What Makes Good Christmas Gifts for Book Lovers

Think about Presentation

The gift itself is important but sometimes it’s even more important how you are going to present it. Prepare a touching and creative speech for your presentation. You can also add a few words or phrases that refer to your friend’s favorite book.

Personalization is the Key

Always try to add a personal touch to your Christmas gifts. It would make a huge difference if you add a small detail with a sentimental value, or if you decide on getting a personalized gift.

Evoke Emotions

The most special and memorable gifts are the intangible ones. Yes, it is good to gift something that is practical and the receiver needs it, but the most special and memorable presents are the ones, which evoke emotions.

Focus on Long Term Memories

Make their holiday special by surprising them with a meaningful, thoughtful, and long-lasting Christmas gift for book lovers.

Include a Card

The small details are the ones that make a present perfect. Place a hand-written Christmas card in the present for your book lover friends and you will see how much they will love this touch.

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Best Gifts for Book Lovers – Christmas Edition

Gifts for Keeping Their Books Tidy

  • Floating Bookshelf – So that they can store all their favorite books in one place.
  • Book Cover – It will protect the book they are reading from getting dirty.
  • Shelves – There is one rule, which is valid for all book lovers – they can never have enough space for all their books.

Gift for keeping books tidy

Special Bookmarks

Make the book lovers in your life feel special by getting them a Christmas gift related to the thing they love doing the most. Choose some interesting bookmarks or get personalized ones with your friends’ names, there are plenty of unique options to choose from.

Planner or Notebook

The book-loving people will appreciate receiving a notebook or a planner for the new year. They will write down all their events, meetings, and even New Year’s resolutions there. Moreover, they can dedicate one notebook, especially for their favorite literary quotes.

Being a devoted reader doesn’t mean that they don’t enjoy writing as well. Some book lovers also possess the creativity and skills of writing amusing and unique stories. That’s why it’s a great gift idea to surprise them with a notebook, which they can use for a variety of purposes and all of them will be indirectly related to their favorite hobby.


A functional and useful gadget, which would please any book lover as they will be able to access all their books from one place and will no longer need plenty of space to store their paper books.

Scented Candle

When your friend is reading a book, he/she will be able to relax and dive into the magical world of the book with the help of a scented candle. It will not only disperse a nice aroma but will also help him/her enjoy even the straightforward books.

Something to Keep Them Warm

  • Wearable Blanket – A great Christmas gift for a book lover, which will make him/her feel comfy and warm while reading.
  • Coffee Mug – Surprise the book lovers in your life with a coffee mug with a special message related to their passion for reading.
  • Fluffy Socks – They will keep your friend ward while he/she is in the incredible world of his/her favorite novel.

Gifts to keep them warm

Subscription a Literary Magazine

If you are looking for some unique Christmas gifts for book lovers, then this might be just the one for you. Surprise your book lover friend with a subscription to a literary magazine.

They will be waiting with excitement for the next edition to come out and will be bending the pages of the magazines with enthusiasm and passion.

How to Personalize Christmas Gifts for Book Lovers

With Gift Wrapping or Packaging

The Christmas gift-giving is not only about the gift itself, but also about the feelings you evoke in the receiver. And in order to make your present even more special than it already is, you can wrap it in beautiful wrapping paper and place a nice, big ribbon on top of it.

Alternatively, you can also buy a gift box in which you can place your gift. Whichever option you choose, you will for sure make the receiver feel special and will give them this feeling of excitement while he/she is unwrapping the gift.

Use Stickers or Decals

Personalize your Christmas gift for book lovers with some interesting stickers or decals. There are plenty of options on the market to choose from.

Select one with an interesting design or message that will appear funny to the receiver. They will appreciate that you have done this extra mile to make their gift more special and personalized.

Try Embroidery or Engraving

Another fantastic idea is to add engraving or embroidery to the gift. You can add engraving to any hard objects and you can try to do am embroidery to everything else like clothing apparel.

Those touches will make the gift meaningful and personal, and this will for sure be noticed by the book lover.

Order Something Custom-Made

Other good Christmas gifts for book lovers include the personalized items. There are plenty of creative ideas you can order on the internet.

Nothing can say “I care about you” louder than a custom-made present, which speaks to the recipient’s interests and passions. Make a book lover friend feel special and loved by getting them a unique personalized Christmas gift.

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Order a Caricature Portrait for The Book Lover in Your Life Now

Make a personal and emotional Christmas gift for a book lover. Surprise them with a special hand-drawn caricature drawing. It’s not only an original and uncommon gift option but it’s also a special and dear present, which can emphasize the receiver’s interests, passions, or peculiarities.

You can also create a funny and creative present by ordering a custom caricature where your friends are illustrated as actual bookworms. Another amazing idea would be to depict them as their favorite book characters. There are plenty of ideas and the only limitation is your imagination.

Caricature for book lover