Typical New Year Gifts – What Do People Usually Get for New Year

Something Regarding New Year Resolutions

Help your friends and family members start off the new year on the right foot by getting them a gift related to their new year resolutions. If they haven’t created a list yet then you can sit down with them and together make a list of resolutions that needs to be completed during the new year.


It’s always a good idea to gift a bottle of alcohol. The recipients will most probably share their gift with everyone else so that it can be consumed during the celebration. Alternatively, they can even keep it for themselves to celebrate another important occasion.


This New Year’s Eve, surprise your friends with new socks. They are practical and essential for everyone, hence, they make a great gift.

Choose a funny design that your friends will love and voila, your new year’s gift for your friends is sorted.


Some of the traditional new year gift ideas include calendars. After all, it’s good to enter the new year prepared by having a beautiful calendar hanging on one of the walls in your home. It’s a thematic and practical gift that no-one will re-gift. There are plenty of designs you can choose from, which vary in price.

If you would like your calendar to be special, you can even order a personalized one with a photo on it. Whatever design you choose, the recipient will be happy to receive this cool New Year’s gift.


One of the most popular gifts for new year is scented candles. There isn’t a person who wouldn’t love to receive a new aromatic candle. Moreover, there are plenty of scents you can choose from, you can get one with a Christmas scent or you can be more traditional and choose something that everyone would love like vanilla or wild berries.

gifts regarding new year resolutions

How to Make Your Gifts for New Year Special and Unforgettable

Pay Attention

Always try to pay attention to the details when choosing New Year gifts for friends. Try to get them something that carries a personal meaning. They would love to receive something thoughtful and meaningful that will make them feel special and loved.

It is also a good idea to beautifully wrap all the gifts in order to give your friends the feeling of excitement when unwrapping the presents. They would love that you have really put thought into selecting and making their gifts and will appreciate your efforts.


When it comes to gift exchanging with friends, you can try to surprise them with special personalized New Year gifts.

However, if you don’t have enough time to order anything personalized and you are doing last-minute shopping, then you can simply add something small that will personalize your gift. Add something from you like a hand-written card or your friends’ favorite chocolate. They will appreciate the personal touch and will be very grateful for thinking and caring about them.

Put Some Thought

Try to get a gift that is meaningful and thoughtful or if you cannot get something personal for your friends then you can add something from yourself to the gift. Make sure to leave a note or small special addition to the gift like a Calendar or a sweet treat.

You can also make your friends feel extra special by beautifully wrapping the presents and surprising them with the gifts on the night of 31st December.

Best New Year Gifts for Friends

  • Personalized Pillow for Bestie – On New Year’s Day, surprise your bestie with a unique personalized sequin pillow that will remind her of you every time she looks into it.
  • Custom Caricature of Your Best Friend and You – Get a special cartoon drawing of you and your bestie. It’s one of the best new year gifts for friends to make them feel special and loved.

Custom caricature for best friends

  • Pajama Set – Make a friend happy with a new stylish pajama set from high-quality fabric.
  • Monthly Wine Subscription – What a better new year gift for friends than receiving different kinds of wine every month?

best new year gifts for friends

Humorous Presents Your Friends Will Appreciate

  • Funny Caricature Drawing – Make your friends laugh with a funny cartoon drawing of you and then. Select a suitable background design or create your own and surprise your friends with this incredible new year gift.

funny caricature for friends

  • Custom Face Socks – A hilarious new year gift for friends that will make them giggle.
  • Board Games – Give your friends a reason to spend even more time with you by gifting them an interesting board game.
  • Public Toilet Survival Kit – Another hilarious gift idea to make your friends laugh out loud.
  • Book of Dad Jokes – This book is filled with fun and stupid dad jokes that will make anyone laugh.
  • Raining Men Umbrella – A creative and humorous new year gift that your friends will love.

humorous presents for your friends

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Romantic New Year Gifts for Boyfriend or Girlfriend

  • Name a Star – If you are looking for some amazing new year gifts for your boyfriend or girlfriend, then this one is for you. Surprise your special one with a star named after them.
  • Romantic Caricature Drawing – An amazing one-of-a-kind new year’s gift that will melt the heart of your significant other. Get them a romantic personalized caricature portrait, which will explain to them how much you love them.

romantic caricature portrait

  • Vouchers for a Spa Weekends – A romantic new year gift, which any girlfriend/boyfriend will be delighted to receive.

New Year Gifts for Husbands or Wives

  • Smart Watch – Ideal for anyone who loves smartwatches.
  • Romantic Caricature Portrait – Celebrate the beginning of another year with a creative and original gift. Surprise your significant other with a custom caricature drawing that will show them exactly how much you love them.

romantic caricature

  • Home Slippers – A practical present that will make its recipient happy.
  • Personalized Cutting Board – A creative and personalized new year gift for the person who loves cooking.
  • Perfume – Surprise your loved one with a new fierce scent from a well-known brand.

new year gifts for husbands and wives

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Things to Choose for Your Loved-Ones

  • Scratch Off World Map – A great new year gift idea for a friend who loves exploring different countries and cultures.
  • Instant Camera – Give a friend the chance to print out photos right after he/she has taken them.
  • Coffee Subscription – This gift is ideal for coffee lovers.
  • Funny Caricature Drawing – Make a person feel special with a unique custom caricature portrait with a funny scenario. They will love this amazing gift as it will bring them many smiles.

caricature for your loved ones

  • Cheese Set – A great new year gift idea for the person who loves cheese.
  • Espresso Machine – Surprise a coffee lover friend with a new espresso machine that will make rich and creamy coffees.

gifts for your loved ones

Happy New Year Gifts for Your Dearest

For Parents

  • Family Caricature Portrait – Be unique this year and surprise your family with a caricature drawing of the whole family. Add some details that are personal to each family member to make the gift even more personal and memorable.

family caricature portrait

  • Wireless Charging Station – A great gift for new year that your parents will appreciate and use.
  • Massage Chair Pad – Ideal for the parents who always complain of back pain.
  • Long Distance Friendship Lamps – If you and your parents are separated by distance, then this would be the best gift for you.

gifts for parents

For Brothers and Sisters

  • Wearable Blanket – This new year gift is ideal for the sibling that loves spending time at home and is always cold.
  • Gymshark Fitness Apparel – A great present idea for the one who works out regularly and can never have enough gym clothes.
  • Hobby Caricature Drawing – Think about the recipient’s hobbies and interests and get them a unique cartoon drawing related to them. This gift will definitely be their favorite!

Hobby caricature

  • Personalized Tumblers – It’s a great gift option for a sister. Get her a cool tumbler with her name printed on it.

gifts for brothers and sister

For Kids

  • LEGO Set – Surprise the kids for new year with a new LEGO set to keep them entertained for hours.
  • Superhero Caricature – Get your kids illustrated as their favorite superheroes. Order a caricature drawing with a superhero theme where they are the main characters. What a better new year gift idea?

caricature for kids

  • Count and Learn Cookie Jar – A great new year gift idea that your kids will love and play with.
  • Roller Skates – Make the kids happy with a gift that will make them spend more time outside.
  • Indoor Bowling Set – If your kids tend to spend too much time in front of the screen, then this bowling set is just for them. It will keep them entertained for a long time and will show them that they can also have fun with the family members.

gifts for kids

Choosing New Year Gifts for People You Don’t Know That Well

Be Practical

When choosing New Year gifts for friends that you don’t know well, always try to be practical by getting them a gift they will put into use.

Give Gifts that Keep On Giving

Gifts that bring one-time enjoyment are not as memorable as the ones that keep on giving. There are plenty of ideas, such as electronics, subscriptions, or personal and personalized items.

Capture the Moment

Be thoughtful and surprise your friends with a unique gift suck as photos and photo frames or photo albums, or why not something even more special like a custom caricature from photo.

What Is a Caricature Portrait from Photo

How It Is Made

The caricature portraits from Caricature24 are 100% hand-drawn on digital tablets using a special pen for digital art. Moreover, digital caricatures have vivid colors and are really detailed.

Why It’s a Perfect Gift for New Year

The caricature drawing can keep the memory from an important event alive, or it can also depict a funny moment from the recipient’s life. The fact that the caricatures are fully customizable regarding each customer’s specifics and preferences makes them the perfect gift for New Year and any other significant occasion.

How to Order

You can order from the website of Caricature24 easily by selecting a background design or by describing your own idea. Then just upload photos and select the details you would like to add to your caricature and place your order.