Gifts to Get an Artist

Creativity takes courage but art also requires skills, a lot of practice, and good supplies. We have selected the best gift ideas for artists who are professionals, beginners, and budding young talents.

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What Does Every Artist Need

Surprise them with practical accessories for the studio or amazing personalized items that leave a lasting impression! It is important to consider both the material and quality of the art supplies to make sure that they will be of good use. Artwork does require talent, but if you have the right tools the results are even better!

Gifts for Artists Who Draw They Won’t Throw Away Next Day

Discover useful and innovative gifts for artists who draw graphic, colored, or digital illustrations.

  • Sketchbook – Always handy when inspiration strikes.
  • Stylus Pen for iPad – A great gift for artists who draw but have not yet tried the digital format.
  • Mini Hand and Wrist Foam Roller – To relax muscles and joints after an intense drawing session.
  • Permanent Ink Marker – Select a model that is suitable for different surfaces like paper, fabric, plastic, and glass.
  • Personalized Pencil Holder – It will be a nice memory that they can also use in the studio.
  • Sketch Tote Board – They can easily fit the lightweight sketch in a bag and take it anywhere.
  • Acrylic Paint Pens – To bring more color, emotion, and focus into any drawing.
  • Inkless Pen – The pen that never breaks, doesn’t need sharpening and promises years of use.
  • Crayola Blend & Shade Soft Core Pencils –  Not all pencils are created equal and this set definitely makes a difference.
  • Digital Artist Glove – Created for more convenient drawing on digital tablets.

Gifts for artists

Thoughtful Presents to Get Someone Who Loves to Draw

  • 642 Things to Draw – A fun and inspirational challenge that stirs the imagination.
  • Tracing LED Light Box – Great gift for beginners that are explorings different styles of drawing.
  • Expert Level Coloring Book – Instead of always creating from scratch, they can enjoy this relaxing free-time activity.
  • Drawing Tablet – The perfect present for artists who want to experiment with digital drawing.
  • Hobby Caricature – Surprise the artist with a fun hand-drawn portrait personalized for their hobby.

Hobby caricature for artists

  • Calligraphy Pen Set – To improve attention to details and the preciseness of stroke.
  • Pigma Fineline Pen Artist Set – An artist gift that will have them achieve even better attention to detail.
  • ‘Airless Pen’ – This model doesn’t dry out and comes in different vibrant colors.
  • Rocket Flip Reusable Notepad – The reusable pages are easily cleaned with a damp cloth so they never run out of space for ideas.

Thoughtful presents

Gifts for Artists Who Paint

Looking for gifts for artists who paint? Here you will find a special selection of ideas for those who work with acrylic, watercolor, or oil paints!

If they are also keen on photography, check our list of fun and useful Gifts For Photographers.

For Beginners

  • Leather Paint Brush Roll –  A stylish accessory that will keep the brushes neat and tidy.
  • Helpful Art Book – A great gift for an artist who wants to perfect their skill and technique.
  • Brush Cleaner & Preserver – A real game-changer that can revive any old and stiff paintbrush.
  • Master Class – Professional courses are the ultimate gifts for artists of any sphere of interest.
  • Aquarelle Palette – The quality of the paint is essential to achieving great results.
  • Art Storage Desk – This desk for artists offers plenty of space for working and storing supplies.
  • Paint Brush Set – If they strive to become a professional two brushes are simply not enough.
  • Mini Easel Photo Stands – Just what they need for a small exhibition of their favorite artworks.
  • Color Wheel Pendant – A beautiful statement jewelry that can’t go unnoticed.
  • Chelsea Classical Mediums – Мediums are used for changing the paint properties but this set comes without the strong smell of chemicals.

Gifts for beginners

For Professionals

  • Personalized Painter’s Apron – Every artist has an old stained apron that could be replaced with a new one.
  • Moisturizing Hand Lotion – Artists need to wash their hands quite often so this product is a must-have.
  • Personalized Paintbrush Holder – A gift that perfectly combines practical and sentimental value.
  • Transon Waterproof Artist Portfolio Backpack –  A safe and convenient way to carry all the art supplies.
  • Artist Caricature – The cartoon portrait can be personalized with any unique details about a profession, hobby, or character.

Artists caricature

  • Heated Hand Vibration Massager – A much-needed present for artists who have long workdays.
  • Rolling Storage Cart – A nice addition to their studio that will allow them to store and move around all the essentials.
  • Brush Vase – This artistic accessory is a great match for ones that are keen on interior design and decoration.
  • Picolor Mixing Device – Use the app to select any unique color while the paint-mixing device will give you exactly the desired shade.
  • Anti Gravity Paint Tray Palette – It holds the paint and doesn’t allow any spilling regardless of the angle.

Gifts for professional artists

Must-Have Gift for Artist Friend

If you are selecting gifts for an artist who is also a dear friend, don’t hesitate to make a personal and meaningful surprise!

Present Ideas for Different Personality Types

  • Daily Planner – Sometimes it is not easy to start a drawing but once you do, it is even harder to stop.
  • Hand-Painted Scarf – A creative accessory that will add a lovely touch to any outfit.
  • Brush and Pallete Earrings – Creative gifts for artists that want to stand out with their art and personal style.
  • Art Supplies Temporary Tattoo Set – The art-themed temporary tattoos are stylish and unpretentious.
  • Wood Burning Kit – Pyrography is its own form of art that is a quite entertaining DIY idea.
  • Wall Art – No home of an artist is complete without some signature wall prints.
  • Art Card Deck – A deck of cards that feature some classic examples of art masterpieces.
  • Therapy Dough – This is a nice creative way to relax and unwind after a long day.
  • Apple Pencil Carrying Case – The case protects and charges that digital drawing pen.

Gifts for different personality types

Personalized Gift Ideas

  • Watercolor Phone Case – Shaped as a watercolor case it is a perfect match for the creative soul.
  • Personalized Key Chain – You can choose between a variety of art-related chams to complete the design.
  • Artist Pendant Necklace – There is a wide variety of necklaces for artists of any style and taste.
  • Caricature from Photo – A one-of-a-kind portrait with a fun theme dedicated to their profession as an artist.

Caricature for artists

  • Personalized Painter’s Palette – To add a bit of personal touch to an object they use every day.
  • Artist Enamel Pin – You can find a ton of fun and inspirational gift ideas for artists online.
  • Art History Heroes – Surprise them with a collectible action figure looking like their favorite artist.
  • Artists Studio Sign – This custom sign will give some new shine to their workplace.

Personalized gifts ideas

Gifts for Teenage Artists That Are Sure to Inspire

According to Picasso, every child is an artist but the question is how to remain one once we grow up! Those gifts for young artists will inspire them to pursue their passion and grow their talent every day.

Funny Gift Ideas to Make Them Laugh

  • Artist Socks – A creative gift for those who love incorporating art into their personal style.
  • Artists T-shirt – Surprise them with fun custom text and design.
  • Bob Ross Heat Changing Mug –  With an image of Ross and a painting that appears when the mug is filled with hot liquid.
  • Painter Coffee Mug – “This could be paint water” is just one of the many art-related designs you can find.
  • WhatchamaDRAWit – A fun group game that requires the players to compete in drawing the descriptions on each card.
  • Pet Caricature – A sweet hand-drawn portrait for pet owners that will always be an amazing memory.

Pet caricature

  • Color Wheel Umbrella – A good gift idea for artists that will brighten their mood on a rainy day.

Funny gifts for artists

Useful Present Ideas for Artsy Tweens & Teens

  • Art Easel – Every artist needs a steady and comfortable surface for drawing.
  • Imagine Out Loud: A Journal of Creative Discovery – An amazing artist gift that encourages creativity through doodling, drawing, and short exercises.
  • Brush Rest – So they can put down their brush without risking any stains or rollovers.
  • Online Art Classes – A good way to inspire their creative development and encourage them to try out new styles.
  • Smartpad Digital Notebook – Great for capturing spontaneous designs and ideas that are easily turned into digital shareable files.
  • Watercolor Painting Station –  A well-organized space with enough place for painting and arranging the needed supplies.
  • Artist Gift Set – Select a brand of excellent quality that they would love to use.
  • DIY Foam Paint – Young people love experimenting with interesting crafts and this will definitely get their attention.
  • How to Draw Cool Stuff – An awesome guide to shading, textures, and techniques that offers many valuable insights.
  • Glass Dip Pen Set – The unique glass painting brush can be used for creating great details and color effects.

Useful present ideas

Amazing Gifts for Budding Artists

Art is not just a way to recreate what you see but to see things in an entirely different way! We have selected some cool gifts for budding artists that won’t be gathering dust on the shelves.

For Boys

  • Puzzle and Glue Set – The fun free-time activity will also give them a cool home decor piece.
  • Paint Set – The first steps on their way to becoming an artist.
  • Sketching Wallet – He can easily carry it everywhere he goes.
  • 3D Printing Pen – Guaranteed to occupy their attention for a long time.
  • Block Printing Kit – They can use the linoleum block and lino cutters to craft their own art prints.
  • Boy Caricature – A cool cartoon portrait that can be personalized for their favorite hobbies.

Boy caricature

  • Professional Drawing Sketch Pencils – If they prefer creating detailed graphics, this gift will be a great match.

Gifts for boys

For Girls

  • Buddha Board – The reusable board comes to life with a simple touch with the water brush.
  • Women in Art: 50 Fearless Creatives Who Inspired the World – A wonderful read for any aspiring artist.
  • Watercolor Paper – Not all paper is suitable for watercolors because it can easily get wrinkled and soaked.
  • Girl Caricature – Inspire her to follow her dreams with a portrait that reflects her best traits and talents.

Girl caricature

  • Cross-Back Artist Apron – To achieve that real “studio artist” look even when she is at home.
  • Frame for Her Art – Get a beautiful frame to keep one of her favorite artworks.
  • Faber-Castell Pitt Artist Pen Gift Box –  Pens are easier to use compared to paint and offer more flexibility with the details.
  • Portable  Art Easel – She will definitely enjoy using something different from an ordinary table.

Gifts for girls

Tips on Choosing the Perfect Presents for Artists

Figure 0ut What They Need

To find the best artist gifts first consider what styles, techniques, and materials they prefer to use. Whether it is paint, pencils, crayons, or a digital pen, make sure that the present matches their artistic endeavors!

Observe What They Like to Buy for Themselves

Maybe they have a favorite art supply store that they often visit? You can get a voucher and let them choose exactly what they need or have a chat with the shop assistant for some great recommendations.

Ask Their Family or Friends

If you are looking for gifts for artist but feel completely clueless, it is time to get proactive! We always talk about work and hobbies with our closest people, so maybe their family and friends will be able to give you relevant insights into their wants and needs.

Order Caricatures from Photos to Gift Something Special

You can order a custom caricature from where you will find hundreds of background ideas and the option for a fully custom design. Caricature24 works with professional artists that use one photo of the character and turn it into a unique piece of art!

Fill in the description field with your idea for background, clothes, details, and text or select one of the designs on the website and personalize it with details. You can also choose size, date of delivery (express and fast drawing available), and print with free delivery to your address!

Why Are Custom Caricature Portraits the Perfect Gift

Forget about the ordinary gifts and create an original personalized portrait with meaning and emotion. Caricatures are a great gift idea for artists because they are a work of art with a fun and imaginative twist. Any design that you imagine can be turned into a unique cartoon drawing!


What Are the Best Gifts for Artists?

The gifts for artists can be practical or sentimental depending on the occasion and their personal taste. Personalized presents carry much more than a material value because they are unique and leave long-lasting memories. Online you can find a diversity of themed items ranging from brushes to clothes and home decor.

What Are the Best Gifts for Artists Who Draw?

Don’t forget that the gifts for sketch artists don’t include brushes and paint kits! However, you can surprise them with a sketchbook, drawing tablet, fine line pens, or a personalized pencil holder.

How to Choose Artist Gifts?

If you are selecting a gift for artist friend, you can definitely go for personalized presents with their name, fun text, or an art-related theme. You can order a custom mug, T-shirt, art tools, or jewelry that will bring them many smiles.

What Are the Best Gifts for Artists Who Paint?

For beginner painters, we would suggest a set of different brushes, a convenient easel, or a high-quality paint pallet. If they have a little more experience in their craft, you can show your appreciation with personalized accessories like a custom apron, paintbrush holder, or paint tray.

What Gifts for Teenage Artists to Buy?

The gifts for teenage artists can be a bit more creative but you can also opt for some supplies of good quality. Young people can’t always afford to buy all the essentials from the best brands so a professional art set would be a good idea!

What Are the Best Gifts for Budding Artists?

Make sure your budding artist gifts provide them with the needed tools to practice their creativity and skill! Sometimes it is better to spoil the surprise and ask what they need, rather than shoot in the dark. After all, the best presents are the ones we can really use.