Why Gifting Your Employees Matters

Exchanging gifts during the holiday season is a tradition that brings us together! To create a better atmosphere at the office many companies provide corporate presents and special events.

This gesture creates a better mood but also better relationships between colleagues and managers! We gathered the top-rated employee Christmas gift ideas to help you deliver a strong message without words!

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Best Corporate Christmas Gifts For Employees in 2020

There are so many options for employee Christmas party gift ideas so which are the best ones? They could be functional and career-related but you can also go for something fun and entertaining!

Of course, don’t forget that the style should be appropriate for the bounds of the office. Here are some good employee Christmas gift ideas for any type of workplace!

Personalized Gifts

Custom presents are a genius solution if you are looking for Christmas gift ideas suitable for both male and female employees!

  • Custom Notebooks – With the name or position of everyone in the office!
  • Personalized Year Planner – Add an inspirational message about their goals.
  • Bamboo Lunch Box – Don’t forget to add their initials so the is no confusion during lunch breaks! Shop here
  • File Organizer – A practical employee Christmas gift idea perfect for any workspace.
  • Professions Caricature – Imagine how excited they would be to receive a portrait customized for their position!

caricature for profession best gift for colleagues

  • Employee Appreciation Box – Great employee Christmas gift idea with a variety of sets to choose from.

Personalized gifts

Small Plants

Research shows that plants contribute to a better environment in the workspaces! They are good for the air, bring calmness, and help us to stay connected to nature.

Think about what type of plants would be suitable employee gift ideas for Christmas. Avoid those that require special care and go for resilient evergreen varieties.

  • Bonsai Tree – Beautiful and unique present that symbolizes harmony, peace, and balance.
  • Succulents – Small and sweet employee Christmas gift idea! Those plants are a favorite when it comes to office desks

Small plants

Branded Tumblers

Can you imagine starting the day without your morning ritual? Coffee cups come in all sizes and shapes so we give you a few more employee gift ideas for Christmas.

  • Branded Tumblers – So easy to use on the way to work or a meeting!
  • Personalized Coffee Mugs – If you need a cool employee Christmas party gift idea, just add a witty text to each of them! Shop here
  • Office Caricature Mugs – Get a fun career portrait for everyone and print them on the new cups.

Mugs for office

  • Cork Base Mugs – To keep all the desks safe from hot drinks! keeps your tables safe from heat stains.


Gourmet Sweets

Looking for sweet and simple employee Christmas party gift ideas? No one would refuse some nice treats!

If you want to go the extra mile, order personalized sweets with everyone’s name or a nice message of appreciation. Here are some good suggestions for the team:

  • Chocolate Gift Box – Get a fine selection of sweets with different fillings and tastes. 
  • Thank You Candy Bars – Perfect corporate Christmas gift idea for companies with a big number of employees.
  • Custom Message Cookies – Deliver your message of appreciation in the sweetest way!

Sweet treats

Branded Clothing

This Christmas gift idea is used by many companies but don’t forget to customize the items for female and male employees. Take into consideration different sizes, models, and patterns.

Here are some suggestions for branded items that can be used as presents for the team. The surprise could be even better if you add some Christmas details to the designs.

  • Festive Socks – If you are having a casual Christmas party, definitely include them in the employee gift ideas. Shop here
  • Winter Scarf – A perfect present for the chilly morning and evening commutes.
  • Branded Hoodie – Don’t we all love some good and comfortable loungewear! 
  • Caricature T-shirt – Look no further for a unique Christmas gift idea for the best employees!

branded shirt

 eGift Cards

This is a flexible gift solution if you are looking for presents that can match any style and taste. Order some holiday gift vouchers and just add the respective value and name. Then everyone can choose the best option for themselves!

  • eShop Vouchers – If you need Christmas party gift ideas that can easily suit everyone in the office.
  • Virtual Escape Room – An opportunity to engage in a fun team-building experience together!
  • Workout App Subscription – So many good classes to choose from – fitness, yoga, dance, or maybe aerobics!
  • Kindle eGift cards – Great employee gift ideas for Christmas for any book lover.
  • Food Coupons – A perfect match for holiday festivities and treats!

Voucher for gift

Fun Desk Items

Practical and unique employee Christmas gift ideas that are just perfect for the office!

Mousepad with caricature

  • Meditation Box – The wooden box is filled with soft sand and comes with a stylus so you can make doodles and relax.
  • Inspirational Pen Set – Get some personalized pens with uplisting messages.
  • Desk Vacuum – If you are looking for employee gift ideas for Christmas that are both fun and useful. amazon
  • Mini Desk Humidifier – To make the workspace atmosphere literally better! Shop here

Gift Baskets

If your team is very diverse in age and interests check those sweet employee gift ideas for Christmas! Impress them with beautifully wrapped gift baskets full of holiday treats!

  • Wine Gift Basket – Classic combination for the holiday season.
  • Champagne & Truffles Basket – For those who prefer exquisite treats.
  • Healthy Snacks Basket – Christmas gift idea for employees that enjoy a healthy lifestyle. 

gift christmas basket

Unique Employee Christmas Gift Ideas That You Must See

Maybe you prefer to skip the traditional corporate presents and surprise your employees with something different? Here are some cool employee Christmas party gift ideas!

  • Motivational Quote Poster – A little reminder to stay positive. 
  • Movie Tickets – A shared experience is a great employee gift idea for Christmas that 
  • Movie Caricature – How about picturing everyone as a suitable movie character!

Movie caricature

  • Book – It could be career-related or a nice inspirational read. 
  • Digital Photo Frame – Unique Christmas gift idea that the employees can keep at the office. Shop here
  • Cocktail Kit – Some inspiration for shared Friday nights.

christmas presents

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Caricature Portrait As a Christmas Gift For Employees

Caricatures are unique and memorable Christmas gift idea that your employees will love! Custom portraits are often used as corporate presents for team members because they can make anyone feel special!

You can get a group caricature and print it on gift items for the whole team or surprise everyone with an individual illustration! We can guarantee you that all colleagues will be excited to see how they fit in the artwork. The artwork can be used to personalize any type of corporate presents like postcards, mousepads, T-shirts, cups, or notebooks.

Profession superhero caricature

Where To Order Christmas Caricatures

A Christmas-themed caricature featuring all employees and managers would be a great gift idea! Get the whole team on one canvas with caricature24.com! All portraits are drawn by professional artists and can be customized with a different number of characters, background, details, and text.