How to Choose Nice Christmas Gifts for Couples

During the holidays we spend quality time with our closest friends. But what if a lovely couple invites us for dinner and now we have to find the perfect Christmas gift for them? Selecting a present that two people can enjoy together can definitely put some extra pressure!

To make sure you have the best time during the celebrations, we made a guide with the top Christmas gift ideas for couples.

Know Your Audience

There are different types of couples so first think about their shared interests and preferences. The Christmas gifts for couples would be different depending on their age and relationship status. Think about how long they have been dating, whether they are engaged or already married!

Consider the Occasion

There are different gift-giving traditions connected to the Christmas celebrations. Some homes exchange symbolic or sentimental presents, while others go for unique and creative surprises. Choose Christmas gifts for couples that are appropriate for the season and the occasion.

Be Careful with Gendered Gifts

Avoid presents that reflect the clichéd ideas of what roles men and women should play. Girls are not bound to the kitchen and boys are not the sole head of the household. The best Christmas gifts for couples are those that they can equally enjoy and make use of.

Best Christmas Gifts for Couples

Surprise your favorite couple with diverse Christmas gift ideas that would perfectly match their style and taste.

We have some playful ideas and practical finds for the young lovebirds. You can also find amazing custom items to make the newlyweds’ union even stronger. Of course, there are plenty of good Christmas gifts for the older couples that we love and respect!

What Should I Get for a Younger Couple

Christmas gifts for young couple: Cocktail Making Kit, DIY Bath Bombs Kit, Winter Teas

  • Date Night Bucket List – A great Christmas gift for couples that they would be excited to try.
  • Cocktail Making Kit – Those essentials would be awesome Christmas gifts for couples who love nights out.
  • Christmas Caricature – Get a custom portrait of the couple looking like they just came out from a Christmas movie!

Christmas gifts for couples: Christmas caricature

  • Instant Camera – So they can make a wonderful collection of their shared memories.
  • Board Game – If you are looking for couples Christmas gift ideas that would keep them entertained.
  • Christmas Sweaters – You can find plenty of fun designs and couple Christmas gift ideas!

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What Should I Get For an Older Couple

Christmas gifts for older couple: Cozy Throw, Wine Subscription, Fill-in Book of Love

  • Cozy Throw – One of the Christmas gift ideas for couples that is meant to be shared!
  • Wine subscription – A good Christmas gift idea for couples regardless of the age.
  • Couple’s Caricature – Custom portraits are a sentimental gift that bring many smiles, emotions and memories!

Christmas gifts for couples: Couples caricature

  • Aromatic Candles – Nice Christmas gifts for older couples who like relaxing evenings at home.
  • Fill-in Book of Love – A romantic Christmas gift for older couples so both can express how much they mean to each other.

Wonderful Christmas Gifts for Married Couples

Christmas gifts for married couple: His and Her Robes, Luxury Sheet, Conversation Starters for Couples, Matching Passport Covers

  • His and Her Robes – Stylish and cozy Christmas gift ideas for married couples that they will love!
  • Luxury Sheets – A suitable Christmas gift for married couples that would be appreciated.
  • Plaster Keepsake Statue – A special DIY kit for couples that would create a lovely memory.
  • Family Caricature – Impress them with a unique portrait of their family with custom details and style!

Christmas gifts for couples: Family caricatures

  • Amazon Prime Subscription – Quite useful Christmas gift idea for young married couples that would give them access to streaming services, fast shipping and ad-free experience.
  • Conversation Starters for Couples – One of the best Christmas gifts for couples so that they never run out of interesting topics.

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Christmas Gift for Couples Who Have Everything

Christmas gifts for couples: Customized Star Map, Ice Cream Maker

Find inspiration with these couple Christmas gifts ideas that go beyond the ordinary! Create a memorable surprise and positive emotions with our special picks!

  • Ice Cream Maker – You can have everything, but can you have enough of this delicious Christmas gift idea for couples?
  • Customized Star Map – Choose a date which has a special meaning for them and get a custom print of the stars at that moment of time!
  • Hobby Caricature – Custom artwork is the perfect Christmas gift for couples who seem to have everything they need. Surprise them with a unique portrait and include specific details that would make them smile.

Christmas gifts for couples: Hobby caricature

  • Scratch the World Travel Map – Christmas gift idea for couples that like checking out new exciting destinations.
  • 1000 Ultimate Experiences – This bucket list of experiences would be special non-material gift for the couple who have everything!

Caricature Portrait as a Personalised Gift for Couples

The best Christmas gifts for couples are the ones that truly match their personalities, interests or goals. Custom portraits are special presents because all the details can be personalized to reflect any taste from fun and creative to classy and stylish! You have the full freedom to come up with a unique design idea for background, poses, clothes and special details.

If you choose a ready theme, just describe what custom changes you would like to make and it would easily become a personalized present! There are so many amazing Christmas gifts for couples that can match any type of personality. Caricatures for travelers, fitness enthusiasts, romantics, movie fans or the ones with a fancy taste!

Christmas gifts for couples: Caricature portrait

How to Order Caricatures from Photos

How to order a caricature from photo

If you want to surprise the couple with a custom portrait check the unique designs by All the caricatures are hand-drawn by professional artists and come in high quality, bright colors and personalized design. There are all type of themes depending on the special occasion, the interests and even the professions of the recipients!

The best part is that you can order a custom design and get an illustration which is based entirely on your idea!

Select the Photo

It is very important to choose suitable photos so that the final result has the best resembles to the real people. Have in mind that the artists can’t make any changes to what they see, so they will draw the facial expressions from the photo.

Decide on Size and Color

You can select the size of the caricature and even get it printed on canvas or poster. The illustration can be colorful or black and white depending on your preference. There are plenty of backgrounds to choose from or you can come up with your own idea!

Send an Application and Wait for Delivery

The orders are made through the website where you can select different options for size, design and format. When you submit the order you receive a confirmation and a date for delivery. You will be updated on every step of the process and get a preview with the option to make corrections of the final design.

We hope you find just the perfect Christmas gifts for couples and have a great time celebrating the holidays!