Should I Get Christmas Gifts for My Clients

The relationships with business clients are important and Christmas is the perfect time to show appreciation and good etiquette. Don’t miss this opportunity to strengthen the company’s bonds and surprise your customers and partners with great holiday presents.

Questions to Ask When Choosing Christmas Gift for Client

Instead of relying on promotional and branded items, you can open your perspective to more practical and unique ideas. Check this short guide for brainstorming amazing Christmas gift ideas for a client!

 Who are They – Age, Gender, Occupation

Consider gifts that are appropriate for their professional and personal spheres of interest. Show that you know them both as a professional and as a person!

  • Professions Caricature – Make a statement with a unique gift that will leave a lasting impression.

  • Experience – A voucher for an entertaining event, useful seminar or adventurous experience.
  • Work Out From Home Set – If they enjoy fitness activities and a healthy lifestyle. Shop here
  • Fun Sticky Note Pads – Client Christmas gift ideas with some sense of humor.

How Well Do I Know Them

If you don’t know them that well, don’t risk going for a very personal gift. Select a present that is appropriate for the holiday season or can be used in the office.

  • Gourmet Food Basket – A festive treat perfect for the occasion.
  • Mini Humidifier – A smart desk item.
  • Stylish Umbrella – A necessity for the winter weather.
  • Mug Warmer – So the coffee never gets cold. Shop here

What Is My Budget

First, define the limits of your budget for presents. Once a price range is set, it is much easier to find the right category of client Christmas gift ideas.

  • Kindle – Smart, light and convenient item they will love. Shop here
  • Amazon Echo – If you are aiming for a higher price category.
  • Caricature from Photo – Fun and extraordinary gift that can be personalized with any design of your choice.

  • Custom LED Display Clock – If you have set a lower limit, this would be a perfect fit.

Things Not to Do

Skip on the generic gifts and stand out as a different kind of brand! Be specific and show creativity beyond putting the company’s logo on an office accessory. A boring holiday present is not going to harm your reputation but it is not going to enhance it either.

Some client Christmas gift ideas we would advise you to avoid:

  • Calendar
  • Bookmark
  • Socks

Do Not Send The Same Gift To Everyone

Select gifts that show personal touch and engagements. Also, don’t forget that the Christmas gift ideas for woman clients could be different from those for male customers.

  • Best Selling Book
  • Personalized Coasters
  • Hobby Caricature

Discover unique client Christmas gift ideas with our special list of Coworker Christmas Gifts.

Do Not Advertise Yourself With the Gift

The purpose of corporate gifts is to make a gesture rather than to promote your own brand. Communication with clients is improved when you take a step in their direction.

  • Portable Phone Charger
  • A Charity Donation 
  •  Smartphone Sanitizer Shop here
  • Small Plants

Do Not Overdo

You don’t need to go for an over-the-top gift to win your clients. Impress them with attitude and creativity instead of a certain size and price tag!

  • Electric Wine Opener Shop here
  • Insulated Tumbler 
  • Custom Passport Cover

Best Corporate Client Christmas Gift Ideas

Smart, functional and luxury client Christmas gift ideas that will easily make a good impression.

  • Activity Tracker –  Healthy lifestyle is the key to productivity and success.
  • Smart Reusable Notebook – For an endless supply of new ideas and plans. Shop here
  • Mini Photo Printer – An amazing present they can use at home.
  • Keychain, Card Holder and Pen – A classic and elegant client Christmas gift idea.
  • Office Caricature – Surprise the team with a customized art piece for the office.

  • Luxury Spa Gift Set – Wonderful self-care Christmas gift idea for woman client.
  • Leather Zip Tech Case – To keep their tech accessories safe and easy to carry.
  • Wireless Charging Desk Organizer –  They won’t need to look for a place to charge their phone. Shop here
  • Digital Photo Frame – To bring their favorite memories to the office. Shop here
  • Bluetooth Headphones – Great for online meetings, calls on the go and hands-free traveling.
  • Functional Travel Bag Kit – Useful Christmas gift idea for a client who is always on the road.

Unique Client Christmas Gift Ideas

Custom items are always a good idea when it comes to corporate presents.

Personalized Pen

Select a stylish luxury pen and add an engraved text to make the gift even better. Every business professional needs to have one of these on their desk!

Signature Journal

Personalized notebooks are one of the most common client Christmas gift ideas. This is a practical present that won’t gather dust on the shelf. Its added value comes from the custom design that is unique for its owner.

A Custom-Made Caricature For Your Client

Hand-drawn portraits are among the most unique client Christmas gift ideas. The receiver is guaranteed to feel flattered and impressed with the creativity of the present. Surprise your valuable clients with a one-of-a-kind holiday gift!

Why Caricature is The Best Client Christmas Gift

It’s Personalized and Thoughtful is a perfect choice if you are looking for Christmas gift ideas for a special client! Custom portraits feel very personal and always get a positive reaction. You can order a fully personalized caricature with details such as brand logo, dress code, office setting or even the company building.

It’s Humorous and Ice Breaking

This is also a great option for relatively new customers. Instead of a corporate gift that doesn’t carry any depth or emotion, you can win them over with a fun and original illustration! Caricatures are completed in 1-5 days and can be delivered as a digital file, poster, or canvas print.

It’s a Great Fit For Clients of Any Age or Gender

You can order one of the design ideas on the website a get a fully custom caricature with your own design idea. Personalize with details unique details connected to their profession of personality to make a memorable Christmas present!