Mother’s Day Gift Ideas from Children

No matter how old we get, we will always be mom’s favorite kids! This is the perfect occasion to express our gratitude for her maternal support, unconditional love, and care. Here you can find some of the top-rated Mother’s Day gift ideas from kids that will warm her heart!

From Little Kids

  • Handprint Art – A masterpiece created with colorful palm prints and much love.
  • DIY Bookmark – She would be happy to use it for her favorite book.
  • Painted Cup – Good Mother’s Day gift from kids who love drawing.
  • Personalized Picture Frame – They will have fun turning an ordinary frame into a creative present.
  • Printable Mother’s Day Crafts – An easy DIY alternative for the little ones.
  • Coupon Book – A special offer for all sorts of “services” from hugs to help at home.

Gifts from little kids

From Teenagers

  • Phenomenal Mother T-Shirt – Because she is the superhero in the family.
  • Personalized Necklace – Elegant Мother’s Day gift idea from grown-up kids.
  • Hoya Heart Plant – The heart-shaped leaves give it a special meaning.
  • Beauty Products – Hair and body care products are always a good idea.
  • Jewelry Organizer – To keep her collection neat and well-organized.
  • Reed Diffuser – A good alternative to the scented candles.
  • Beautiful  Shawl – A stylish accessory is always welcome in a lady’s wardrobe.

Gifts from teenagers

From Adult Kids

  • Family Caricature – A thoughtful present that will find a special place in her home.

Caricature from adult kids

  • Deluxe Foot Warmer – For the mom that always feels a little bit cold.
  • Earrings – A beautiful Mother’s Day gift from adult kids that will always bring nice memories.
  • Compact Air Fryer – The perfect present for a mom who likes experimenting in the kitchen.
  • Flower Subscription – Every month there will be a lovely bouquet at her door.
  • I Love You Mom: And Here’s Why – Fill in the gaps to express your love and appreciation.
  • Fitness Watch – Because her health should always be a priority.

Gifts from adult kids

Choosing Best Mother’s Day Gift from Kids

How creative can you get with your surprise for Mother’s Day? We challenge you to try out some handmade, personalized, and memorable present ideas!

Personalized Gifts

Mother’s Day gifts from kids are even more special if you add a personal touch!

Based on Her Age

  • Mother’s Day Hamper – Fill the gift basket with small surprises for mom.
  • Adult Coloring Book – There is a child living in each one of us.
  • Best Mom Certificates – Melt her heart with an honorary award from the family.
  • Shower Steamers – Infused with different aromas for a real Spa-worthy experience.
  • Framed Pressed Flowers – Homemade Mother’s day gift from kids that will last longer than a bouquet.
  • Herb Garden Planter – A great addition to her kitchen counter.
  • Silk Pillowcase – With benefits for the skin and the hair.

Gifts based on mother age

Based on Her Occupation

  • Professions Caricature – Surprise her with a unique portrait that is personalized for her occupation.

Profession caricature

  • Succulent Garden – Mother’s Day presents from kids that she can take to her office.
  • Personalized Pen – Add a special message to bring her a smile at work.
  • Notebook Planner – An essential accessory for every hard-working mom.
  • Photo Coasters – Select photos with dear memories that she can always see on her desk.

Gifts based on mothers occupation

Based on Her Hobby

The best Mother’s Day gifts from kids are meaningful and thoughtful! What is her favorite thing to do?

Based On Her Interests

  • Sunflower Garden Grow Kit – A sunny present for moms with gardens.
  • Handprint Apron – Mother’s Day gift idea from kids who like to paint.
  • Clay Handprint Jewelry Dish – This sweet DIY project will definitely impress her.
  • Hobby Caricature – Make her smile with a hand-drawn portrait with her favorite hobbies.

Hobby caricature

  • Mom and Me Cookbook – The best present for any mom is the time she spends with her kids.
  • Beauty Box – A carefully curated collection of self-care products.

Gifts based on mother interests

Custom Orders

  • Personalized Family Names Throw Pillow – No matter where we go, we will always be reunited at home.
  • Personalized Birthstone Necklace – For the mom who has a collection of natural stone jewelry.
  • Actual Fingerprint Necklace – A sentimental present that she would love wearing close to her heart.

Custom orders

  • Matching T-shirts – Fun Mother’s Day gift from kids that you can personalize with an inside family joke.
  • Caricature from Photo – Make her feel like the most special mom with a one-of-a-kind portrait.

Caricature from photo

  • Fun Socks – A cool idea for the mom with a good sense of humor.

Memory Gift

Memorable Mother’s Day gifts from kids that will leave a lasting impression.

  • Photo Calendar – A nice present she can enjoy during the whole year.
  • My Drawing of Mom – Mother’s Day cards from kids are guaranteed to make her smile.
  • Q&A a Day for Moms –  One special journal that would keep many precious memories.
  • Handprint Flower Pot – Fun DIY present that mom would love to use.
  • Movie Caricature – Turn her into a character from her favorite movie or book.

Movie caricature

  • Pendant Necklace Set – An elegant matching pair for mother and daughter.

What Makes the Mother’s Day Gift Special

Any present from her child is special for the mother. But some gifts are also very personal, sentimental, and dear to the heart!

Suitable for the Occasion

Select a gift that conveys a special message for mom. Mother’s Day cards from kids are a great idea and she is sure to appreciate the artistic gesture! The little ones can’t go browsing the shops or order an item online, but they can craft the most endearing present!

  • House Plant – With a note “Thanks for helping me grow!”
  • Salt Dough Flower Magnets – Creative present that is easy to make.
  • Mother’s Day Crown – Because she is the queen of the house.
  • What I Love About Mom By Me – A fill-in book that will fill her heart.

Suitable for the occasion gifts

They Are Going to Treasure It

Make a present that can withstand the test of time and leave mom with a long-lasting memory! Personalized and handmade Mother’s Day gifts from kids are a unique way to create a keepsake that will always bring smiles and mementos from childhood.

  • Personalized Candle Holder – A good addition to the home decor.
  • Painted Rock Photo Holder – A DIY Mother’s Day gift from kids to keep her favorite photo.
  • Baby Handprint Frame – An adorable keepsake that will create a long-lasting memory.
  • Trinket Box – To keep mom’s valuables safe.

Treasure gifts

They’ll Know You Care

Even the funny Mother’s Day cards from kids are precious in the eyes of a mother! The gift is meant to be a gesture of love and appreciation so don’t worry about the size. Choose a symbolic gift that has timeless value and creates a memorable effect.

  • Mom and Son Charm Bracelet – A thoughtful present perfect for the occasion.
  • Pom-Pom Bouquet – Handmade Mother’s Day bouquet that will last for a long time.
  • Soft Blanket – To keep her warm and cozy. 
  • Family Caricature – A unique portrait of mom and the kids.

Family caricature

It Is Truly Yours and It Stands Out

DIY Mother’s Day gifts from kids are the sweetest way of saying “Thank you!” without words! If they have dedicated some of their personal time and efforts to make her a present, she will love it despite any imperfections.

  • Heart-Shaped Dreamcatcher – DIY present that will require some time and dedication.
  • Origami Bookmarks – Mother’s Day gift from kids they can make on their own.
  • String Art Craft – You can easily find different tutorials online.
  • Handmade Soap – A fun activity for the kids that will turn into a practical present.

Handmade gifts

Ideas for Children How to Wrap Present for Mom

If the kids are old enough they can wrap the present themselves while the little ones will need some help. Don’t worry if it ends up a bit clumsy because this shows they made a personal effort for it!

To find more gifts for Mother’s Day from son and daughter check our extended list of Mother’s Day gift ideas!

Ways to Deliver the Gift for Mom

The best way to deliver Mother’s Day presents from kids is personally because both the kids and their mom can share the emotion of the moment! To make the surprise even better they can prepare a special experience like a game, dinner or activity that they can perform together.

Caricature as Special Mother’s Day Gift from Kids

Looking for unique Mother’s Day gift ideas from kids that stand out with creativity and a personal approach? Surprise her with a lovely hand-drawn portrait with a theme connected to family, hobby, profession, or interests!

Why Caricature Is a Great Gift for Mom

Personalized caricatures are more than just ordinary presents! They carry a message, bring warm emotions, and leave long-lasting memories. The artwork can be printed on a poster or canvas and become a perfect addition to her home decor!

Order a Caricature for a Mom

Create a unique art piece with the professional artists of where every idea can be turned into reality! There are plenty of design categories depending on the recipient and the occasion. You can also order a fully custom design based on your own idea.

All you need to do is select one photo for drawing and add a description of all the details you would like to include. Every customer receives a preview of the drawing, so they can be sure that their idea is represented exactly as they imagined it!


What Is the Best Mother’s Day Gift from Kids?

Homemade Mother’s Day gifts from kids are a fun and age-appropriate way to express love and appreciation. They will enjoy the creative challenge and mom will be happy to receive a present that is unique and made only for her!

How to Choose a Mother’s Day Gift from Kids?

If mom has а favorite hobby or interest, it would be a great idea to select a present that shows you know her well! Make a personal gift that is unique and reflects her character.

How to Make Personalized Mother’s Day Gifts from Kids?

There are so many good Mother’s Day gift ideas from children to choose from! They can make a present out of clay, salt dough, or paper or use an object like a vase, photo frame, or cup and make a special decoration for mum.