Best Gifts Ideas for Readers

For Her

  • Core Meditation Trainer – It will teach the readers how to meditate in their free time.
  • Gift Basket – Create a gift basket with homemade sweets, a bottle of alcohol, and an interesting book in the receiver’s favorite genre.
  • Library Memories Scented Candle – Every avid reader needs a good-smelling scented candle that will make them relax while diving into the magical world of books.
  • Pajama for a Book Lover – Get a special gift for the book readers. Surprise them with a pajama set with a unique print that will show their passion for reading books.
  • Hobby Caricature – One of the best gifts for readers is the personalized caricature portrait as it is a special and unique idea that can be personalized according to the receiver’s interests, passions, and personality. It can incorporate all the things the recipient loves and present them in a funny way.

Hobby caricature for her

  • Customized Library Stamp – Intrigue a book lover with a personalized library stamp, which they will be able to place on all of their favorite books.
  • Husband Pillow – So that your friend who loves reading books can have a comfortable place where they will be able to enjoy their books.
  • Tequila Mockingbird – A book with cocktail recipes with a literary twist. It’s the perfect gift for avid readers who also love cocktails.

Gifts for her

For Him

  • Socks for a Book Nerd – Surprise a friend who loves reading with a funny pair of socks that will depict their passion for books.
  • Leather Book Weight – A great accessory gift for book readers. This book weight is made of premium leather and will hold their books open while reading.
  • Funny Caricature Drawing – Make a book lover feel special by giving them a hand-drawn caricature drawing with a funny scenario. The design of the caricature can be made entirely from your creative idea. It can be related to one or many of the recipient’s hobbies and can depict a funny moment of their life. The caricature drawing is an original gift for readers, which they will surely love!

Funny caricature for him

  • Floating Bookshelf – Made out of non-ferrous metals, those floating bookshelves will keep your favorite books stacked for efficient storage.
  • Collection of Postcards from Penguin – A great gift idea for readers. Everyone who is into books and reading would love to receive a box with a hundred book covers of the world’s best and most-read books.

Gifts for him

Top Gifts for Avid Readers That Don’t Leave the Indifferent

For Classic Novels Lovers

  • Tea Subscription Box – A great gift for book readers who enjoy having a cup of tea while reading their novels.
  • Book-Themed Caricature Portrait – Make a special and personal gift for the friend who is into reading classic novels. Order a custom caricature with a design based on their favorite book. They can be illustrated as the main book characters and standing on one of the legendary places from the story. This will make an amazing gift for a reader, which they will love and treasure forever!

Book themed caricature

  • Reading Socks – They will keep the reader’s feet warm and comfortable while he/she is enjoying another classic novel.

For Detectives Lovers

  • Rechargeable Reading Light – For the nights when they are reading unputdownable detective novels.
  • Book Darts Line Markers – While reading detective books it’s important to follow the plotline and note down all details that might be important for unraveling the mystery. These line markers will point at exact lines and make it easy for the reader to note the important things.
  • Reading Glasses – If you are looking for practical gifts for readers, then you can make them happy with a pair of reading glasses that will lower the tension and pain in their eyes.

Gifts for detectives lovers

For Science Fiction Lovers

  • Book Lover’s Journal – They will finally have a place where they will be able to record all the books they have read. The book lovers will also be able to write down their favorite book authors and quotes, as well as to create a list of books they would like to read.
  • Personalized Bookworm Mug – It will turn out to be their favorite coffee mug as it will show how much they love reading books.
  • Personalized Caricature Drawing – Surprise a person who loves reading science fiction books with a caricature drawing where they will be illustrated as their favorite book hero. This will make a personal and meaningful gift for readers as it will relate to their hobby and personality.

Personalized caricature for science fiction lovers

  • Majestic Forest Bookends – Unique gift for book readers who like the science fiction genre and would like their library to have a majestic look.

Gifts for science fiction lovers

For Historical Lovers

  • Set of Highlighters – So that they can highlight all the important events and years in the books they are reading.
  • Notebook – Another amazing gift idea for readers who would like to note down the important facts but do not want to highlight their books.
  • Bookends in Historical Design – This unique accessory will make their bookshelves stand out and show their passion for reading historical books.

Gifts for historical lovers

For Horror Lovers

  • Custom Caricature Portrait – Surprise a friend who is into reading horror books with a unique custom caricature. The design of the drawing can be based on one of the recipient’s favorite books and can depict their love and passion for reading.

Caricature for horror lovers

  • Horror Bookmark – A great gift idea for the reader who is a big Steven King fan and loves the horror genre.

Great Gifts for Young Readers

For Pre-and School Children

  • Audible Membership – If you are looking for great gifts for young readers then you can surprise them with an audible membership. They will be able to easily follow the plotline of any book they are listening to as they will also have time to take notes while listening.
  • Personalized Christmas Tree Ornament – Do you have a friend who is passionate about reading books? Surprise them with a personalized ornament related to their favorite hobby.
  • Book-Themed Puzzle – The book-themed puzzle will make a great gift for readers especially if it’s related to one of the books they have recently read.
  • Funny Caricature Drawing – Surprise the young readers with a personalized caricature drawing with a funny design. Decide on the background design and add a few extra details that will illustrate the recipient’s passion for reading books. This will make a unique and special gift for readers, which they will love and treasure forever as it will carry sentimental value.

Funny caricature

  • “I Can Change the World” Book – This book is specially designed for kids to give them inspiration for all the things they can do to become better versions of themselves and change the world.
  • Miniature Library – A unique gift idea for young readers. They will be able to make their own miniature library by adding mini versions of popular books to it.

Gifts for children who love books

For Teenagers

  • Kindle Paperwhite – If you are looking for practical gifts for readers, then you can surprise them with a kindle. They will be able to carry it with themselves wherever they go and enjoy reading all of their favorite books.
  • Scribd Subscription – Surprise someone who is into reading with a unique subscription that has thousands of books, audiobooks, magazines, and podcasts.
  • Personalized Poster in a Frame – Make a teenager who loves reading happy by getting them a personalized poster with a funny message that will illustrate their passion for reading books.
  • 100 Books Scratch Off Poster – A funny gift for readers that will take them through some of the most interesting and famous books of all time.
  • Hand-Draw Caricature Portrait – Make a special and personal gift for readers. Order a custom caricature portrait related to their interests, hobbies, and personality. The design of the caricature can be created entirely from your idea, which will make it an extremely special and personal gift for readers that will make their hearts burst with happiness and love.

Caricature for teenagers

  • Book Cookie Cutter – They will be able to bake cookies in the form of books.
  • Comic Book – A great gift idea for teenagers who love reading comic books.

Gifts for teenagers

Cool Gifts Ideas for Various Events


  • Wedding Caricature – Get a wedding caricature gift for readers. The couple can be wearing their wedding clothes and each of them can be holding their favorite book. Don’t forget that the design of the caricature can be created entirely from your idea and you can include details that speak to their interests, occupation, or personality traits.

Wedding caricature

  • Teak Bathtub Caddy – They will be able to enjoy reading their favorite book while relaxing in the bathtub.


  • Book Birthday Cake – Order a birthday cake in the shape of their favorite book.
  • Page Anchor – This unique accessory is a great gift idea for readers.

Birthday gifts for book lovers


  • Christmas Caricature Portrait – Make your friends who love reading feel special with a unique Christmas caricature! It can depict their interests, hobbies, or character traits. Create a personalized and meaningful present that will bring many smiles and positive emotions!

Christmas caricature

  • Coffee Mug Warmer – It will keep their coffee or tea warm during the time they are reading.


  • Personalized Caricature for Engagement – Surprise your loved one or a couple that is close to you with a unique caricature portrait that can capture the special moment of engagement. It can illustrate the man proposing to his lady and is a thoughtful and meaningful gift, which they will love and remember!

Personalized caricature for engagement

  • Custom Bookplate Stamp – A unique gift, which they will be able to use while making their wedding invitations.

How to Choose the Perfect Gift for Readers

Find out the Interests

When browsing for unique gifts for bookworms make sure that you consider their other interests as well. This will help you choose the perfect gifts for readers.

Find out Favorite Genre

Another thing to find out is their favorite genre. Do they enjoy reading thrillers or romance novels? Make sure that you know this as well as some of the authors they hate and love.

Take Care of Emotional Photos Upon Receipt

Make sure that you are prepared to take a photo of your friend when you surprise them with the incredible gift you have bought. They can then place the picture in their favorite book and have it as a keepsake that will always remind them of the special bond you two have.

How Quickly Deliver a Present

You can deliver your gift as soon as you see your friend. This is the easiest and most obvious option.

However, if you would like to stand out and make an impression on the recipient, then you can organize a secret surprise party! Simply invite a few close friends and make the day one to remember!

Your friend who is into reading books would love to have some fun and will be surprised by your original approach to giving them the gift!

Order a Caricature – Leave a Smile on the Face of Your Loved One

Personalized artwork can make any reader feel special! It will highlight their best traits, interests, and hobbies.

Think about what theme and details will suit your friend best and get a custom caricature based on your own idea! This is one of the best gift ideas for readers of any age, style, and interests.

You can order a custom caricature from, where you will find hundreds of design ideas and the option for a fully custom design. Caricature24 works with professional artists that use one photo of the character and turn it into a unique piece of art!



What Are Best Gifts Ideas For Readers?

You may think that the best gifts for readers are books but you may get them so many other things that are related to their hobby. Some of the best gift ideas for readers include special bookends and bookmarks, bookshelves, personalized t-shirts and mugs for readers, and a custom caricature portrait.

What Are Great Gifts For Young Readers?

All young readers would love to receive interesting gifts such as an audible membership, bookthemed puzzle, kindle paperwhite, or a funny comic book.

How Quickly Deliver A Gift For Avid Readers?

Deliver the gift as soon as you have it. Alternatively, you can also send it by post or use trusted courier services to deliver your gift straight to their door. The delivery will normally take around 3-5 days.

How To Choose The Perfect Gift For Readers?

When choosing gifts for readers, the first thing to do is to find out their interests and their favorite genre. You can also try to find information about the authors they love reading.

How To Order A Caricature For Special Day?

Easily order a caricature portrait in a few steps. Select a photo of your book lover friend, decide on the size and color you would like the caricature in, choose a background design or create your own by describing your idea, and submit your order. After just a few days, you will receive an amazing caricature portrait for a gift that promises to take the receiver’s breath away!