How to Choose Gifts for Nanny at Christmas

Let’s start with some lovely Christmas gifts for nanny that are appropriate for the occasion and then dive into some specific categories! Your babysitter is this special person who makes your life run smoother, so we have plenty of ideas to reciprocate their time and care.

Consider the Occasion

Surprise your babysitter with a unique Christmas-themed gift that will make her feel the Christmas spirit.

Give Practical Gifts

It’s always a good idea to pick practical items, which the receiver needs and will use.

Give Memories

  • Hobby CaricatureAmazing custom portrait for any type of interest and passion.

Hobby caricature

  • To My Nanny Necklace – A personalized gift for nanny with a special meaning.
  • Craft Made by the Kids – A sentimental Christmas gift for nanny from the family.

Memories gifts

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask What She Needs

If you don’t know which Christmas gifts for nanny are good, then you can ask her what she needs or wants to have.

Make Them Feel Appreciated

  • Flower in a Pot – A lovely present for their home.
  • eBook Reader – Special Christmas gift for nanny who loves reading.
  • Superhero Caricature – A fun Christmas portrait with nanny and the kids.

Superhero caricature

To find amazing Christmas gifts for nanny, check our detailed list of Christmas gift ideas for her. (LINK)

Christmas Gifts for Nanny You Can’t Go Wrong With

Here are some Christmas gifts for nanny from the family that are always a good idea. Feel free to use these options if you don’t know them well and don’t want to overstep with something too personal. Show your babysitter that you appreciate their help with flexible gifts that they can really use!

  • Winter Scarf – A Christmas gift for nanny that is perfect for the season.
  • Christmas Ornaments – Beautiful decoration for a magical Christmas mood.
  • Christmas Caricature – Special Christmas gift for nanny to express our gratitude.

Christmas caricature

  • Insulated Tumbler – For refreshing hot drinks on the go.
  • Christmas Sweater – A nice gift for nanny for Christmas to keep them warm and happy.
  • Tote Bag – To fit everything they need for a walk with the kids.

Monetary Gift

Giving money might seem like a gesture that lacks personal touch but actually, it is one of the most practical gifts. Often people don’t feel comfortable sharing what they really need and we end up buying presents that don’t have any practical value.

Paid Holiday

The best Christmas gifts for nanny don’t have to be wrapped up with a bow! Surprise them with experience and awesome memories.

  • Weekend Trip¬†
  • SPA Day
  • National Park Tickets

Paid holiday gifts

Gift Cards or Subscriptions

To find really special Christmas gifts for your nanny, think about their hobbies and interests. Here are some useful present ideas that they would appreciate.

  • Amazon Subscription
  • Netflix Subscription¬†
  • Shopping Voucher
  • Gym Subscription
  • Courses

Gift cards and subscription

Worst Gifts for Nanny at Christmas

You shouldn’t feel pressured to choose the most perfect gift but also don’t go with the most cliched options. Rather than giving them another Christmas candle, you can surprise them with delicious homemade sweets. To find good gifts for nanny at Christmas think about what won’t be gathering dust on the shelves!

  • Socks
  • Candles
  • Picture Frame
  • Home Decor

Worst gifts for nanny

What Special Christmas Gifts for Nanny Can I Choose

Christmas gifts for nanny are special because this person plays an important role in raising our kids.  They are always ready to play games, read stories, give encouragement, or even useful parenting advice. Here are some nice Christmas gifts for nanny from the family to help us express our gratitude!

Jewelry with Engraving

Get personalised Christmas gifts for nanny if you want to be sure they are pleasantly surprised. Everyone appreciates custom presents because they show you have dedicated extra time and effort to find just the perfect fit! Engraved jewelry would be a good and lasting reminder of your appreciation.

Personal Planner or Notebook

A babysitter’s schedule can be quite busy so a daily planner is always a good idea. They can easily organize their check-list for the week or add some tasks to do with the kids.

special christmas gifts for nanny

Custom Portrait

Looking for the best Christmas gift for nanny that shows thoughtfulness and personal touch? Get a fun custom caricature that would bring them a ton of smiles! You can order a design with their favorite hobby or think of a special portrait with the kids as a sweet memory.

Custom Portrait

Why Caricatures are the Best Christmas Gifts for Nanny

It’s Personalized and Special

How to choose Christmas gifts for nanny that go beyond the ordinary? Caricatures from photo are a unique combination of creativity, positive emotions, and good memories! The fun portraits on are drawn by professional artists and each design can be personalized with additional details, background, or text.

The best part is that you can order a fully custom design by submitting your own original idea. Provide a description of the plot you imagine and let the artist do the rest. Every idea can be drawn into reality!

Personalized and special caricature

It’s Thoughtful and Meaningful

Caricatures are a long-lasting gift that will be a sweet reminder of the time spent with your family. They are a personal gesture that can make anyone feel special and appreciated.

It Has a Note of Humor

Can you think of a hilarious situation that your babysitter had to go through with the kids? That would be quite a memorable design! To make the present even better you can order a canvas or poster print so your nanny can always look at it and smile.