How to Choose Christmas Gifts for Beer Lovers

It may seem like a hard task to find an original gift for a beer lover that is different from a simple 6-pack beer case; however, it’s not. That’s why we have created a list of creative options for Christmas gifts for beer-lovers to put a smile on their faces.

We also have prepared an ultimate guide for the best Christmas Gift Ideas for everyone on your shopping list.

What Christmas Gifts for Craft Beer Lovers Should I Get

  • Beer Subscription – Every month your beer lover friend will be able to try different types of beer from all around the world.
  • Cold Beer Coats – A funny Christmas gift for a beer lover. Those small beer coats will keep his beer nice and cold.
  • Superhero Caricature – Surprise the beer lover in your life with a one-of-a-kind Christmas gift that will say more than words could do. They will be illustrated as their favorite superhero character, and they may even be holding a bottle or glass of their favorite beer.

Superhero caricature

  • Gift Basket – A classic Christmas gift that will surprise anyone. Create a gift basket by filling it with all the things your friend loves, like beer, chocolates, sweets, etc.
  • Book about Beer – Make a beer lover happy with a book dedicated to their favorite drink. It will give them knowledge about the different methods, by which the beer is produced and will highlight all its positive qualities.

Christmas gifts for craft beer lovers

Christmas Gifts Any Beer Lover Will Find Useful

Portable Cooler

It is a clever Christmas gift for a beer person. They will be able to carry their beer in a cooler bag, which will keep their drinks nicely cold.

They will be able to fill the bag with beers and ice and carry it with them on a picnic or to the nearest park. It promises to keep the bottles and cans ice cold and ready to enjoy.

Set of Pint Glasses

This holiday season choose some original Christmas gifts for beer-lovers to make them happy. Surprise them with a set of pint glasses in which they will be able to pour their favorite drink.

Every beer enthusiast needs to have at least one set of pint glasses at home so that they can be ready for home gatherings with their beer lover friends.

Bottle Opener

Have you seen a beer person carry a bottle opener with them? I haven’t seen one either. However, you can show them how thoughtful and caring you are and get them one.

useful gifts for beer lovers

They come in many shapes and sizes and this is a good Christmas gift for a beer lover as they will definitely put it into use.

Funny Gifts for Beer Lovers

Shower Beer Holder

Do you have a friend or relative who is walking around the house always with a beer in their hand? Get them a funny Christmas gift for a beer lover that will make them laugh but they will also use it.

Surprise them with a shower beer holder so that they can enjoy their drink even while having a shower. This original gift has been created especially for the devoted and committed beer drinkers who are inseparable from their beer.

Beer Socks

Make a beer lover laugh by giving them funny beer socks as a Christmas gift. They will appreciate how thoughtful you have been for getting them a present related to one of their favorite drinks.

There are many different designs of beer-themed socks and all of them are original and funny. Choose the one that will best suit your friend and make their festive season a one to remember.

Beer Bucket List Scratch Poster

One of the best and funniest Christmas gifts for beer lovers is definitely the “100 Beers Bucket List Scratch Poster”. This scratch-off poster contains 100 different beer types and brands, most of which can easily be found in any supermarket.

This beer scratch poster will give your beer lover friend a unique experience as they will be able to reveal a single beer every day and then comply with the rules of the game and enjoy that particular beer for the day.

Moreover, it is also a nice wall d├ęcor item, which would look incredible in the home of any beer lover.

Personalized Christmas Gifts for Beer Lovers

Personalized Opener

If you are looking for original Christmas gifts for craft beer lovers, then this might be just the one for you. Get a personalized bottle opener and make your friend feel merry and special.

They will not only carry this bottle opener with them but it will also always remind them how much you care and love them.

Custom Glasses

Another unique personalized Christmas gift for a beer lover is a custom pint glass. Be original and creative and order a beer glass with the initials of your friend, or you can even have a special message printed on the glass.

It is a great gift that will bring them many smiles as they will always have one special glass for their favorite drink, which is only theirs and nobody else can use.

Personalized gifts for beer lovers

Caricature Picture Of the Beer Lover In Your Life

If you are looking for a meaningful and personal Christmas gift for the beer lover in your life then you can surprise them with a custom caricature portrait of them. This outstanding gift will make their heart burst with love and happiness as it will capture all the things they love in a single piece of artwork.

Choose a background design or think of a creative scenario where your friend is the main character. You can include a few custom details that will speak to their interests and passions, and you can also get this marvelous hand-drawn caricature printed on a poster or canvas. It is a memorable gift, which the beer lover will treasure forever.

Caricature for beer lover

How to Order a Caricature for a Beer Lover

The best place for custom caricature drawings is definitely as they work with very skilled and experienced artists, who can turn every creative idea into an outstanding piece of art.

Just select a background design, upload your photos, place your order and wait for your caricature to arrive. It will take only a few days for the artists to do their magic, and when you receive your drawing, you will be amazed at how detailed and incredible it is.

Caricature for beer lover