What to Get Dad for Christmas

Impress your father this year with an original and thoughtful present. Make him feel special with one of our great Christmas gift ideas for dad.

Christmas Gifts for Dad to Make Him Happy

Christmas gifts for dad: Beer Subscription, Camping Chair, Men's Subscription Box

  • Beer Subscription – Does your dad love drinking beer? Get him a monthly subscription so that he can try all kinds of lagers, ales, and IPAs.
  • Bluetooth Speaker – A great Christmas gift for the dad who loves listening to music.
  • Men’s Advent Calendar – Get your dad an advent calendar filled with grooming and skincare products from popular brands.
  • Personalized Christmas Caricature – Impress your dad this Christmas with a custom caricature of him. Consider his interests and hobbies and add them as details to the painting.

Christmas present for dad: Personalized Christmas caricature

  • Watch – Get your dad an elegant watch so that he can always keep track of the time.
  • Electric Grill – Surprise your old man this Christmas with an electric grill. He will love grilling different meats and vegetables and making dinner for the whole family.
  • Bottle of Whiskey – Your dad is allowed to treat himself from time to time with a shot of whiskey. Make him happy by gifting him a bottle of premium whiskey.
  • Trainers – A great Christmas gift idea for the dad who is into jogging, cycling, fitness, or any other sport.
  • Winter Scarf and Hat Set – Take care of your dad as if he was a baby. Wrap him in a warm scarf and hat this winter.
  • Men’s Subscription Box – Surprise your dad with a monthly subscription box filled with stylish men’s accessories.
  • Leather Wallet – A practical and stylish gift that any dad would love.
  • Winter Boots – Make your dad happy this Christmas with new winter boots to keep his feet warm during the winter.
  • Fishing Pole – A great Christmas gift for the dad who loves spending his weekends fishing.
  • Camping Chair – Get him a practical addition to his fishing pole – a camping chair. He can comfortably sit while waiting for the fish to bite.
  • Electric Shaver – Surprise your dad this winter with a new electric shaver for easier and smoother shaving.
  • Book – If your old man loves reading books then you can get him an interesting new novel.

What to Consider When Choosing Christmas Presents for Dad

Choosing Christmas presents for dad

Choosing Christmas gifts for dad isn’t an easy task at all. However, you can analyze his personality and interests and get many present ideas from there. Try to consider his:


Think about what he enjoys doing in his free time. Is he into sports or cooking, or maybe he loves spending time with his family at home? Every detail that you can think of will help you choose the best Christmas gifts for dad this year.

Features of Character

Is your dad brave and fearless or funny and playful? Think about his character features and let them guide you when choosing Christmas presents for dad.


If you are wondering what to get your dad for Christmas, you can always go with something related to his profession.


Christmas Gift Ideas for Dad He Will Definitely Like

What to get dad for Christmas? We have the answer! Check our amazing present ideas below:

Practical Gifts for Dad

Practical Christmas gifts for dad: Magnetic Tool Wristband, Sleep Aid Device

  • Sleep Aid Device – If your father struggles to fall asleep at night, then get him a Christmas gift, which will help him fall asleep faster after long and stressful days.
  • Sweater – Get your dad a stylish and warm sweater this Christmas
  • Magnetic Tool Wristband – Surprise the handyman dad with a magnetic wristband to hold his screws and bolts.
  • Wireless Charger – A great and practical Christmas present for dad that he will use.
  • Sock Subscription – Stock your dad well this Christmas with a monthly sock subscription.
  • AirPods – A practical Christmas gift for the dad who loves listening to music on his way to work or in his free time.
  • Foam Roller – For the dad who regularly visits the gym and always complains from post-workout pain.
  • Winter Jacket – Get him a cozy winter jacket to keep him warm during the winter.
  • Leather Belt – A good quality leather belt is suitable for any style and occasion.

Fun Gifts for Dad

  • Funny Digital Caricature – Make your father laugh with this one-of-a-kind custom Christmas gift for dad.

Christmas gift for dad: Funny digital caricature

  • Advanced Building Set from LEGO – Is your father into LEGO? Get him a set of a famous building and you can also join and help him complete the model.
  • The World’s Greatest Collection of Dad Jokes – What a better Christmas present for dad than a book with funny jokes. It’s promised to gather the whole family together and make everyone laugh.
  • Board Games – If your dad is a playful and competitive persona then this is the gift for him.

Sentimental Gift for Dad

Sentimental Christmas gifts for dad: Personalized Dad's Boo, Record Player

  • Personalized Dad’s Book – Create a unique comic book where your father will be the main character.
  • Record Player – Impress your dad with this gift and make him travel back in time to listen to music from his schooldays.
  • Custom Family Caricature – Surprise your dad this Christmas with a special and creative gift. Get him a personalized caricature portrait of the whole family!

Christmas gift for dad: Custom family caricature


Thoughtful Christmas Gift for Dad

Christmas Gifts for Dad from Daughter

Christmas gifts for dad from daughter: Night Sky Father Daughter Print, Christmas Themed Socks, Espresso Machine

  • Night Sky Father Daughter Print – Surprise him with a personalized gift.
  • Christmas Themed Socks – An essential and practical Christmas gift for dad.
  • Caricature Portrait – Be thoughtful and original and surprise your father with a personalized caricature of him.

Christmas gift for dad: Caricature portrait

  • Espresso Machine – For the dad who loves having rich and intense coffees.

Christmas Gifts for Dad from Son

Christmas gifts for dad from son: Cufflinks, Tie

  • Cufflinks – For the dad who loves stylish accessories.
  • Tie – Get your dad a classy tie to wear with his suits.
  • Pocket Square – Every gentleman should own at least one.
  • Leather Keychain – A great and practical gift option.

Christmas Gifts for the Dad Who Has Everything

Christmas gifts for dad: Cold Beer Coats, Freeze Cooling Cups, Mason Jar Fermentation Kit, Coffee Subscription

Be original and surprise the dad who has everything with those creative Christmas gift ideas.

  • Cold Beer Coats – Even if your dad has everything, he most probably doesn’t have mini jackets for his beer cans.
  • Echo Dot – Get your dad the latest model of Amazon’s Alexa. He will definitely love it.
  • Grooming Kit – Grooming products are essential and every man should be well-stocked with them.
  • Annual Membership to MasterClass – One of the best Christmas gift ideas for dad is to get him an annual subscription to masterclasses from the most famous experts in their fields. He can learn and develop new skills in cooking, sports, game design, and much more.
  • Hobby Caricature  – Think about what your dad enjoys doing in his free time and get a custom caricature portrait based on his hobbies. He can be portrayed on a football pitch holding the World Cup, or he can be driving the latest model of Harley Davidson, the options are limited only to your imagination.

Christmas present for dad: Hobby caricature

  • Freeze Cooling Cups – Get a Christmas present for dad to help him keep his drinks always cold.
  • Tie Clip – It is the perfect gift if your father is a businessman or just loves wearing suits.
  • Coffee Subscription – Get this Christmas gift for dad to surprise him and help him find the perfect coffee blend for his taste.
  • Video Game – If your dad loves playing video games like mine, then he will be delighted to receive one for Christmas.
  • Mason Jar Fermentation Kit – For the dad who has everything and is looking for a new hobby. He can experiment and ferment all the foods he wants.
  • Video Doorbell – A great Christmas gift for the dad who hates missing the delivery guy.

Tips on What to Buy Dad for Christmas

What To Buy Dad For Christmas

Sometimes it isn’t an easy task at all to choose what to get your dad for Christmas. You should be thoughtful and considerate when doing Christmas shopping, and you should also bear in mind those great tips and tricks:

Decide on Kind of Gift and Price

Determine your budget and choose what kind of gift would be appropriate for your dad.

Keep in Mind What He Likes

Always think about his interests and passions.

Advise with Your Mother and Siblings

If you are stuck and do not know what to get your dad for Christmas, you can always get a piece of advice from your mom or other family members. They will be more than happy to help you choose the best present.

Get a Custom Caricature Gift Now to Surprise Your Father

If you are wondering what to get dad for Christmas, you can surprise him with a one-of-a-kind personalized caricature. Come up with a creative idea for the theme of the caricature and choose details, which are dear and meaningful to your dad. The result is promised to take your dad’s breath away and leave him in astonishment!

Where to Order Christmas Caricatures

How to get a custom caricature

You can find high-quality hand-drawn digital caricatures at https://caricature24.com/

Get a Christmas themed portrait of him and you, or why not include your mom as well and make it a family caricature, or the artists can depict him as a superhero; the options are endless!