How to Choose a Gift for Beer Lover

He was a wise man who invented beer! If you have a friend, colleague, or loved one who is a real fan of the cold drink, we are here to help you discover amazing gift ideas for beer lovers.

In this guide, you will find fun and practical presents to make a memorable surprise for every occasion whether it is a birthday, Christmas, or even a wedding! Dive into the extensive list to find just the perfect gifts for beer drinkers, brewers, and craft enthusiasts!

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Best Beer Lover Gifts 2021

Life is too short to drink ordinary beer! Surprise your friends with a festive beer-themed gift that will be an experience to remember. Those gifts for beer enthusiasts can easily match any personality and taste!

Accessories For Him

  • Beer Socks – If you can read this, bring me some beer!
  • Beer Holder Stakes – Perfect for camping, backyard barbeque, and outdoor chill sessions.
  • Extra Large Draft Beer Mug – This custom 25 oz glass is just the right size for the biggest beer fan.
  • Personalized Wall Mounted Bottle Opener – It will be a perfect fit for the decor while also serving an important purpose.
  • Insulated Bottle Cooler – A must-have gift for people who like beer.
  • Hobby Caricature – Surprise him with a hand-drawn portrait combining two favorite things: his hobby and his beer.

Hobby caricature for him

  • Custom Beer Mugs – Personalized present that will level up his experience.
  • Beer Hoodie – So he can let his outfit speak for itself.
  • Insulated Beer Carrier – Practical beer gift idea for him that is guaranteed to find good use.

Gifts accessories for him

Add a personal touch to your gift for beer lover by combining it with some cool ideas from our list of Birthday Gifts For Dad.

Accessories For Her

  • Rapid Beer & Wine Chiller – Because beer is best served cold.
  • Beer Pantry Cookbook – Fun gift for beer lovers who like to experiment in the kitchen.
  • Magnetic Bottle Opener With Magnetic Cap Catcher – Fast and convenient beer game-changer.
  • Custom Photo Coasters – A nice reminder of some favorite memories.
  • Beers of The World Gift Basket – Comes with beer from all over the world and amazing snacks.
  • Beer Bottle Cap Opener – Shaped like a sleek card it can easily fit any purse.
  • Beer Pajamas Set – Perfect gift for real beer enthusiasts.

Gifts accessories for her

Funny Gift Ideas

Beer has food value, but food has no beer value. If your friends have a good sense of humor, don’t miss the opportunity to check those witty gifts for the beer lover.

  • 100 Beers Bucket List Scratch Poster –  Exciting gift for beer drinkers that like a challenge.
  • Beer Socks – You can get a model with IPA, lager, or stout.
  • Beer Soap – If they ever wondered what would it be to bathe in it.
  • Professions Caricature – Get creative and surprise them with a portrait featuring all the things that make them smile.

Professions caricature

  • Beer-Infused BBQ Sauce – Great gift for beer lovers who know the importance of good appetizers.
  • Mini Beer Pong Travel Set – Good company and good beer require some fun activities too.
  • The Oxford Companion to Beer – This book is great for anyone who is curious to learn more about the world of beers.

Funny gifts ideas

Best Presents to Make the Receiver Laugh

  • Shower Beer Holder – There is no right or wrong place to have a refreshing drink. 
  • Beer Yoga Kit – Fun beer drinker gift idea if they are also into wellness.
  • Caricature Beer Mug – Get a unique personalized caricature and use it for the most creative beer pint.

Caricature beer mug

  • Guzzler Drinking Helmet – A gift for beer lovers that will allow them to enjoy the favorite drink hands-free.
  • Personalized Beer T-shirt  – They will love this new statement piece for their wardrobe.
  • Beeropoly – The only board game that they can’t refuse.
  • Beer Belt Holster – Because is reliable self-defense against boring Friday nights.
  • Viking Brew Horn – The accessory is completed by an authentic wooden stand and a secure leather strap.

Funny presents

Gifts for Beer Brewers

If they prefer to make their own beer rather than getting a 6-pack from the store, take a look at those carefully selected gifts for beer brewers. Creating craft beer requires knowledge, gadgets, a bit of experience, and a lot of love for good beer.

  • IPA Beer Brewing Kit – For the real beer connoisseurs.
  • Ultimate Homebrewer’s Kit – To try out with different types of blends.
  • Home Brew Journal –  It is important to keep track of the best recipes, fermentation techniques, and results.
  • Pressurized Craft Beer Growler – This will keep their favorite brew in optimal conditions.

Gifts for beer brewers

  • Hobby Caricature – They will be impressed with the custom portrait dedicated to their hobby.

Caricature for beer brewers

Useful Brewing Equipment

  • Glass Carboy
  • Electric Brew Kettle
  • Brewer Dual-Stage Temp Controller 
  • Brewer Digital Thermometer 
  • Beer Filter Kit
  • Grain Brewing System with Pump

Useful brewing equipment

Gifts for Craft Beer Lovers

Good people drink good beer. This section is dedicated to gifts for craft beer lovers who know their preferences well!

  • Craft Beer Club Monthly Subscription – A great chance to discover new tastes and find new favorites.
  • Craft Beer Candles – A creative gift for craft beer lovers.
  • Beer Cap Map – An artsy way to collect the caps of the craft brews.
  • Personalized Wood Beer Caddy – Much more stylish than the cardboard alternative.
  • Portable Cooler – So they can have a bottle of good beer wherever they go.
  • The Brewmaster’s Table: Discovering the Pleasures of Real Beer With Real Food – They will learn more about the history of beer, the different styles of brewing, and the best food combinations.
  • Beer Making Beginners Kit – For the ones eager to try a new hobby.
  • 4-Piece Craft Beer Tasting Kit – The proper way to drink IPA, stouts, or American wheat beer.

Gifts for craft beer lovers

Why Choose Personalized Gifts

It Makes Gift Giving Fun and Creative

Custom gifts can make anyone feel special! Moreover, you can see their priceless reaction when they receive an item made only for them and this instantly turns it into a positive experience for both sides.

It Will Be Treasured Forever

Whether they are practical or just for fun, personalized presents have sentimental value and always bring good memories. The custom beer lover gifts will be a nice reminder of the occasion that you have celebrated together.

They Are Suitable for Everyone

Since you have the creative freedom to order any design and text of your choice, those gifts can easily match different interests, personality traits, and age groups. Some prefer meaningful and touching gifts, while others would rather go for something fun and entertaining.

It Shows You Have Put Thought into Their Gift

If you want to make them smile, your gift doesn’t have to be big and expensive. Aim for a surprise that shows you know them very well and love and support them just the way they are.

Unique Gifts for Beer Lovers

Thoughtful, fun, and creative gifts for a beer lover that can’t go unnoticed! We dare you to think out of the box (or out of the bottle) and surprise them with a gift they will remember.

  • Beer of the Month Club – Every month they will receive a 12-pack of carefully selected beers.
  • Outdoor Beer Table –  It comes with enough place for beers and snacks as well as a handy bottle opener.
  • Beer Foaming Stones – The best gift for your suds-loving friend who appreciates thick lacy foam.
  • Campfire Beer Caramelizer – When the stainless steel rod is put out of the fire and into the icy beer, the alcohol sugars caramelize and the result is an amazing addition to the taste and texture.
  • Caricature from Photo – Surprise them with a one-of-kind portrait that will always be a dear memory.

Custom caricature

  • Beer Chilling Coasters – The solid marbles not only look impressive but also have great practical value.
  • The Complete Beer Course: Boot Camp for Beer Geeks – This book will easily become a favorite read.
  • Personalized Beer Cap Shadow Box – Suitable gift for craft beer lovers who like trying out different brands.
  • Colster Can Insulator – To keep their brew nice, cold, and refreshing.
  • Hydro Flask Growler – A great addition for any traveler, hiker, or camper.

Gifts for beer lovers

How To Order a Caricature For a Beer Lover in Your Life

The best gift ideas are personal, creative, and long-lasting! How about a custom portrait dedicated to their hobbies, lifestyle, and characteristic traits? Create a unique art piece with the professional artists of where every idea can be turned into reality! You can choose from hundreds of design options in different categories or submit your own idea.

For a custom caricature just provide a detailed description of the background, characters, and plot of the caricature. Make a unique present for beer lovers by incorporating any beer-related details of your choice in the personalized design! All portraits are drawn by real artists who use one photo of the person to turn them into an amazing caricature character.


How To Choose A Gift For A Beer Lover In Your Life?

There are so many gift ideas for beer lovers, but the best option would be to consider their personal taste and character traits. You can select a practical gift like a beer cooler or some brewing equipment or you can surprise them with something fun like beer socks or Beeropoly!

What Are the Best Beer Lover Gifts 2021?

If you really want to impress the beer fans, go for a beer subscription that will give them new varieties to try every month. Another great idea would be a beer brewing kit which comes with a bit of a challenge and a nice reward.

What Is the Funniest Gift for a Beer Lover?

Give them a worthy challenge with a 100 beers bucket list or make them laugh with some funky beer socks! For the ladies, you can find different types of hair products with beer extract, while the perfect gift for the heart of the company would be a beer-themed board game.

What Personalized Gift Can I Give to a Beer Drinker?

You can never go wrong with a personalized beer mug, a themed T-shirt, or some fun coasters. Get creative and think outside the box because custom gifts are meant to stand out and make a memorable surprise.