What to Get Him for Christmas

What Do Men Really Want for Xmas

Our mission is to help you pick the best presents for the men in your life – relatives, friends, colleagues, and loved ones. This is the ultimate guide of Christmas gift ideas for him with a selection that can match any taste.

Dive right in and choose the perfect present to make him feel special and appreciated.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Him That He’ll Totally Love

Creative and practical Christmas gifts that he will enjoy using for work or free-time activities. These picks can find their way to any man’s heart!


Christmas gifts for dad: Toolbox, Massage Cushion, Memory Foam Slippers, Electric Indoor Grill

  • Electric Indoor Grill – Most dads love to barbecue, so he would be happy to prepare amazing steaks right at home. 
  • Memory Foam Slippers – The perfect present of comfort and warmth after a long day at work.
  • Toolbox – Don’t hesitate to replace his old and rusty toolbox with a shiny new kit.
  • Massage Cushion – A great Christmas gift idea for all the hard-working dads who would greatly appreciate it.
  • Hobby Caricature – Every man has a hobby so you can surprise him with a custom caricature depicting him and his favorite activity, football team, sport, or vehicle.

Christmas gift for dad: Hobby caricature


Christmas gifts for grandpa: Cashmere Sweater, Beer Subscription, Cordless Beard Trimmer

  • Cashmere Sweater – A warm Christmas gift that will always remind him of you. 
  • Beer Subscription – If your granddad likes beer, he will definitely enjoy receiving the monthly special selection.
  • Family Portrait – Grandpas who live far away would love to have a merry portrait of their grandchildren. 
  • Cordless Beard Trimmer – He can always look neat and trim because the good style doesn’t age!


Christmas gifts for brother: laptop backpack, Tile Pro

  • Laptop Backpack – Perfect option if you are looking for a gift that would be useful for any young man. 
  • Courses – Is there a skill he wants to learn – languages, music, technologies? Surprise him with a voucher for lessons of his interest!
  • Bluetooth Speaker – If you are doing last-minute Christmas shopping, you can’t go wrong with a portable speaker. 
  • Tile Pro – If he is an absent-minded family member, this clever device will track down his valuables through his smartphone. 
  • Custom Caricature from Photo – Fun personalized gift which is suitable for brothers of all ages. You can get one with his hobby or profession!

Christmas gift for brother: Custom caricature from photo


Christmas gifts for son: Board game, Drone

  • Wireless Headphones – Christmas gift that he is definitely going to like and use every day.
  • BoardgameThere are so many fun options to choose from! Go for the classics or check the new trends.
  • Sneakers – Cool sneakers are a must-have for any young man but don’t forget to ask him about his favorite brand!
  • Wooden Model Kit – Great DIY gift idea for creative and dexterous boys.
  • Drone – If you really want to impress him, surprise him with a mini drone.


Christmas gifts for husband: Beer making kit, Charging station for multiple devices

  • Charging station for multiple devices – Every busy man would appreciate a quick and easy way to charge all his gadgets at once. 
  • Beer Making Kit – One of the Christmas gift ideas for him that has a nice reward at the end.
  • Weighted Blanket – If your husband has any trouble falling asleep, he would find this quite helpful.
  • Caricature for Couples – One of the romantic Christmas gifts for him that aren’t cliched.

Christmas gift for husband: Caricature for couples

  • Fitness Watch – Great practical item that shows heart rate, calories burned, sleep time, and more.

Male Relatives 

Christmas gifts for male relatives: Watch, Credit Card Tool

  • Watch – If you don’t want to take any risks, get him a stylish watch.
  • Business Pen – Every man needs a classy pen to use at work.
  • French Press – A special Christmas present for all the coffee and tea lovers.
  • 11-in-1 Credit Card Tool – He would be prepared for any situation with this multitool with a sleek design.


Christmas presents for male friends: Cocktail Infusion Kit, Portable Campfire

  • Beard Care Kit – If your friend likes the beard trend, let him take the best care of his own!
  • Cocktail Infusion Kit Winter is the perfect season for creating cocktails that keep you warm over the weekend.
  • Movie Caricature – Need original Christmas gift ideas for him? Depict your friend as one of his favorite movie characters!

Christmas gift for him: Movie caricature

  • Portable Campfire – Creative present for an adventurous friend who likes being outdoors.
  • 100 Movies Scratch Off Poster – For the ones who prefer to stay at home, we would suggest a fun movie challenge!

Unique Christmas Gifts for Him This Holiday Season

Surprise him with a Christmas present that he wouldn’t expect!

  • Class Subscription – Routine is boring, but learning new skills is challenging and satisfying.
  • Bucket List of Destinations – Adventurous Christmas present idea to make him challenge boundaries inside or outside of the country!
  • Christmas caricature – Choose a festive design for him and his family or friends! It will be the best Christmas decoration.

Christmas gift for him: Winter caricature

  • NES Classic Edition – Surprise him with a cool old-school gaming system loaded with the video game classics. 

Genius Present Ideas for Every Type of Guy

Christmas presents for every type of guy: Temperature control mug, Digital notebook

  • Experience gifts – Get him a voucher for fun or adventurous experience that will leave him with great memories.
  • Temperature Control Mug – A smart Christmas gift that keeps coffee and tea warm during winter.
  • Foosball Table – No doubt he will enjoy having small football challenges with his friends. 
  • Smartpad Digital Notebook – Ideal present for the men who always need to scratch down new ideas and information.

Romantic Christmas Gifts for Him

  • Vineyard Tour for Two – Get a nice taste of quality time, excellent wine, and a relaxed atmosphere. 
  • Perfume – Pick an exclusive fragrance, because some Christmas gift ideas for him can also be a present for you!
  • Couple caricature – You can choose a theme that reminds him of a special moment or show what makes your couple unique.

Romantic Christmas gift for him: Couple caricature

Present Ideas Based on the Stage of Your Relationship

Christmas presents ideas based on the stage of your relationship


  • Fun Socks – Get him a Christmas-themed pair or surprise him by ordering a custom design.
  • Christmas Sweater – Get another one for yourself and take a cool Christmas photo together.
  • Gift basket – If you can’t decide what would be the best Christmas gift for him, get a basket with a bottle and delicious treats.


  • Men’s Subscription Box – This is a cool idea because he will be receiving presents for the next few months. 
  • Gym Membership for Two – Let’s set goals, accomplish them together, and motivate each other! 
  • Christmas Boxers – How about Christmas present ideas for him with a sense of humor?

How to Buy the Best Christmas Gifts for Him

Christmas presents for him

Buying gifts for men can be tricky but it all comes down to a few basic questions!

Think About His Hobbies

Think about useful items and tools or just ask him what he needs. You can also use the advice of his friends or tell them to ask him discreetly what’s on his hobby shopping list. 

Find a Gift That Matches His Interests

What is he passionate about, what occupies his free time, and what he talks about most? It can be sports, technologies, movies and many more so make a list of some interests and look for a matching present.

Make Sure It Is a Gift He Will Use

The best Christmas presents are actually the ones he can use all-season or year-round. Also the more often he uses it, the more often he will be reminded of you.

Xmas Caricature Portrait That He Is Sure to Remember

Why Custom Caricature Portraits Make the Perfect Gift

Custom art is a thoughtful gift that shows a personal touch. The best thing about caricatures is that you can personalize the design and include his favorite things, lifestyle preferences, character traits, or anything that would make him smile! 

Where to Order Christmas Caricatures Right Now

How to order a caricature

You can order a custom caricature from https://caricature24.com/, where you will find hundreds of ideas, themes for all occasions, and the option for a fully custom design. Caricature24 works with professional artists who create caricatures using one photo and a design description that you send them. All illustrations are hand-drawn on digital tablets so the result is detailed artwork with great colors.