Best Christmas Presents for Girls

Something to Play With

Little girls love to receive new toys, gadgets, and DIY kits. These gifts will not only keep the 9-year-old girl entertained but will also develop many skills like logical thinking and dexterity.

Something to Read

Books will develop imagination, creativity, and literacy skills. Get an interesting book as a Christmas present for a 9-year-old girl.

Something to Wear

Any little girl would love to receive a new fancy dress or hair accessory, which will give her confidence and make her feel beautiful and magical.

Something to Remember

The best Christmas presents for 9-year-old girls are the ones they will remember and treasure forever. Gifts with sentimental value have the power to last longer and to be more appreciated by the young recipients.

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How to Choose Christmas Presents for 9-Year-Old Girls

Choose Age-Appropriate Gifts

When looking for Christmas presents for 9-year-old girls, it’s important to surprise them with gifts, which are suitable for their age and are related to their interests.

  • Unicorn Bathrobe – Every time she exits the bathroom, she will feel like a fluffy unicorn.
  • Magic Pens – Teach her to enjoy drawing with these funny pens, which change their colors and can even do 3D patterns.
  • Face and Body Paint Kit – She will have fun drawing different objects and animals on her face or her family and friends’ faces.

Gift for girls

Consider Kid’s Interests

  • Fashion Studio Kit – A great Christmas present for the 9-year-old girl who is into design and fashion.
  • Harry Potter Coding Kit – If she is a fan of Harry Potter, then she would love to receive this gift.
  • Hobby Caricature Drawing – A funny and special Christmas present for any little girl. She will be illustrated as a cartoon character doing the things she loves the most and positioned in her favorite place.

Hobby caricature for girls

Choose Something Safe

  • Moon Lamp – A lamp in the shape of the Moon, which lights in different colors.
  • Interactive Glow T-Shirt – The little girl will be able to draw different shapes and objects on her t-shirt, which will glow in the dark.

Safe gifts for girls

Give Gifts With a Long Lifespan

Choose gifts, which will last longer than a year or two. Think of presents, which have sentimental value and the girl will treasure forever.

  • Pet – Pay attention to whether she is a cat or a dog person and surprise her with a new pet.
  • Family Caricature – Order a family caricature portrait where everyone will be illustrated as a cartoon character doing the things they love the most. The caricature drawing is a marvelous gift, which can speak to the recipient’s interests and passions and is definitely something they will keep forever.

Family caricature

Don’t Necessarily Give Toys

Don’t feel obliged to gift toys to 9-year-old girls. They also have other interests and may find even more interesting and amusing some other gift ideas.

  • Unlock Your Imagination Book – A book full of boredom busters so that she can never get bored again.
  • Christmas Caricature Portrait – Help her get into a Christmas mood with a Christmas-themed caricature drawing, where she is the main character. Choose a background design or come up with a creative scenario and create a custom cartoon drawing from your idea, and make her feel special and loved with this original and incredible Christmas present for 9-year-old girls.

Christmas caricature portrait

If you still haven’t found the best present for your 9-year-old girl, then you can have a look at our list of Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids.

Fun Christmas Presents for 9-Year-Old Girls

  • Karaoke Microphone – She will learn how to sing and will also have fun in her free time.
  • Nail Stamper – A great Christmas present for a 9-year-old girl as she will be able to make her nails using stickers.
  • Monopoly – Any 9-year-old girl would love to receive this classic game as she will get to spend more fun time with her family and siblings.
  • Gravity Maze Marble Run – Fun games are always a great gift idea for kids.
  • Cable Bites – If you are looking for original Christmas presents for 9-year-old girls, then this might be just the one for you.
  • Musical Instrument – A great Christmas present for the 9-year-old girl who would like to learn how to play a musical instrument.
  • Princess Caricature Drawing – A creative and dear Christmas present for a tween girl. Order a caricature portrait where she is illustrated as her favorite princess or standing side by side with her.

Princess caricature

  • DIY Bracelet Kit – She will be able to make her own bracelets.
  • Puzzle – This gift will develop her logical thinking.
  • Scrunchie Kit – So that she can make scrunchies by herself and even sell them to her classmates.
  • World Map Pillowcase – The 9-year-old girl will learn all the countries with ease simply by looking at her pillow.

Fun christmas presents for girls

Christmas Presents That Make Memories

A Keepsake

When choosing Christmas presents for 9-year-old girls, it would be a good idea to get them something that they can have for many years. Keepsakes are precious items, which will always remind the little girl how much she is loved and that you will always be by her side.

There are many unique options you can choose from, just be creative and choose a keepsake, which will speak to the 9-year-old girl’s interests and personality. Some of the best items include medallions, personalized memory boxes, unique keychains, watches, personalized bracelets, and many more.

A Journal

Another amazing Christmas gift idea for a 9-year-old girl, which will help her make memories, is a journal. She will be able to write down all the important things happening in her life, and will also learn how to express her feelings and emotions with the help of a pen and paper.

It’s a unique Christmas gift that will help the little girl develop her personality and creativity through writing all her stories and adventures there, and after a couple of years, she will be able to look back and see how her individuality has developed.

Presents that make memories

A Caricature Picture

One of the best Christmas presents this season for a 9-year-old girl is the personalized caricature portrait. It is not only a unique and personal gift, but it is also a creative option, which can depict the little girl as her favorite princess, or she can be surrounded by her favorite movie characters.

She will be astonished to receive a funny cartoon drawing of herself. This is a one-of-a-kind Christmas gift she will treasure forever, even when she gets older.

Girl caricature picture

Why Caricature is a Great Christmas Present for 9-Year-Old Girls

It’s said that intangible gifts carry more value than tangible ones as they are long-lasting and leave memories. The caricature drawing is the perfect example of a unique gift, which carries sentimental value.

Break the stereotype of giving gifts like toys or clothing apparel to 9-year-old girls, and surprise them with something more special and personal. You will be able to choose a background design or even come up with your own creative scenario and create a caricature drawing entirely from your idea.

This gift promises to delight any girl as all caricatures are hand-drawn from scratch by skilled and experienced artists, who know how to draw magical and enchanting pieces of art for any recipient and occasion.

Caricature for 9 year old girls