The Best Christmas Family Gift in 2020

We have collected ideas for fun gifts for the ones who want to spend more time during the festive season with their families and loved ones. And we have also gathered some unique and personalized gift ideas that will definitely warm the hearts of your family and friends this Christmas.

Family Christmas Gifts – а Buying Guide


Christmas gifts for family: Appliances

  • Electric Kettle – A useful kitchen equipment ideal for those who love hot drinks during the winter season.
  • Stand Mixer – A practical kitchen tool that’s essential for every home.
  • Blender – Ideal for families with fitness or healthy lifestyles. The blender is great for making delicious and healthy smoothies, which will surely impress anyone.
  • Air Fryer – This kitchen gadget is ideal for families who are trying to lead a healthier lifestyle. It quickly fries any type of food without using oil at all.

Give Memories

Christmas gifts for family: Personalized Family Name Metal Sign, Custom Family Star Map

  • Personalized Family Name Metal Sign – This family Christmas gift will surely delight the homeowners. They are going to love it as they will be able to stand out from their neighbors.
  • Personalized Glassware – This will surely surprise any family that loves unique and personalized gifts.
  • Personalized Christmas Caricature – Be the one with the best Christmas gift for the family this year! Order a personalized caricature that will look marvelous in your home. Simply describe your creative idea and the artists will do their job!

Christmas gifts for family: Personalized Christmas caricature

  • Custom Family Star Map – Create a personalized constellation map and surprise your family and relatives.

Personalized Clothing

Christmas gifts for family: Personalized Clothes

  • Matching Christmas Pajamas – A unique family Christmas gift idea that will strengthen the bond between all members.
  • Personalized Festive Socks – Make custom Christmas themed socks for each family member to make them feel loved.
  • Personalized Christmas Jumper – Get a Christmas jumper for each individual of your family and you will all have matching Christmas outfits. Wouldn’t that be fun?

For the Home

Christmas gifts for family: Red Poinsettia in Plant Pot, Essential Oil Diffuser

  • Essential Oil Diffuser – You can’t go wrong with aroma diffusers. They are compact, stylish, and can turn every home into aromatic heaven.
  • Cheese Board Set –If your family loves cheese then this is the perfect gift for them.
  • Family Caricature – A one-of-a-kind gift that will surely surprise any family on Christmas. Simply select a background of your choice and upload images of the people you want in the painting. The digital caricature is promised to bring many smiles and joy to the homeowners.

Christmas gifts for family: Caricature for the home

  • Red Poinsettia in Plant Pot – It is not only a traditional Christmas plant, but it also looks incredibly beautiful in any home. Besides, the red Poinsettia appears to be quite inexpensive and it suits every pocket.


Christmas gifts for family: Personalized Cutting Board, Family Coat Print

  • Family Coat Print – It displays the coats of each family member and you can also include names above each piece of clothing.
  • Personalized Cutting Board – Customize a chopping board by adding an original engraving to it. Some creative ideas include recipes and special notes from a family member or a close friend.
  • Personalized Throw Pillow Covers – You can create pillow covers with the names of each family member or you can get more creative and come up with an original and even more personalized design.
  • Photo Album – There are never enough photo albums to keep the family’s memories. Make a timeless gift to the whole family, which will preserve the Christmas merry moments. The perfect gift that will light up every family gathering.

Yearly Membership

  • Gym Membership – A great Christmas gift idea for the family that has included more gym sessions in their New Year’s resolutions list. You can also write down a few challenges for them to complete during the new year.
  • Master Class Membership – A family Christmas gift idea that each member will appreciate. Everyone will be able to watch the classes from world-famous experts in their fields.

Outdoor Gifts

Christmas gifts for family: Trampoline, Ski Holiday

  • Trampoline – The whole family will be able to have fun and enjoy some time with the kids.
  • Ninjaline Kit – Create a challenging obstacle zone in your backyard where everyone can have fun.
  • Ski Holiday – Take your whole family on an adventure that they will all enjoy and remember.

Gift Cards

Christmas gifts for family: Gift cards

  • Department Store Gift Card – Your relatives will have the opportunity to visit the particular store and choose all the things they need and want.
  • Restaurant Gift Card – This Christmas surprise your loved ones with a special gift – dinner in a fine restaurant.
  • Movie Tickets for the Entire Family – One of the best Christmas gift ideas for families! After all, who doesn’t love going to the cinema?

Subscription Boxes

Christmas gifts for family: Subscription Boxes

  • Hello Fresh – Surprise your relatives with a weekly subscription box full of interesting and easy recipes and ingredients for delicious dishes.
  • Candy Club – Does your family have a sweet tooth and can’t resist sweets? Make them happy with a subscription box full of candies to share with each other over family gatherings.
  • Snack Crate – What is better than a box full of snacks from all around the world that keeps on coming every month?

Gifts That Give Back

Christmas gifts for family: Rescue Pet Dish Towel, Mini Key Post Earrings, Soap Co Gift Set

  • Soap Co Gift Set – The brand is famous for creating job opportunities and giving employment to disabled and disadvantaged people.
  • Rescue Pet Dish Towel – A great Christmas gift idea for families who love pets. A small amount of the price is donated to pet rescue communities.
  • Mini Key Post Earrings – Those beautiful earrings are made by people who have recently transitioned from homelessness.

Christmas Gifts for Family That Loves Spending Time Together

Christmas gifts for family: Scratch Off Bucket List Poster, The World’s Greatest Collection of Dad Jokes

  • Board Games – The whole family can enjoy together this Christmas gift by having fun playing with each other.
  • Funny Caricature of the Whole Family – Surprise your loved ones with a sentimental and funny gift. It’s promised to delight each family member as it can depict a funny moment from their lives or portray them as superheroes and other movie characters.

Christmas gifts for family: Funny caricature

  • Scratch Off Bucket List Poster – A unique and on budget present for families that love spending time together watching movies.
  • The World’s Greatest Collection of Dad Jokes – What a better family Christmas present than a book with funny jokes. It’s promised to gather the whole family together and make everyone laugh.
  • Karaoke Microphone – Lift the Christmas spirits up by bringing some joy and fun into the home. Every family member will surely want to participate in a karaoke night.

You can find more family Christmas gift ideas in our ultimate guide for Christmas Gifts For Parents.

Gifts for Adventurous Families

Adventurous Christmas gifts for family: Tent, Plane Tickets

  • Tent – One of the top Christmas gift ideas for families who love going on adventures and spending time in nature.
  • Plane Tickets – Surprise your loved ones with a special and thoughtful Christmas gift idea for the family. Get them plane tickets to a destination they have always wanted to visit.
  • Escape Room Experience – One of the best family Christmas gifts this year. Spend time together and make family memories by solving challenging puzzles together in order to escape the mystery room.
  • Funny Caricature of the Whole Family – Add a custom element for each family member that speaks to their interests and personality in order to create a unique and memorable family Christmas gift that they will all love and appreciate.

Christmas gifts for family: Fun adventurous caricature

  • Stadium Tour – Does your family love exploring new places? Take them on a memorable tour to one of their favorite stadiums.

Gifts for The Family That Has Everything (or Doesn’t Seem to Want Anything)

Christmas gifts for family: Echo Dot, Ranged Wi-Fi Extender

  • Ranged Wi-Fi Extender – A great gift idea for families who have everything. With this gadget, they can have a single anywhere in or around the home. 
  • Echo Dot – You can surprise anyone with Amazon’s favorite and most popular smart speaker. After all, who doesn’t love Alexa?
  • Hand-Drawn Digital Caricature – One of the top family Christmas gift ideas that will leave anyone in amazement. You can get it as a digital file or printed on canvas or poster. Whichever option you choose, satisfaction with the final product is guaranteed!

Christmas gifts for family: Hand-drawn digital caricatures

  • Bottle of Wine – A great Christmas gift idea for families who enjoy having a glass of wine from time to time.
  • Christmas Cable Bites – A unique and funny Christmas gift for families who want to stand out with their phone chargers. You can get Christmas themed cable bites for each member of the family and they will for sure be impressed by how adorable and cute they look.

If you still haven’t found the best Christmas gift ideas for families who have everything, then you can check our list of Best Christmas Gifts For Someone Who Has Everything.

3 Tips For Buying Christmas Presents For Family

Figure out What They Need

Try to think of practical family Christmas gift ideas that they will actually use.

Observe What They Like to Buy for Themselves

Try to notice for each individual what he/she likes to buy for himself/herself.

Notice How They Spend Their Time

Pay attention to their hobbies and interests and surprise them with Christmas gifts for family that speak to their passions.

Get a Custom Caricature Gift Now

How to get a custom caricature for Christmas

Surprise your family with a personalized one-of-a-kind product that they will treasure forever. Choose a background idea from the ready examples or you can even come up with a creative scenario that will make your family laugh. And don’t worry, there aren’t impossible tasks for the artists, they can draw even the weirdest and most eccentric ideas. Get your personalized caricature for Christmas now –