What to Get My Husband for Christmas

Have you ever found yourself thinking “What am I going to get my husband for Christmas? He has everything!”.
No arguing here, finding the perfect present for your husband can be extremely challenging, especially when he always says he doesn’t need anything.

  • Christmas Caricature – Surprise him with a beautiful hand-drawn Christmas Caricature.

Christmas gifts for husband: Christmas caricature

  • Cologne – А perfect way to show how well you know your husband and his favorite scents.
  • Apple Airpods
  • Electric Shaver – every man needs to have a nice trimmer or shaver and if your husband doesn’t, maybe it’s time you buy it for him as a Christmas present this year.
  • Wireless Speaker – It’s a practical gadget he can use to listen to his favorite music everywhere he goes.

Christmas gifts for husband: Wireless Speaker, Electric Shaver

What Do Men Really Want for Xmas

Christmas gifts for husband: Tablet, PlayStation, Beer Subscription

  • Tablet – It doesn’t matter if he is going to watch his favorite shows on YouTube, work, or listen to music, the tablet is a great choice for a gift.
  • PlayStation – The perfect Christmas present for a husband who likes to spend his free time playing games with friends. It really doesn’t matter how old he is, chances are he is going to love it.
  • Beer Subscription – Do we even have to elaborate? The man and the beer – it’s a love story.
  • Weights – If he loves working out you can get him some weights. It’s an easy way to workout at home when he is too busy to go to the gym

Christmas Gift Ideas for Husband That He’ll Totally Love

The most important thing when choosing a Christmas gift for your husband or fiancé is knowing his interests and favorite things.

Romantic Present Ideas

What better time than Christmas to show your other half how much you love them with these gifts.

  • Couple Caricature – Get him a romantic couple caricature with your faces on it. You can be drawn to your favorite place, doing your favorite things. You can customize it however you like to make it special.

Christmas gifts for husband: Couples caricature

  • Morse Code Bracelet – A personal and romantic way to give him a message only he will understand
  • Phone Case – It’s a practical gift on a budget and you can make it personal by adding your favorite picture of you and your husband
  • Book

Fun Christmas Gifts for Husband

  • Google Home Assistant – it’s both useful and fun.
  • Board Game – For a fun family night
  • Couple’s Weekend – something that will help you escape for a couple of days and relax away from work
  • Funny Caricature – Think of a funny design idea and realize it with a hand-drawn caricature. You can get some inspiration here.

Christmas gifts for husband: Fun caricature

Practical Xmas Presents

Christmas gifts for husband: Wallet, Car Charger

  • Wallet – Practical gift for every man. You can never go wrong with a nice, classy wallet.
  • Car Charger – If he spends a lot of his time in the car traveling, it can be pretty useful. Everyone should have one.
  • Travel Laptop Backpack – So he can easily carry his laptop everywhere with him

How Do I Pick the Bеst Christmas Gift for Husband

Here are some Christmas gifts for husband you may like. Take a look at them:

Based on His Interests

  • Headphones
  • Heart Rate & Fitness Tracker Watch
  • Caricature – Get him a caricature with a theme related to his interests.

Christmas gifts for husband: Caricature with his interests

  • Fitness Bag

Based on His Personality

Christmas gifts for husband: Favorite shoes

  • Grill – If he likes spending his nights around the grill, drinking beer with his friends
  • Favorite Shoes – No one knows his style better than you.

Based on His Occupation

  • Smart Watch – It’s trendy, convenient, and a great accessory for every man.
  • Wheeled Carry-On
  • Caricature – You can get a caricature related to your husband’s occupation.

Christmas gifts for husband: Caricature for his occupation

Thoughtful Christmas Gift for My Husband

Thoughtful Christmas gifts for husband: Cologne Subscription Box, Cooling Box, Photo Album

If you are looking for thoughtful Christmas presents for husband, maybe we can help you with these suggestions:

  • Monthly Cologne Subscription Box – he can try a new cologne every month!
  • Cooling Box/ Backpack – Every man is a fan of a nice cold beer
  • Photo Album with Your Favorite Pictures Together

Christmas Gift Ideas for Husband Who Has Everything

Christmas gifts for husband who has everything: Scratch the World Travel Map, Tickets to a Concert, Trip

“How do I pick the best Christmas gift for my husband” – It’s a question every woman asks herself and honestly – it’s a tough one. We did our research for you and we found some interesting stuff.

If you feel like there is nothing left for you to buy for your husband, show them your appreciation and love with something original and fun. Here are our offers for some Christmas gift ideas for husband who has everything:

  • Class Subscription – You can get him a class subscription to learn some type of skill.
  • Trip – Surprise him with a nice trip for two, where you can enjoy some quiet time and relax together
  • Scratch the World Travel Map – You can encourage him to travel the world together and scratch every country one by one
  • Themed Caricature – A nice art piece to brighten up the home is a great gift idea for husband who has everything. You can give your ideas life and surprise him for Christmas with a caricature.

Christmas gifts for husband: Themed caricature

  • Tickets to a Concert – You can get him tickets for a concert by his favorite band or singer

Tips on Picking Christmas Presents for Husband

Take a look at our guides for picking the right Christmas present for your husband :

Find out What He Needs

There is no need to buy your husband a gift that he doesn’t need and won’t use. Listen to what he says when you’re together and there’s a chance he himself will tell you what to buy him for Christmas.

Know His Tastes

No one knows your husband better than you. Think about his interests and hobbies and pick a Christmas present that fits them.

Think Different

If you feel like you have bought him everything already you can always think about some original ideas, that will catch him by surprise.

Caricature Portrait As a Personalized Gift for Your Husband

Buying your husband’s caricature for Christmas this year is a great idea. It‘s fun, original, creative and you can be sure it’s going to be unexpected. You can get it completely personalized to suit your relationship. Include his car, pet, favorite brand, or sport. You can do anything you imagine. As some may say – The more the better.

Why Custom Caricature Portrait Is the Best Christmas Present

Getting him a Christmas Caricature is a sure way to surprise him with something he probably doesn’t already have. It’s a great gift even for a husband who has everything. You can get creative and include all of his favorite things in one caricature. It shows how much you love and appreciate him in a new and fun way.

Christmas gifts for husband: Custom caricature

How to Order Caricatures from Photos

Once you have an idea of what the caricature should look like you can fill the form by choosing a number of faces, describing the design, and attaching the pictures you want to be used.

 Select the Photo

Select your favorite photo of your husband or maybe both of you and attach it to the form. Make sure it’s nice quality since the artist is going to draw from it.

Decide on Size and Color

Choose your size and whether you want one color or a fun, colorful background. It can be anything you imagine. You can get his car, pet, favorite place, drink, and whatever else is on your mind.

Send an Application and Wait for the Delivery

Once you have chosen what your caricature should look like you can send out your order and wait for the delivery of this custom gift you can surprise your husband with for Christmas.

How to order caricatures from photos