What Makes Good Gifts For Computer Lovers

Something Functional

We all have at least one computer geek on our shopping list, who loves receiving tech gear and accessories. It’s always a good idea to get them a practical and useful gift, which they will put into use.

Something Special And Thoughtful

However, you can also break the tradition of giving techie trinkets and video games to the computer nerd in your life, and get them a meaningful and thoughtful present this year. Make a long-lasting gift that will still be related to their passion for gaming.

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Tips For Choosing Presents For Computer Geeks

Choose Gifts Related To What They Nerd Out Over

When choosing gifts for computer geeks, consider their favorite game genre and console. Think about their interests and the thing they nerd out over. Once you find out that information, it will be easy for you to decide on the best gift for your computer geeks friends and relatives.

Prefer Something Relatively Useful

Pay attention to what they need and miss in their gaming setup. Practical tech-related gifts would please any computer nerd, however, be careful about misconceptions. Make sure that you know the type of video games that person loves and the latest trends in the tech industry.

Think Out-Of-The-Box

Sometimes the unusual and unexpected gifts are the ones that bring the most smiles and happiness to the receiver. Think out of the box and get a unique gift for the computer geek in your life. This can be a personalized item or a funny drawing that will depict his passion for the digital world.

How To Personalize Your Gift

Personalized gifts show the recipient that you care and love them. They will appreciate you spending extra time to make their present even more special and exciting.

You can personalize it by adding a hand-written card to it or by adding special stickers and decals. Other interesting methods are engraving and embroidery. Whichever method you choose to personalize your gifts for computer geeks, they will surely appreciate the effort you’ve put in.

Best Gifts For Computer Geeks 2021

From Friends

  • Evolution of a Computer Geek Hoodie – A funny hoodie that will make a great gift for any computer geek.
  • Subscription to a VPN Service – Computer nerds seem to always want to change their VPN depending on the current deals in the gaming market.
  • Gaming Mouse – Order a high-quality and sensitive gaming mouse for the computer geek on your shopping list.
  • BS Button – When they don’t approve something, they will press this button, which will light and announce that a BS has been detected. This unique gag gift will please any computer geek as no one will ever dare to interrupt their work or game.
  • Funny Hand-Drawn Caricature – If you are looking for unique gift ideas for computer geeks, then you might consider ordering a funny personalized caricature portrait. Think about their passions and personality traits and include details in the caricature related to them. This will make a funny, meaningful, and thoughtful gift that will bring many smiles to the computer nerds in your life!

Funny caricature from friends

  • LED Name Badge – For the computer geek who also works in an office. They will have a one-of-a-kind name badge that will represent their passion for the digital world.
  • Game Boy Watch – This unique watch has the design of the classic retro console and is a great gift idea for any computer geek.
  • Laptop Backpack – So that they can carry their gaming laptop with them wherever they go.

Gifts from friends for computers nerds

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From Siblings

  • Wireless Headset – Surprise the gamers who are into FPS games with a high-quality wireless headset with surround sound.
  • Echo Dot – Who doesn’t need Alexa in their life?
  • Smart Watch – If you are looking for unique presents for computer geeks, you can make them happy with the newest model smartwatch.
  • Retro Pocket Console – A great gift idea for the retro gaming console fandom.
  • Hobby Caricature – One of the best gift ideas for computer geeks this year is the hand-drawn caricature portrait. They will be illustrated doing the things they love the most. Order a present that celebrates their personality and uniqueness!

Hobby caricature from siblings

  • Keyboard Waffle Iron – The list of cool gift ideas for computer geeks includes a waffle iron that will make their waffles in the shape of a keyboard.
  • Electronics Organizer – This bag will fit all their cables, power banks, and electronic gadgets.
  • Puzzle for Gamer – For the person who loves doing puzzles but is also a video game lover.

Gifts from siblings

From Girlfriend Or Boyfriend

  • Personalized Desktop Decision Spinner – Challenge them to spin this gadget when they have a moment of indecision. It will help them find an answer and decide on how to proceed with their task.
  • Poster Set of the 6 First Computers – Every computer geek would love to have these posters in their room.
  • Book about the History of Gaming – They will read about how the introduction of video games has changed the culture of gaming.
  • Game-Themed Caricature Portrait – If you would like to make a long-lasting gift for computer geeks, then the personalized caricature portrait is for you! Order a cartoon drawing from your own idea, it can be themed on one of the games the recipient loves. He/she can be illustrated as his/her favorite video game characters and the whole background can resemble the world in their favorite game!

Game-themed caricature portrait

  • Pac-Man Lamp – A unique gift for the fan of the Pac-man game.

Gifts from girlfriend or boyfriend

Cool Gift Ideas For Computer Geeks Based On The Occasion

For Christmas

  • Razer Keyboard – One of the best gifts for computer geeks is a high-quality keyboard from razer that will enhance their gameplay.
  • Gaming Chair – A great Christmas gift, which any person who spends most of their time in front of the monitor, will be pleased to receive.
  • New PC – Continue the gift-giving tradition this year by surprising the computer geek in your life with a powerful new pc that will run all of their games on high graphics.
  • Christmas Caricature – You can choose the most suitable theme, background, details, and text to create an artwork that is guaranteed to make them smile. Any creative idea can be drawn and turned into reality! Select a design that best reflects their character and what they are well-known for. This unique Christmas gift idea for computer geeks will bring them many smiles and positive emotions for years to come!

Christmas caricature

  • Robot Vacuum Cleaner – It will clean their home while they are busy playing their favorite video game.
  • Arcade Cabinet – Every computer geek will nerd out if they receive a real arcade cabinet.

For St. Valentines Day

  • Personalized Headphone Stand – Order a stand for their headphones with their name engraved on it.
  • Retro PlayStation Necklace and Earrings – A great Valentine’s gift for the lady who is a computer geek.
  • Instant Camera – You will be able to take photos together and have them instantly printed.
  • Romantic Valentines Caricature – Show your significant other how much they mean to you by surprising them with a personalized romantic caricature. Choose an original design that will be related to their interests, passions, and best character traits. This will make an incredible and personal gift for computer geeks that will show them how much you love and care about them!

Romantic valentines caricatures

  • Gaming Mouse Pad – Surprise your loved one with a new gaming mouse pad with an original design.
  • Personalized Mug – Express your love with a funny mug that will depict your significant other’s passion for video games.

Gifts for st. valentines day

For Birthday

  • Tech Support Checklist T-Shirt – Idea gift for the computer geek in your life who also works as tech support.
  • Gaming Glasses – They will filter the blue light and protect their eyes.
  • Funny Birthday Caricature – Personalized artwork can make any computer geek feel special! It highlights their best traits, interests, and achievements but is also fun and imaginative. Think about what theme and details will suit them best and get a custom caricature based on your own idea! This is a great birthday gift idea for computer geeks of any age, style, and interests.

Caricature for birthday

  • VR Headset – So that they can dive into virtual reality gaming.
  • NES Cube Speaker – A nice vintage-looking speaker, which will delight any computer geek.
  • Adjustable Laptop Stand – So that they can work or play on their laptop even from the bed or the sofa.

Gifts for birthday

Why Personalized Caricature Is A Perfect Gift For Computer Geek

Personalized artwork can make any computer geek feel special! It highlights their best traits, interests, and achievements but is also fun and imaginative. Think about what theme and details will suit them best and get a custom caricature based on your own idea! This is a great gift for computer geeks of any age, style, and interests.

You can order a custom caricature from Caricature24.com, where you will find hundreds of design ideas and the option for a fully custom design. Caricature24 works with professional artists that use one photo of the character and turn it into a unique piece of art!



What Are The Best Gifts For Computer Geeks?

This year, the list with the best gifts for computer geeks includes a Razer keyboard, wireless headset, subscription to a VPN service, electronics organizer, personalized hobby caricature, and many others.

How To Choose Presents For Computer Geeks?

When choosing gifts for computer geeks, consider their favorite game genre and console. Think about their interests and the thing they nerd out over. You can also pay attention to what they need and miss in their gaming setup as practical tech-related gifts would please any computer nerd.

Which Birthday Gift Will Computer Geeks Like?

Make a special birthday gift for the computer geeks in your life. Get them a VR headset, computer glasses, adjustable laptop stand, funny t-shirt for a computer geek, or a personalized birthday caricature.

What Are The Best Valentine Gifts For Computer Nerds?

The best Valentine gifts for computer nerds are the ones that will show your significant other that you know all the little things about them. Make them feel special with a romantic couples caricature, personalized mug, instant camera, personalized headphones stand, or a gaming mouse pad.