your boss and his career goals.

Christmas gifts for boss: Office caricature

Caricature Portrait as a Personalised Gift for Your Boss

Portraits are a great way to express gratitude for your boss’ leadership and bring out their best traits! Caricatures deliver positive emotions, inspiration, and good memories! They are a special type of Christmas gift for your boss because their custom design is created to match their personality!

You can choose the most suitable theme, background, details, and text to create an artwork that is guaranteed to make them smile. Any creative idea can be drawn and turned into reality! Select a design that best reflects their character and what they are well-known for.

How to Order Caricatures from Photos

How To Order Caricatures From Photos

Get inspired with unique Christmas gift ideas for your boss by All the caricatures are created by professional artists and if you happen to be a bit late, there are 1-4 days express drawing services!

To order just select a design from the website and customize the details or submit your own idea. In both cases, the result is an exclusive artwork that will be a great surprise for your boss