Should I Get Christmas Gifts for My Neighbors

It is always a good idea to get your neighbors something small for Christmas to show appreciation to them. You should even establish a gift-giving tradition between you and your neighbors where each of you gives a small gift to the other. This will strengthen your bond and you may even become really good friends.

What Neighbor Christmas Gift Should Be Like

Something Homemade

Christmas is all about the joy of giving and sharing, so why not share your homemade sweets with your neighbors. You can even bake a pie, cupcakes, or some Christmas cookies for them. They will love to receive edible gifts made by you. This may also spark their interest in baking or cooking and they might return you the favor.

Something for Their Home

Surprise your neighbors with some Christmas decorations for their Christmas tree. Or you can get them some practical gifts for their home like throw blankets or cushions. You can even get them some kitchen equipment or some gardening tools.

Think about their interests and passions, or their occupation, and get a Christmas gift for your neighbors related to them. Also, make sure to wrap all the gifts in beautiful packaging and to include a hand-written Christmas card in which you can tell them how grateful you are for having them next door.

Something Affordable

If you are on a budget or just do not want to spend much on your neighbor’s Christmas gift, then you can get them something affordable and yet, amazing. Get your neighbors some Christmas decorations or some small and relatively cheap things like mugs, socks, anything edible, etc.

You can also get them just a Christmas card and personally write it in order to express your appreciation to them for being the best neighbors ever and to wish them a Merry Christmas. They will love this gesture as it will show them that you value them.

What Are The Best Christmas Gifts for Neighbors You Don’t Know Well

Homemade Cookies

What is a better Christmas gift for neighbors than some homemade treats? Make them happy with some Christmas ginger cookies. They will definitely appreciate the gesture and will come back to you with their traditional homemade options.

Scented Candles

Everyone loves scented candles and that is why this is one of the best Christmas gift ideas for neighbors, who you don’t know well.

Creative Mugs

Brighten their day with a creative set of mugs for the whole family. There are many designs you can choose from, just make sure there are enough mugs for each and every member of their house.

Tea or Coffee Gift Sets

This holiday season surprise your neighbors with some high-quality tea or coffee blends. This Christmas gift will definitely make them happy and you may even make new friends on your street.

Best gifts for neighbors you dont know well

Great Christmas Gift For Neighbors You Are Friends With

For your special neighbors, you can check our list of Christmas Presents for Friends and Best Friend.

Practical Gifts They Actually Need

  • Oven Mitt – A great Christmas gift for the neighbors who love baking.
  • Throw Blankets – Surprise them with a practical home gift, which they will definitely use.
  • Water Bottle – If you don’t know what to get your neighbors for Christmas, then you can always gift them a new water bottle.
  • Bath Bombs – This is one of the best Christmas gifts for neighbors if they have a bathtub in their home.
  • Blender – Be original this year and surprise your neighbors with a cooking item that they will use every day.
  • Dish Towel – A small and affordable practical Christmas gift for neighbors, which they will like and use.
  • Set of Tumblers – A great and practical Christmas gift idea for neighbors, which they will use.
  • Table Cloth – Another unique and useful present that your neighbors will be happy to receive.

Practical gifts

Gifts to Complement Their Hobby

  • Hobby Caricature – Get a personalized caricature portrait for your neighbors, where the background design is based on their hobbies. You can even add details that are related to their occupation or their favorite places. There are many options to choose from and you can even create a custom background based entirely on your idea.

Hobby caricature

  • Plant Pot with Some Herbs – Make them happy with a plant pot with thyme of rosemary so that they can use the herbs while cooking.
  • Seedlings – Are your neighbors into gardening? Surprise them with a few kinds of seedlings that they will add to their small garden.
  • Travel Backpack – If they love traveling, then this will be the perfect Christmas present for them.
  • Book – A great Christmas gift idea for the neighbors who love reading books in their free time.
  • Seasoning Set – Get your neighbors who are into cooking, a seasoning set that will keep all their seasonings fresh.

gifts to complement their hobby

Presents That Show How Much You Appreciate Them

  • Personalized Recipe Box – A unique and thoughtful present, which your neighbors will appreciate.
  • Custom Caricature Drawing – This is by far one of the best neighbor Christmas gift ideas this year. Think about their interests and passions and surprise them with a custom caricature drawing related to them. They will love the level of detail and the vivid colors of the hand-drawn digital caricature.

Custom caricature drawing

  • Mason Jars Filled with Cookies and Candies – Mason jars are great as they are multi-purpose. Your neighbors will be able to enjoy the edible treats during the holidays and will use the jars for special drinks and cocktails or they can even store some seasonings in them.
  • Bottle of Wine – A traditional gift, which your neighbors will love to receive.
  • Box of Chocolates – A classical neighbor Christmas gift that they will appreciate and eat with delight.
  • Bag Filled with Sweets – Make your neighbors’ Christmas sweet with a variety of sweet treats that they will share with each other during the holidays.

Present that show how much you appreciate your neighbor

Creative Gifts

  • Personalized Family Caricature Portrait – Get an incredible caricature drawing of their family and make them feel special with this memorable Christmas gift for neighbors. They will love this thoughtful present and will treasure it forever.

Family personalized caricature

  • Personalized Home Sign – Surprise your neighbors with this sentimental gift that they will keep in front of their house.
  • Homemade Banana Bread – Who doesn’t love banana bread? Show your neighbors your cooking skills with this homemade gift, which they will eat in no time.
  • Board Games – A great Christmas gift idea for neighbors who love spending time with their family.
  • Salami Bouquet – This year surprise your neighbors with some fun gifts like this salami bouquet, which is perfect for the people who love salami.

Creative gifts

Unique Christmas Gifts Neighbors Will Definitely Love

  • Cartoon Drawing – Get a cartoon drawing for that extra special someone. It is the perfect Christmas gift for your favorite neighbors to make them feel special. Choose an interesting or funny background design and get a hand-drawn caricature where they are the main characters.

cartoon drawing

  • Grace Note Chimes – If you don’t know your neighbors well then you can get them grace note chimes.
  • Christmas Decorations – Everyone needs some new sparkling Christmas decorations to make their home look festive.
  • Christmas Themed Socks – A great and practical Christmas gift for neighbors, which they will love and use.

Christmas gifts neighbors will definitely love

Gifts With Personal Touch

  • Personalized Cutting Board – Make your neighbors happy with this unique gift. You can get the cutting board engraved with a special recipe or you can include a wish.
  • Custom Caricature from Photo – A one-of-a-kind Christmas gift for your neighbors, which they will love. Get them a fully customizable caricature portrait and include a couple of details that are dear to them. They will surely ask you hundreds of questions about the origin of this amazing gift.

Custom caricature from photo

  • Photo Frame – A great Christmas gift idea for neighbors as they will be able to put a family photo in the frame and keep it at home as a memory.

Where Can I Order a Caricature Portrait for My Neighbor

The best place to get a custom caricature drawing is Caricature24. You can find many design ideas on their website and they also have the option for a fully customizable caricature where the whole design can be created from your idea. That’s not everything, they also provide excellent customer service and will be able to help you with your caricature idea.

Choose a background or describe your own, upload photos, and place your order. And after a few days, you will receive your amazing caricature portrait, which will leave your neighbors in astonishment.