What to Get a Wine Lover For Christmas

  • Freeze Cooling Cups – Ideal for hot days. They will keep the wine cold for hours.
  • Cheese Board Set – Is there anything that goes better with wine than cheese?
  • Book for Wine – Get the wine lovers an educational book for the different types and qualities of their favorite drink.

Gifts for wine lover for Christmas

  • Custom Cartoon Drawing – A special and one-of-a-kind Christmas gift for wine lovers that will incorporate all the things they love, including their favorite drink.

Custom cartoon drawing

Don’t forget to also have a look at our extensive list of unique Christmas Gift Ideas.

Christmas Gifts Any Wine Lover Needs This Holiday Season

Electric Corkscrew Wine Opener

This holiday season surprise your wine-obsessed friends with an electric corkscrew wine opener. It will ease their lives as they won’t need to struggle anymore with removing the cork from the bottle. This gadget will do all the hard work for them.

It will quickly and effortless remove the cork from any wine bottle without leaving any pieces in the wine.

Wine Subscription

This Christmas gift is ideal for people who want to explore different types of wine or want to increase their wine collection.

They will receive a few bottles of high-quality wine each month that is tailored to their specific taste. The wine subscription will give them the unique opportunity to try different wines from all around the world and to gain more knowledge about this delicious drink.

Red Wine Stain Remover

Sometimes this tasty drink leaves unpleasant stains on clothes and furniture. However, there are some very powerful red wine stain removers on the market.

Get one as a Christmas gift for your wine lover friends and make their holiday bright and stainless.

Wine Table

If you are looking for unique Christmas gifts for a wine lover, then this one might be just the one.

Surprise them with a special wine table that is designed to fit a couple of glasses, a wine bottle and a few snacks, or a plate of cheese. It’s a creative option for a Christmas gift as your friends will be able to enjoy their wine even outside, in the backyard of their house.

A Set of Fancy Wine Glasses

Another amazing grape-themed Christmas gift for wine lovers, which they will love and definitely put into use.

Level up the classic gift of a set of wine glasses to a set of unique and fancy glasses, which the wine-lovers will adore.

Christmas gifts any wine lover needs

Wine Themed Christmas Gifts for Wine Lover To Decorate Their Home

Wine Cork Holder

An interesting and original Christmas gift for wine lovers, who like having wine regularly. They will be able to store all their corks in one place and turn it into a unique décor item that will display their love for that delicious drink.

Wine Art Print

Make a wine lover happy with a creative wine-themed art print. It will not only bring style to your friend’s home but will also express his/her love for wine in a subtle and elegant way.

Wine Bottle Serving Trays

Are you looking for a creative and exquisite Christmas gift for a wine lover? Get a serving tray, which is made from a real wine bottle.

It’s not only a unique and beautiful gift but also a unique décor item that will look gorgeous in any home and on any table. It can be best used as a cheese plater, which would be an amazing addition to an exciting wine night.

Wine themed Christmas gifts

A Custom Caricature for the Wine Lover

Be original this Christmas and make the wine lovers feel special and loved by gifting them a personalized caricature portrait. It is a dear and personal gift that can depict your friends and relatives doing the things they love the most.

They can be illustrated holding a glass or a whole bottle of their favorite wine, and they can even be positioned in their favorite wine house. You can surprise them with a fully customizable caricature drawing that promises to make their hearts burst with happiness.

Caricature for wine lover


Funny Gifts for Wine Enthusiast To Get This Christmas

  • Bottle Stopper Garden Kit – Your wine lover friends will be able to recycle the used bottle by turning them into a place for growing herbs.
  • Wine Socks – A funny Christmas gift for wine lovers, which they will love.
  • Wine Purse – Ideal gift idea for the woman who loves having wine even when she is on the go.

Funny gifts for wine lovers

  • Funny Caricature Drawing – Make a wine lover friend laugh with this incredible Christmas gift. Choose a funny background design or create one from your own idea. Think of all the funny moments you’ve had with your friend and get a special and personalized cartoon drawing where your friend is the main character.

Funny caricature

Where Can I Get A Caricature Picture for a Wine Lover in My Life

One of the best places to get a custom caricature portrait is Caricature24.com. All of their caricatures are hand-drawn on digital tablets by very skilled and experienced artists.

That’s not all! On their website, you will find plenty of designs to choose from. And you will also be able to create a custom caricature drawing entirely from your idea! Sounds amazing, right?

Surprise the wine lovers in your life with an outstanding Christmas gift that will bring them many smiles and positive emotions.