Best Ideas For The First Fathers Day Gifts 2021

The best first Father’s Day gifts are the ones that will show him how special he is. Surprise him with something meaningful and thoughtful that will make him feel happy and excited that he has become a father!

  • Beer Subscription – Every month he will receive interesting bottles and cans of lagers and ales from all around the world.
  • Echo Dot – The popular Amazon’s Alexa will be his personal and trusted assistant. She can set alarms and reminders for him, give him food recipes, create to-do lists, and much more.
  • Personalized Family Caricature – Make a special and personal first Father’s Day gift. Order a funny caricature drawing of the whole family with a custom background! Don’t forget to include special details that are dear to each of the family members. This will make an amazing and unforgettable present, which the new dad will love and enjoy for years!

Caricature for first fathers day

You can also have a look at our ultimate guide for the best Father’s Day Gift Ideas.

Things To Consider When Choosing Gifts For Man

His Hobbies

When looking for first Father’s Day gift ideas, take into account the man’s hobbies and interests. Choose a fun present related to one or many of his passions.

His Personality

Be creative and impress the new father with a personalized first Father’s Day gift, related to his personality and unique character traits.

His Occupation

Another thing to consider when choosing Father’s Day gifts for new dads is the man’s occupation. You can surprise him with a practical present that he will use in his workplace.

His Age

Don’t forget to also take into account his age. Men of different ages have different interests and different kinds of gifts would make them happy.

What To Get Husband For First Father Day

Something You Can Enjoy Together

  • Instant Camera – Take photos and have them instantly printed. It’s a great first Father’s Day gift idea if you would like to create a DIY family album or journal.
  • Wine Subscription – Being a parent isn’t an easy job especially when your newborn is doing everything possible to keep you both busy at all times. Treat your husband and you to a monthly wine subscription. Every month you will receive a selection of wines tailored to suit your taste and preferences!
  • Diaper Backpack – Get a diaper backpack with many pockets and storage spaces for all of the supplies your kid needs when you go for a walk in the park.
  • Coffee Subscription – If you would like to try new and interesting coffee blends from around the world, then this is the perfect gift choice for you!

Gifts you can enjoy together

Choose Something Practical

  • Espresso Machine – Get a machine that will make rich and creamy homemade coffees.
  • Blender – So that he can make tasty and healthy smoothies and purees for him and the baby.
  • Dad Hoodie – A great gift idea for expectant dads and new fathers. Surprise him with a hoodie that has many pockets designed especially to fit all of the necessary baby supplies such as milk bottles, diapers, wet wipes, etc.
  • Robot Vacuum Cleaner – A first Father’s Day gift that will help him clean the home quicker and will save him time from this house chore.

Practical gifts

Something Sentimental

  • Personalized T-Shirt for the Best Dad – He will be able to show off to all his friends and relatives what an amazing father he is.
  • Family Caricature Portrait – Make your husband feel special on his first Father’s Day with a personalized family caricature portrait. Every member will be illustrated as a funny cartoon character including your little child. This will make a great and one-of-a-kind present as it can be fully customized according to your husband’s interests and passions! You can include details related to his hobbies, occupation, and character traits to make the gift personal and one to remember!

Family caricature

  • Personalized Photo Keychain – A personal and sentimental first Father’s Day gift, which he will keep forever.
  • The Adventure Challenge Book: Family Edition – It contains funny and unique challenges and dares, which you can do as a family.
  • Dinner in a Fancy Restaurant – Fir his first Father’s Day, take your husband to a popular restaurant in your area and make him happy with a unique experience gift. You will be able to spend some time alone and discuss what great parents you are.

Sentimental gifts

Something Based On Their Interests

  • Gym Membership – A great first Father’s Day gift for the man who wants to get back in shape.
  • Charcoal Grill – So that he can make his signature steaks and burgers for any family occasion.
  • Hobby Caricature – Make him feel special with a personalized caricature drawing related to his hobbies and interests. Think about all the things he loves doing and include them as details in the drawing. He can be illustrated fishing, working out, painting, reading his favorite book, playing a musical instrument, etc.

Hobby caricature

Amazing First Father’s Day Gift From Son

  • Custom Engraved 3D Photo Crystal – A unique and sentimental first Father’s day gift idea, which any dad will love.
  • Personalized Children’s Book – It will turn out to be his and his baby boy’s favorite nighttime book.
  • First Time Dad Beer Labels – A unique and funny first Father’s Day gift idea. Surprise him with personalized beer labels, designed especially for first-time dads.
  • Family Superheroes Caricature – Order a personalized caricature where each family member will be illustrated as the superhero character they resemble the most! This will make an amazing and thoughtful first Father’s Day gift, which he will treasure forever!

Family superheroes caricature

  • Beard Grooming Kit – A great and practical last-minute gift for a first-time dad who likes taking care of his beard.
  • Photo Calendar – Get a personalized calendar where on each month’s page there will be a photo of his baby boy.
  • Smart Watch – Any dad would love to receive a stylish and trendy smartwatch.

First fathers day gifts from son

Cute First Father’s Day Gifts From Daughter

  • Personalized Coffee Mug – Surprise him with a cute first Father’s Day gift. Order a coffee mug with a dear message or with a photo of his daughter on it.
  • Personalized Dad Book – Tell him how great and amazing he is by getting him a special personalized book designed especially to showcase all his good qualities and acts.
  • New Dad Personalized Beer Glass – It will become his favorite lager glass.
  • Family Caricature Drawing – One of the best first Father’s Day gifts this year is the personalized caricature drawing! It’s a special and unique present as it can be fully customized according to the receiver’s interests, passions, and character traits. Make a new dad feel special and loved by getting him a caricature portrait of the whole family!

Family caricature from daughter

  • Custom Star Map – Make him feel special with a custom star map of the day his little girl was born!
  • Engraved Whiskey Decanter – A great first Father’s Day gift idea for the dad who loves treating himself to a glass of whiskey from time to time.
  • Personalized First Father’s Day Frame – Tell him “Thank you” for all of his efforts as a dad with a unique frame with a special personalized message.

First fathers day gifts from daughter

Why Get Personalized Caricature as The First Fathers Day Present

It’s Personal and Thoughtful

Forget about the cliché gifts such as chocolates and socks! Order a fully customizable caricature drawing as a first Father’s Day gift. It’s a meaningful and dear gift idea as it can incorporate all the things the new dad loves and turn them into a funny cartoon drawing!

He Will Enjoy It For Years

This is one of the few long-lasting gifts that he will keep and enjoy for years. It can preserve the memories from the time when his baby boy or girl was just a newborn.

It’s a Perfect Fit For Fathers of Any Interest or Age

The fact that the caricature portrait can be completely personalized according to each person’s needs and requirements makes it a perfect fit for fathers of any age, occupation, and interest.

It’s Custom Made and One Of A Kind

Another great thing about the personalized caricature portrait is that it can be made entirely from your idea! You can create an amazing, unique, and one-of-a-kind first Father’s Day gift, which he will love and treasure forever!



What Is The Best First Fathers Day Gift?

The best first Father’s Day gift is the one that will show the man how special he is and blessed to be a father. This can be a personalized gift that is related to his interests, passions, occupation, or character traits.

How To Choose First Fathers Day Gifts?

The best first Father’s Day gifts are the ones that speak to his interests, passions, and character traits. Think about what the man loves doing. Don’t forget to pay attention to the quality of the gift and if possible to personalize it by adding something small from yourself.

What To Get Husband For First Father Day?

For his first Father’s Day, surprise him with something practical, sentimental, or related to his interests and hobbies. Some amazing first Father’s Day gift ideas include a coffee machine, personalized photo mug or keychain, hand-drawn caricature portrait, and charcoal grill.

What To Get A First Time Dad For Father’s Day?

All dads deserve extra attention and a special Father’s Day gift! Make a new father happy with a photo calendar, personalized dad’s book, custom star map, or a custom family caricature! It’s important the gift to show him how valued and appreciated he is!

Is Personalized Caricature A Good First Father’s Day Gift?

It’s not only a good first Father’s Day gift idea but also one of the best ones as it can be personalized according to the man’s interests, passions, occupations, and character traits! It can depict him in his favorite place, doing the things he loves the most. Other characters can also be included to make the gift even more special and one to remember and treasure forever!