The Best Christmas Gifts For Animal Lovers In 2021

Caricature portrait of their pet

  • Pet Keychain 

Best christmas gifts for animal lovers

What Should I Get As A Christmas Gift For Animal Lovers

If you would like to impress an animal lover with a unique Christmas gift, then you can surprise them with a present related to the type of animal they own or love. It can be a souvenir, jewelry, or a toy for their whimsical pet. Check our gift ideas below and choose the right one for your friend according to the animal they own.

What To Get A Dog Lover For Christmas

  • Pet Camera – The owner will know what their four-legged friend is doing in the home while there is no one else around.
  • Dog Face Pillow – Get a custom pillow with the face of their beloved dog.
  • Dog Blueprint – Surprise an animal lover with a blueprint of their favorite dog breed.
  • Caricature Portrait of their Dog – One of the best Christmas gifts for animal lovers this year is the custom caricature portrait. Make them feel special with a personalized drawing of their dog. It’s a dear and sentimental gift, which they will love and treasure forever.

Caricature portrait of their dog

  • Dog Leash – Every dog owner would be pleased to receive a new leash for their pet.
  • Personalized T-Shirt for Dog Lovers – Surprise them with a funny and unique custom t-shirt related to their love for dogs.

What to get a dog lover for christmas

Usually, the people who love and care about animals avoid eating meat and any dairy products. If your animal lover friends are also vegans, then you can have a look at our ultimate list of ideas for Christmas Gifts for Vegans.

What To Get A Cat Owner For Christmas

  • Cat-opoly – A great Christmas gift idea for animal lovers or people who own a cat. Surprise them with a twisted version of the classical Monopoly game.
  • Fancy Cat Collar – So that their cat can have a stylish accessory.
  • Cat Tree – Their furry friend will spend hours playing there.
  • Caricature Drawing with their Cat – Make a dear and meaningful Christmas gift. Get a personalized caricature of your friends and their cat. They will all be illustrated as funny cartoon characters. It’s a unique and sentimental present, which will make their hearts burst with love.

Caricature with cat

  • Coffee Mug for Cat Lovers – Get a personalized mug with a creative and funny message related to their love for cats.
  • Cat-Themed Welcome Mat – So that everyone who visits their home can know about their love for cats.

Gifts for cat owner

What To Get A Kid Who Loves Animals

  • Kitty or Puppy – Every kid would love to receive a cute little pet, which will turn out to be its best friend.
  • Plush Animal Toy – A fluffy toy he/she will play with.
  • Funny Pet Caricature Drawing – Order a hand-drawn personalized caricature of the kid and their pet. They will be illustrated as funny cartoon characters, doing the things they love the most. It’s a unique Christmas gift for kids who love animals as it will embody their special relationship and will even strengthen their bond.

Funny pet caricature

  • Hoodie with Ears – They are super cute and every kid would love to have at least one.
  • “How to Draw Cute Animals” Book – So that the kid can learn how to draw their favorite animals.

Gifts for kid who loves animals

Where to Find Awesome Christmas Gifts

Buy Online

You can find some amazing and unique Christmas gifts for animal lovers on the internet. There are plenty of ideas for original and personalized presents, which will delight even the most pretentious pet owners.

Easily order online something related to their love for animals or something, which their furry friend needs. Whatever you are looking for, you can find it online and get it delivered to your door in just a few days!

Local Shops

Another great place where you can find cool and interesting Christmas gifts for animal lovers is your local gift shop. Sometimes the small retailers have unique offerings, which cannot be found anywhere else, even on the web.

It’s definitely worth checking their gift ideas, you might be surprised at the variety of options they offer.

Order Xmas Caricatures

Show the animal lovers how much you respect and appreciate them by surprising them with a unique caricature drawing! It’s the perfect gift option for anyone as it can illustrate a funny or dear moment from their lives.

Give more than a gift, make the animal lover feel special with a present, which they will keep forever as it carries a sentimental value. The caricature portrait will always remind them about the strong bond they have with their companions!

order xmas caricature

Get A Custom Caricature Gift With Animals In 5 Steps

Select A Photo

Ordering a caricature drawing for an animal lover is easy and simple. Firstly, choose a photo of your friend, where his/her face is clearly seen from the front. The artists will draw the character’s face from the provided photo and will illustrate it exactly as it appears so it’s important to select a good photo.

Choose Size And Color

Secondly, decide on the size and color you would like to get your caricature in. You will be able to select a one-color background or a themed one with details.

No matter which options you choose, the world-class artists will make sure you get an impeccable piece of art as they try to bring each customer’s creative idea into life and make it an unforgettable gift.

Decide On The Way Of Delivery

You will be able to receive your amazing personalized caricature as a digital file or as a poster/canvas print.

Leave Your Suggestions In Comments

Make sure to provide a detailed description of your idea before you place your order. That’s the place where you will be able to explain your create scenario and all the special details that you would like to see in the finished artwork.

Send An Application And Wait Until Your Order Is Delivered

Lastly, place your order and wait a couple of days for the artists to do their magic! It’s promised that you will be astonished by the end result!