What to Get Your Boyfriend for Christmas

Christmas is a special holiday for shared moments and gift-giving! That is why we created a list of meaningful Christmas presents for every type of boyfriend. Amazing ideas both for the new guy and the long-term partner!

What Present Will Make You Girlfriend of the Year 

Check our extensive guide to find Christmas gifts for boyfriend based on his character, interests, and personal style. Find the perfect idea to suit his taste, match his needs, or warm his heart!

Christmas Gift Ideas for Boyfriend That He’s Going to Love

Let’s go beyond the ordinary and surprise him with some creativity and thoughtfulness! Amazing Christmas presents for boyfriend are useful, entertaining and personal.

Romantic Present Ideas 

Romantic Christmas presents for boyfriend: Date Night Ideas, Homemade Sweets, Event Tickets

This is the perfect occasion to express your feeling without words. Show that you cherish your time together with those heartfelt Christmas gifts for boyfriend!

  • Date Night Ideas – A bucket list of creative date ideas to break the usual routine!
  • Caricature for Couples – Get a personalized drawing of your couple in any style that you wish!

Christmas gift for boyfriend: Couples caricature

  • Matching Shirts – A good Christmas present idea especially if you have cool inside jokes. 
  • Event Tickets – Surprise your boyfriend with Christmas gifts that create memories!
  • Homemade Sweets – Very personal and literally sweet Christmas gift idea for boyfriend!

Funny Gifts for Boyfriends With a Sense of Humor

Fun Christmas gifts for boyfriend: Instant camera, Game, Self-watering plant

After all celebrations are meant to be fun so why not surprise him with something original?

  • Murder Mystery Game – An entertaining Christmas gift for your boyfriend if he loves team activities and suspense! 
  • Gift Experience – Get creative and surprise your man with a voucher for an extreme or fun experience. 
  • Instant Camera – So he can save amazing moments and create many new ones.
  • Movie Caricature – Create a fun design that depicts him as a character from his favorite movie!

Christmas gift for boyfriend: Movie caricature

  • Beer Brewing Kit – Exciting Christmas present idea for boyfriends who appreciate craft beer. 

Practical Xmas Presents

Practical Christmas gifts for boyfriend: Back Massager, Tile Pro

Sensible Christmas gift ideas for the practical boyfriend! He will be happy to receive one of those useful picks.

  • Multi-Device Charging Station – Smart idea that is guaranteed to make his life easier. 
  • Back Massager – Perfect Christmas present for the boyfriend who always needs a massage after work.
  • Laptop Backpack – The modern necessity of every man who is working or studying. 
  • Tile Pro – Clever gift idea if your man often misplaces his keys and valuables.
  • Luxe Shaving Kit – Christmas gifts for boyfriend that will always be useful and needed. 

Things to Get Your Boyfriend for Christmas 

If you are wondering what to get your boyfriend for Christmas consider his hobbies, interests and personal traits!

Based on His Interests

Christmas gifts for boyfriend: 100 Movies poster, Smart Watch, E-Book Reader

Use his free time activities as а guide for your Christmas shopping!

  • World Scratch Map – A spot-on Christmas gift for boyfriend who can’t get enough of new travel destinations.  
  • Smart Watch – Many useful features from health tracking to easier control of phone functions.
  • E-Book Reader – Great Christmas present idea for boyfriend who loves reading but you can’t choose a book!
  • Hobby Caricature – Order a custom design and surprise him with a portrait featuring his favorite activity!

Christmas gift for boyfriend: Hobby caricature

  • Tent and Sleeping Bag – Adventurous Christmas gifts for boyfriends who enjoys camping. 

Based on His Personality

Christmas gifts for boyfriend: Watch, Courses, Book

  • Book – If you know what’s on his reading list, that would be a wish come true.
  • Courses – Support his personal or professional aspirations with a subscription to useful courses. 
  • Professions Caricature – A fun personalized artwork dedicated to his occupation.

Christmas gift for boyfriend: Professions caricature

  • Perfume – Can’t figure out what to get your boyfriend for Christmas? A new fragrance will be appreciated!
  • Watch – A classic Christmas gift idea for boyfriend which never goes out of style.

Christmas Gifts for Boyfriend That He’ll Be Thrilled to Receive

Think about presents that are worth more than their material value. Select a Christmas gift that conveys care, warmth, and good memories.

For Long Distance Relationships

Christmas gift for long distance boyfriend: Carry-On, Home slippers

What Christmas present should I get for my boyfriend if we can’t see each other very often?

  • Carry-On – A Christmas gift that reminds your boyfriend that you are always happy to see him.
  • Photo Book – A collection of memories is a good Christmas present for long-distance relationships.
  • Home Slippers – A cozy and practical Christmas gift that will remind him of you every day.
  • Waffle Maker Machine – A sweet Christmas present for a boyfriend who likes treats. 
  • Caricature for Couples – Instead of a photo get a creative custom caricature of your couple!

Christmas gift for boyfriend: Couples caricature

For Long Time Romances

Christmas gift for long time boyfriend: Beer Subscription , Wallet, Shaving kit

  • Plush Robe – A nice and cozy gift to keep him warm all winter. 
  • Fill-in-the-blank Book – A romantic Christmas present for boyfriend where you can express what you like about him.
  • Custom Caricature – You already know his distinctive traits so it would be easy to come up with a fun personalized design!

Christmas gift for boyfriend: Custom caricature

  • Insulated Jacket – A Christmas gift idea for boyfriend which is perfect for the winter season.
  • Beer Subscription – The beer lovers would be thrilled to try an exquisite selection every month.

What to Get a New Boyfriend for Christmas 

We got you covered with some great ideas even if you don’t know him so well and it is too early to get sentimental Christmas gifts!

Should You Give a New Guy an Xmas Present

Christmas presents for new boyfriend: Wireless Headphones, Phone Charger

Cool present ideas if you are in doubt about what to get your new boyfriend for Christmas!

  • Wireless Headphones
  • Voucher for his Favorite Shop
  • Knit Beanie
  • Christmas Caricature

Christmas gift for boyfriend: Couples caricature


  • Camera Lens for Smartphone

 Gift Ideas if You’ve Just Started Dating

Christmas gifts for new boyfriend: Gift basket, Car Charger, Video game

Some more Christmas presents for boyfriend that is not too personal and could easily appeal to any type of guy.

  • Bluetooth Speaker
  • 101 Conversation Starters for Couples
  • Christmas Sweater
  • Insulated Tumbler
  • Car Charger

How to Buy the Best Christmas Presents for Boyfriend

Decide What Kind of Gift You’re Going For

First, consider whether you want a Christmas gift with sentimental or practical value. If you choose the first option for your boyfriend think of experiences, memories, gifts for couples, custom designs, and romantic Christmas gifts.

Keep in Mind the Things That He Likes or Needs

To find the best practical Christmas present for him try to write down a list. What has he talked about recently, what he complains about, what is he excited about? Select a gift that would be an answer to your boyfriend’s needs!

Ask His Family or Friends

A clever Christmas hack to get the best gifts for your boyfriend! We are sure that a relative or a friend would have at least one useful idea to make him genuinely happy.

Give Your BF a Custom Caricature Portrait for Xmas

Why Custom Caricature Portraits Make the Perfect Gift

Personalized artwork is not only a meaningful gesture but also quite fun to create! Caricatures are a unique present that can depict any plot, characters, background, and text that you wish.

There are caricatures for different hobbies, lifestyle preferences, and professions. You can easily add custom details like vehicle, pet, or favorite team. The custom caricature design can easily fit every type of personality!

Where to Order Christmas Caricatures Right Now

How to order custom caricature from photo

Get inspired to find the perfect Christmas gift for your boyfriend by caricature24.com. All the caricatures are created by professional artists and if you happen to be a bit late, there are 1-4 days express drawing services!

To orders just select a design from the website and customize the details or submit your own design idea. In both cases, the result will be an exclusive artwork made specifically for your loved one!