Why Are Christmas Gifts Important

Christmas is all about saying “Thank you” to each other and appreciating others’ efforts. By exchanging gifts with the staff members you can show them that they are the ones who make everything run smoothly and that they also make an incredible and invaluable team.

Should You Buy Christmas Gifts For Your Employees

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Consider The Precedent You’re Setting

It is good to show your employees that you appreciate all the efforts they have put throughout the year. In this way, you can also show them that you respect them and the work they do.

You can also organize a Secret Santa event where all your employees and you will be exchanging gifts in some of the workspaces. You can even break the bounds of the office environment and make a booking in a restaurant or a pub where you can have a little Christmas celebration.

Avoid Showing Favoritism

We all know that you are closer and like some employees more than others but you shouldn’t show favoritism. You can get the same kind of Christmas gifts for each member of your staff in order to show them that you equally value the work of each of them.

Most People Like Consumables

Some of the most appropriate staff Christmas gift ideas are office consumables. This festive season surprise all your employees with new office supplies that will improve their workplaces.

Gifts Don’t Have To Be Tangible

The best gifts are actually the intangible ones, the ones that leave a memory. Try to leave a footprint and be remembered by your employees by surprising them with some unique staff Christmas gift ideas. Those can be personalized items, or a Christmas celebration, or just anything that will show them that you appreciate and value them.

Unique Christmas Gift Ideas For Office Staff This Holiday Season

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Personalized Gifts

Personalized Christmas gifts for office staff; personalized water bottle, personalized pen, personalized notebook.

  • Engraved Pens – Personalized staff Christmas gift ideas are a great way to show your employees that each of them means a lot to the company. Surprise each member of the team with an engraved pen with their name.
  • Engraved Notebooks – One of the best Christmas gift ideas for office staff. Chose a style and you are done.
  • Personalized Caricature – This is the editor’s top pick for staff Christmas gift ideas. Get a hand-drawn digital caricature with each member of the team. This present will surely warm the hearts of all your employees.

Personalized Christmas gifts for office staff; personalized caricature

  • Custom T-Shirts – Get all your employees personalized t-shirts with their names and the company’s logo.
  • Personalized Water Bottle – Each of your staff members will be pleased to receive a water bottle with his/her name on it.

Creative Present Ideas

Creative Christmas Gifts for Office staff; scratch off world map, punching bag

  • Scratch the World off Map – One of the best staff Christmas gift ideas for the ones who love to travel around the world.
  • Laptop Bag – Make your employees happy with new trendy laptop bags that will complete their style.
  • Bottle of Alcohol – A great Christmas gift idea for the employees that love to have a glass or two of alcohol from time to time.
  • Greeting Card with Caricature – Make your employees feel special with a custom greeting card with caricature for each of the staff members. Show them that they are all invaluable with this special, personalized, and thoughtful gift.

Creative Christmas gifts for office staff; greeting card with caricature

  • Department Store Gift Card – This is one of the best Christmas gift ideas for work staff when you really don’t know what to get them or when you don’t have enough time to choose special presents for each staff member.
  • Punching Bag for the Office – If you have a break room in your office then this will be a great addition to it. Your employees will be able to take the stress away after an exhaustive workday.
  • Book – Get your workers a motivational book to boost their motivation and to inspire them to be more creative in the next year’s company projects.
  • Board Games – A great staff Christmas gift idea. Your employees will be able to relax and have fun during the breaks or after work hours.
  • Christmas Themed Socks – A great and practical staff Christmas gift idea.

Christmas Gifts For Staff That Won’t Get Re-Gifted

Christmas gifts for staff; echo dot, personalized coffee mug, winter hat

  • Photo Frames – You can make a photo of the whole team and print it a couple of times, and put it in frames so that you can deliver one to each of the staff members.
  • Coffee Mug – Your employees with be happy to receive new coffee mugs in which to have their morning coffees.
  • Office Caricature Drawing – Be original this Christmas and get a custom caricature portrait for each member of your team. Team about their interests and passions and include in the drawing something dear to them.

Christmas gifts for staff; office caricature drawing

  • Certificate for Each Employee – Be creative and surprise your staff members with personalized certificates highlighting what each of your employees is best at. This will motivate them to perform even better and to reach new career goals.
  • Chocolate Gift Box – Who doesn’t love chocolates after all?
  • Movie Tickets – It is also a great idea for a team-building event. After all, you don’t have to be bound to the office.
  • Winter Hat and Scarf Set – Help your employees stay warm during the winter with this staff Christmas gift idea.
  • Earbuds – Surprise your employees with new wireless earbuds so that they can listen to music on their way to work.
  • Echo Dot – Help your staff members be up to date with the newest technological trends.
  • Christmas Scented Candles – Everyone loved aroma candles.
  • Cookbook – A great staff Christmas gift idea for the employees who would like to enhance their cooking skills.

Caricature Portrait As A Christmas Gift For Staff

Say “Thank you” to your staff members and show them that you appreciate their work and efforts with a special and original Christmas gift. Surprise them with a personalized caricature portrait. You can get a separate drawing for each member or you can order a big caricature with all the workers included in it. Caricature portrait as a Christmas gift for staff

How To Order Christmas Caricatures

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The ordering process is easy and simple, just choose a caricature design, upload images of the people you would like to have in the caricature, and leave the rest to the world-class artists. How to order Christmas caricatures