Tips to Help You Choose A Christmas Gifts for a Music Lover

Consider Their Tastes

If you are about to look for Christmas gifts for music lovers, then you should think about their tastes and the things they like. Consider their hobbies and passions and surprise them with a special gift related to their interests or their big love for music.

Pay Attention to What They Say

Listen closely to everything they say. They might slip up and tell you all things they would like to have or need in their lives.

Personalize Your Gift

This holiday season make the music lovers in your life feel special by giving them a unique gift. It is important to put some thought into the present itself and try to make it as personalized as possible. You can add something small from yourself like a hand-written card or a small detail, which will personalize your gift and add a special final touch.

What Are Good Christmas Gifts for the Music Lover

For Him

  • Customizable Record Doormat – Every guest, who enters their home, will know how big their love for music is.
  • Turntable Cheese Board – A great gift for a music lover as he will be able to serve cheese and biscuits on a platter that looks like a turntable.
  • Musician Caricature – They will hang the special caricature portrait in their home and it will always remind them about their passion for music. Your music lover friends can be illustrated playing their instrument, performing on a big stage, or standing next to their idol.

Musician caricature

  • Music Note Cufflinks – These stylish and original cufflinks will embrace his love of music and will show it to the world in a nice and subtle way.
  • Masterclass Membership – He will be able to learn unique techniques about singing, playing different instruments, and even the art of performance and all those courses are led by world-famous singers and musicians such as Usher, Christina Aguilera, Timbaland, and many more.
  • Record Clock – This stylish clock will be an excellent art décor, and it will also resemble their passion for music.

Gifts for him

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For Her

  • Microphone – She will be able to master her singing by practicing it at home.
  • Music Pasta – Surprise her with a pack of macaroni in the shape of music notes.
  • Hobby Caricature – Make her feel special with a unique cartoon drawing of her, where she is illustrated doing the things she loves the most. It’s a dear and personal present, which will speak to her interests and passions.

Hobby caricature

  • Ticket Stub Organizer – She will be able to place all her concert tickets there and write a few words about the unique experiences she has had there.
  • Music Notes Earrings – Sometimes a piece of jewelry, which shows her passion for music, might be the best Christmas gift for a music lover.

Gifts for her

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Christmas Gifts for Music Lover – 8 Things Any Music Enthusiast Wants

Tickets to The Concert

One of the best Christmas gifts for a music lover is tickets to a live concert of their favorite band or singer. It’s an intangible and memorable gift, which they will love and appreciate.

It will be a lifetime experience, which they will cherish and treasure forever. Moreover, it might fuel their passion for music and inspire them to create new songs or lyrics.


An original and suitable Christmas gift, which any music lover will be delighted to receive. Create a playlist of their favorite songs and record it in a modern but vintage-looking USB mixtape.

Choose an original design and surprise the music lover in your life with a unique Christmas gift related to their hobby.

Music Instrument

If you have friends who are guitarists, pianists, or drummers, you can surprise them with a new musical instrument. They will love how thoughtful you have been and will think of you every time they are on stage or just in their garage playing their musical instrument.

Vintage Band Tee

Pay attention to which their favorite old band is and get them a vintage tee with a print of the band. It’s a special and music-themed Christmas gift for music lovers.


It doesn’t matter whether they play an instrument, sing, or just enjoy listening to music in their free time, the headphones are a suitable Christmas gift for any music lover.

You can decide on the shape and size according to the receiver’s preferences. Choose big and wireless headphones with good sounds or get small earbuds, which look nice and subtle and can be taken anywhere, and can fit in any bag or pocket.


Old vinyls are not only a vintage source of good music but they can also be a stylish decoration in the music lover’s home. They will symbolize his/her passion and love of music and will do a great Christmas gift.


Every music lover needs to have a speaker, which can produce high-quality sound and will play their favorite songs.

You can also be original and surprise them with not just a regular speaker but with a cloud-based AI such as Amazon’s Alexa. Your music lover friends will love the interaction they can have with Alexa while enjoying listening to their ever favorite hits.

Christmas gifts for music lover

Caricature Portrait of Him/Her and Their Idol

The joy of giving is in the happy face you see after the person has opened their present. And you will for sure see a wide smile after your friend has seen their amazing caricature portrait.

Order a custom cartoon drawing of the music lover in your life and their idol. They will love to see themselves standing side by side with their favorite musician even if it is just in a drawing. This is an original and personal Christmas gift for a music lover, which they will love and treasure forever.

Caricature portrait

How do I Order a Custom Caricature Portrait from Photo

Choose a Picture

It’s very simple and easy to order an amazing caricature portrait from photo. Just choose and upload photos of the characters you would like to be drawn, and navigate through the options for number of characters, background, and other details.

Decide On the Size

Choose in which size you would like to receive your caricature and whether you would like it to be printed on a poster or canvas.

Leave Your Suggestions In Comments

You can describe how you would like your caricature to look, or you can also come up with an original and creative idea, and create a custom caricature drawing especially for that amazing music lover in your life.

Confirm Your Application And Wait for the Order

Finalize your order and wait for the skilled artists to do their magic and turn your concept into an incredible caricature drawing in vivid colors and fine details. They will for sure surpass your highest expectations and deliver an awesome piece of art, which will surprise you in every aspect and will turn out to be the best possible gift option for music lovers.