Top Christmas Gifts for Tween Girls

  • Water Bottle – Make a teen girl happy with a new water bottle, which she will take with her everywhere she goes.
  • Custom Caricature Portrait – One of the best teen girl Christmas gifts this year is by far the custom caricature portrait. Get her an amazing cartoon drawing where she is the main character. You can also include some details that speak to her hobbies and passions.

Caricature portrait for teens

  • Novel Book – A great Christmas gift idea for the teen girl that loves diving into the world of books.
  • Jewelry Stand – This holiday season make a teenage girl feel special with a jewelry stand where she will be able to hang her favorite adornments.
  • Makeup Travel Case – She is growing up and getting more and more makeup and skincare products, and thus, she will need a place where to store all her goodies.

top christmas gifts for tween girl

Little Something Every Tween Dreams About

  • Crossbody Bag – Every teen girl will be grateful to receive a new stylish crossbody bag as a Christmas gift.
  • Washout Hair Dye – All tweenaged girls dream about trying out new things including changing their hair color. That’s why washout hair dyes are amazing Christmas gifts for teen girls.
  • Hair Scrunchies – A great Christmas gift idea for teen girls. They will be able to tie back their hairs with those beautiful hair scrunchies.

dream gifts for tween

  • Hobby Caricature Drawing – Make e teen girl feel special with a personalized caricature drawing of her doing the things she loves the most. She will love how thoughtful and meaningful the gift is.

hobby caricature

Amazing Christmas Gift Ideas for Teen Girls

  • Tarot Cards – All teenage girls are into magic and would love to receive tarot cards with which they will be able to read their friends’ destinies.
  • Makeup Essentials – A great Christmas gift for millennials. Any girl would love to receive new high-quality makeup goodies, which will help her create flawless makeup looks.
  • Window Light String Lightning – All teen girls love sparkly things and will be delighted to receive those window light strings, which will transform any bedroom into a magical place.
  • Echo Dot – Drool over a teenage girl with a new tech gadget.
  • Princess Caricature – Make her feel special with this amazing Christmas gift idea for teen girls. Order a custom caricature portrait where she is illustrated as a princess. Surprise her on Christmas morning with this incredible idea, which she will treasure forever.

princess caricature

  • Perfume – Every young lady needs a delicate fragrance to make her feel confident and beautiful.
  • Advent Calendar – She for sure has this on her wish list. She will be opening doors every day in December until Christmas day and behind each of them, there will be a hidden beauty item.
  • Bubble Tea Set – This is a great teen girl Christmas gift for the lady, who loves bubble teas and would like to learn how to make it by herself.
  • Cable Bites – A fun Christmas gift for a teen girl, which she will be able to share with her parents and siblings.
  • Hoop Earrings – They are really popular among teens and any girl would love to wear a pair of hoop earrings.

amazing christmas gifts for tweens

Presents Teens Appreciate The Most

  • Phone – Change her old phone with a new trendy one.
  • Laptop – Laptops are a necessity nowadays. She will need it for studying and for having fun as well.
  • Funny Caricature Drawing – A unique and thoughtful teen girl Christmas gift, which she will love. Think of a funny scenario and get a caricature drawing where she is the main character. Decide on all the small details like her clothing and the items she is holding. She will definitely love how original this gift and will be delighted to see herself drawn as a cartoon character.

funny caricature

  • Beauty Box Subscription – Get her a monthly subscription to a box full of makeup, haircare, and skincare goodies that will help her establish a healthy beauty routine.
  • UGG Boots – Surprise her with stylish high-quality new boots from the popular brand UGG.
  • Stylish Pajamas – Make her happy with trendy but comfortable pajamas that will make her feel beautiful.
  • Hair Strengthener or Hair Styling Iron – This Christmas surprise a teen girl with a Christmas gift that will help her style her hair and create fabulous looks.
  • Pandora Bracelet – Get her a Pandora bracelet and help her feel self-sufficient with one of their unique charms, which embrace women’s power and strength.
  • Instant Camera – A great Christmas gift idea for the teen girl that likes taking photos all the time.

gifts for teens

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How to Choose Tween Girl Christmas Gifts Based on Their Interests

For Tweens who Love Beauty

Keep an eye on the brands she uses the most and try to learn, which is her favorite brand. Moreover, you can get her the beauty items she is more into, e.g. does she prefer skincare over makeup and haircare or she prefers makeup products over the rest. It is important to get her just the right beauty goodies from the right brand.

However, if you have no clue about what she would love to receive, then you can simply get her a beauty advent calendar or a monthly beauty box subscription. Both of them contain different kinds of haircare, skincare, and makeup items from different high-quality brands.

For Tweens who Follow Trends

Many teen girls nowadays follow trends. Try to notice the one she is into and get her a Christmas gift related to them. Or you can surprise her with some of the most popular options like an iPhone, or some clothes and accessories from trendy brands.

For Music Lovers

It is important to know the music she is into. Every teen girl would love to receive a musical instrument or a karaoke microphone. There are also other interesting Christmas gift options for teen girls who love music such as personalized t-shirts and concert tickets.

That’s not everything, you can also surprise her with high-quality wireless headphones or earbuds. Or why don’t you get her a Bluetooth speaker so that she can listen to her favorite songs at home?

For more amazing gift ideas you can check our ultimate guide for Christmas Gifts for Music Lover.

For Book Lovers

Think about her favorite genre of books and get her some interesting ones that she would love to read. It is also a good idea to get her a whole series of books. Whichever book you choose to get for your teen girl, make sure it is a hardcover as they are high-quality and feel better than the normal paperback books.

However, she would also be delighted to receive a Kindle e-reader in order to have all her favorite books and novels in one place.

You can also have a look at our list of Christmas Gifts for Book Lovers in Your Life.

For Artists

It might seem a hard task to choose a Christmas gift for teen girls who are artists, however, it is not. You can surprise them with new pencils, brushes, pastels, or any other tool they are using for their drawings.

Some trendy gifts also include digital tablets and pens for creating digital drawings. You can also be original and surprise a teen girl with a caricature drawing of her to inspire her to create even more amazing artworks.

For more ideas, you can check our gift guide for the Best Christmas Gifts for Artists.

Best Teen Girls Christmas Gifts (according to Teen Girls)

New Gadgets

New devices are always a great idea for a Christmas gift for a teen girl. Teens nowadays love having trendy gadgets and keeping up with technological trends. You can get her a new phone, tablet, laptop, kindle, headphones, or even an echo dot.

Cosmetics and Skincare

All tweenaged girls are into cosmetics and skincare and would love to receive some high-quality goodies that will help them establish their beauty routine. If you don’t know anything about cosmetic items then you can simply give her gift cards to some drugstores and beauty stores.

Brand New Shoes

Most of the girls are crazy when it comes to shoes and love to have many different pairs for different occasions.

Hobby Related Gift

You can always surprise her with a Christmas gift for tweenaged girls that speaks to her hobbies and passions. She would love to receive a gift that shows her how well you know her taste and interests.

Christmas Gift for Tweens Girl She Will Keep Forever

Personalized gifts

  • Personalized Makeup Bag – A unique Christmas gift for teen girls that will make them feel happy and loved.
  • Name Earrings – Cheer up a teenage girl with custom name earrings that will shine beautifully on her ears.
  • Personalized Necklace – There are plenty of ideas you can choose from, you can get her a necklace with her name or birthstone. Whatever you decide to get, it will make any teen or preteen girl happy.
  • Personalized Tumbler with Straw – A great Christmas gift for tweens girl with which she will be able to make her friends jealous.

personalized gifts for teens

Order A Custom Caricature Now

The personalized caricature portrait is by far one of the best teen girl Christmas gifts this year. Make her feel special with this incredible gift idea, which will depict all the things she loves.

The best place to get a custom caricature is definitely Caricature24 as they have plenty of design ideas you can choose from and they can even create a caricature entirely from your idea. Sounds great, isn’t it?

custom caricature