Christmas Presents for 3-Year-Old Boy: What to Look For

This is one of the most fun ages to buy for as he’s likely to be very active and developing his own personality. The best Christmas presents for 3-year-old boy encourage him to engage his motor skills, attention and imagination.

Choose Gift Help Kids Learn

Look for toys that are going to challenge his growing mind while not being too complicated for his age.

  • Write And Learn Creative Center 
  • Little Genius Starter Kit Shop here

Consider The Age and Level of Development

The Christmas presents for a 3-year-old boy should be fun and easy to use.

Remember About Safety

Keep in mind his level of maturity and select toys and packaging that are safe to use.

  • Plush Interactive Toy
  • Etch-a-Sketch Shop here

Try the Items that Spark Child’s Imagination

Threenagers develop at their own pace and everything that involves imaginative play is a good idea.

  • Aqua Draw Doodle Mat
  • Magnetic Wooden Block Set Shop here

Items That Develop Reading Skills

When it comes to Christmas presents for 3-year-old boy, it’s all about cognitive development and imagination.

  • A to Z Magnatab Shop here
  • Book for Toddlers

Seek Out Toys that Encourage Kid to Be Active

Keep him healthy and happy with toys that help him engage in physical activities while having fun.

Best Christmas Gift Ideas for 3-Year-Old Boy

If you’re looking for great Christmas presents for 3-year-old boy, you’ve come to the right place! Here are our top recommendations that he will definitely enjoy.

Kick Scooter

Let him explore the outdoors and have hours of fun with a brand new ride.

Mini Trampoline

Jumping is not only a good physical exercise but also a great mood booster. Shop here

Play Kitchen

Playing master chef at home would be good both for his imagination and his future love for cooking.

His First Car

If cars are his favorite toys, this one will win his heart from the first glance.

A Bike

For the feeling of freedom, speed and happiness that can’t compare.


An exciting Christmas present for 3-year-old boy that he can also share with friends. Shop here

LEGO Duplo Set

Imaginative and colorful building sets that will occupy his hands and imagination.

Check our holiday list of Best Christmas Gifts for 4-Year-Old Boys to discover more awesome ideas.

Kinetic Sand

So soft and easy to mold in endless shapes and imaginary places. Shop here

Why Giving Keepsakes to a 3-Year-Old Is a Great Idea

It’s not too early to start making memories with your little ones! After some time those keepsakes will bring back the precious moments of childhood you shared together.

Those thoughtful and meaningful gifts have value that grows every year. Here are a few of our favorite Christmas presents for 3-year-old boy that always carry smiles and goods memories.

4. Memorable Christmas Presents for 3-Year-Old Boy

Baby Blanket

For children blankets have a special role – they comfort them and keep them “safe” in the dark. For parents, they have specific sentimental value. The baby blanket is connected to all the comforting, warm, and happy memories from early childhood.

Keepsake Box

The best Christmas presents for 3-year-old boy are the ones that he will remember as he grows up. Fill the keepsake box with small items, photos or notes that will keep safe the memories of his first steps into the world.

A Custom-Made Portrait

This age is a period of the family life that everyone wants to remember. So many fun, exciting, daring and sweet adventures together! Safe those beautiful emotions with a personalized caricature of the family.

How to Order A Caricature Portrait for a 3-Year-Old Boy

All illustrations at are drawn by professional artists using one face photo for each character. You can order a design from the website or submit your own design idea.

Take A Picture or Select The Picture You Already Have

Select photos with good quality, visible facial features and suitable lighting.

Choose The Size and The Colors For Your Portrait

Consider the preferred size if you would like to get your caricature on a poster or canvas print. You can also choose between colorful or black and white style.

Leave Your Comments and Suggestions

The design of the background theme and details is entirely up to you! Customize one of the ready designs or provide a detailed description of your own idea for the setting.

Wait For Your Custom Painting

When the artwork is ready you will receive a preview of the design. After your approval, the caricature can be printed and shipped as a poster or canvas print.