Choosing Perfect Gifts for Travelers

Each section gives you great gift suggestions for international trips, business travels, and outdoor activities. Let’s start with the best travel gifts for her and for him selected to fit all the needs and wants for their journey.

Check out more exclusive gifts for travel lovers in our special list dedicated to Gifts For Adventurers!

Best Travel Gifts For Her

  • Packing Cubes – They can easily fit a lot of clothing and accessories while keeping the luggage well-organized.
  • Reusable Toiletry Bottles -Hotels offer small-sized toiletries and it is not convenient to buy new ones every time.
  • Personalized Passport Cover – Select a design that reflects her personality and interests.
  • Travel Jewelry Box – So her jewelry never gets broken or tangled in the luggage bags.
  • Travel Caricature – Surprise her with a unique portrait that will keep her amazing memories from the trips.

Travel caricature for her

  • Travel Hair Dryer – The folding lightweight model with dual voltage is the perfect travel companion.

Travel gifts for her

Travelling Gifts For Him

  • Foldable Duffel Bag – Much lighter and compact than a suitcase or a good option for hand luggage.
  • Solid Travel-Friendly Cologne – Since it doesn’t contain liquid the cologne is suitable for carrying on a plane.
  • Toiletry Travel Kit – With multiple compartners, a small mirror, and a convenient hanger.
  • Travel Caricature – Imagine his reaction to a custom hand-drawn portrait dedicated to his adventures.

Travel  caricature for him

  • Travel Cord Roll – A smart travelling gift for him to keep all the cords neat and organized.
  • Portable Campfire  –  Great idea for outdoor lovers that comes without smoke or messy cleanup.

Travelling gifts for him

Gifts for People Who Travel

Select useful gifts for travelers depending on the purpose, frequency, and destination of their trips.

Our list of Gifts For Nature Lovers will give you great ideas for people who love camping and hiking!

For Frequent Traveler

  • Scratch World Map – To mark all of the visited destinations and get inspired for many more.
  • Travel Notebook – This gift for people who love to travel will help them save the best memories.
  • Wireless Noise-Canceling Headphones – A life-saving accessory for long flights.
  • Travel Backpack – Compact, light, and with plenty of compartments for travel essentials.
  • Microfiber Towel – Compared to an ordinary towel it is lighter, super absorbent, and dries pretty fast.

Gifts for travels

  • Hobby Caricature – Surprise them with a creative portrait featuring world landmarks and a creative travel theme.

Hobby caricature

Who Travel by Car

  • Insulated Rambler – A must-have that will take good care of all hot or cold drinks.
  • Travel Bucket List  – There is a book for each country with all exciting sights worth visiting.
  • Instant Camera – So they can save amazing travel memories from the best trips.
  • Tablet – Convenient access to movies, podcasts, books, and songs while on the road.
  • Portable Espresso Machine – The best gift for travelers who don’t want to compromise with coffee quality.
  • Road Trip Pillow  – Because everyone needs a nap during a long road trip.
  • Aromatherapy Inhalers – Very helpful for those who experience motion sickness symptoms

Gifts for those who travel by a car

Gifts for World Travelers

  • LifeStraw Filtered Water Bottle – It cleans up 99.9% of waterborne parasites & bacteria.
  • Travel Neck Pillow – Suitable gift for travel lovers that are not afraid of long-haul flights.
  • International Travel Plug Adapter – This gadget can be used in 150 countries and will make sure all their devices run smoothly.
  • Portable Luggage Scale – That way they can be sure there will be no extra charges at the airport.
  • Caricature from Photo – A one-of-kind personalized portrait that highlights their interests, character traits, and best memories.

Caricature for world travelers

  • Trendy Carry-On – A great gift for people who love to travel and enjoy doing it with style.

Gift for Business Traveler

  • Portable Charger – A pocket-sized power bank that will never leave them with low battery.
  • Travel Blazer – It is made of a special wrinkle-free fabric that allows you to carry formal wear without worrying.
  • Monogram Leather Accessories – Order a stylish personalized luggage tag, passport cover, or jewelry case.
  • Portable Phone Keyboard – The best gifts for travelers that need to keep track of emails and communication.
  • Tech Case – It can easily fit all the valuables like phones, chargers, cables, documents, medication, and pens.
  • Tie & Cufflink Traveler – A good gift for business travelers that attend official meetings.

Gifts for business traveler

What Are the Best Gifts for Travelers

Check those gift ideas for travelers that will provide them with all the needed gear, gadgets, and apparel for their favorite hobby! Surprise the recipient with useful items of proven quality that are perfect both for beginners and experienced passengers.

Electronics Gifts

  • Fitness Tracker – A cool gift idea for travelers that are also into health and fitness.
  • Digital Camera – Many smartphones have great cameras but there are still some qualities that are missing.
  • Kindle – The most convenient way to carry multiple books everywhere you go.
  • Multi USB Charger – They need only one socket to charge all of their devices.
  • Mobile Wifi Hotspot – A gift for world travelers that they will actually use and appreciate.

Electronics gifts

Merchandise Gifts

  • Document Organizer – To keep them organized, safe, and handy.
  • Money Belt – A good way to prevent pickpocketing when visiting crowded tourist places.
  • Pocket Picnic&Beach Blanket – So they can have a nice rest and enjoy the beautiful view.
  • Vacuum Storage Bags – Thoughtful gift for people who travel with many outfit options.
  • Travel Door Alarm – A gift for frequent travelers who like exploring a bit more dangerous destinations.
  • Inflatable Bottle Bag – The air bubble protects fragile items like bottles and perfumes.

Merchandise gifts

Apparel Gifts

  • Secret Pocket Scarf – Works well both as an accessory and as a smart way to protect your valuables.
  • Travel Vest – Travel apparel is meant to be practical rather than extravagant. Select weather and stain-resistant vest with plenty of pockets.
  • Aviator Jeans  – They are also known as the best travel jeans because of the comfortable fabric and the hidden pockets.
  • Merino Wool Hoodie – Merino wool is light, stink-free, and very breathable which makes it a great travel option.
  • Icebreaker Merino Shirt – During the cold season, this mid-layer will keep warm and safe.
  • Trekking Shoes – If they love hiking they definitely need a new pair of endurable shoes.

Apparel gifts


  • Travel Hammock – If their next destination includes a mountain or beach, this is the way to go.
  • Multitool – You can’t travel with a toolbox but you can definitely take this 17-in-1 multitool.
  • Portable Travel Camera Tripod – So they can easily take photos without asking strangers for help.
  • Travel Wallet – Its sleek and compact design is created to fit many things while taking less space.
  • Smartphone Camera Lens – The best gifts for travelers who love taking photos but don’t have a camera.
  • Silk Sleep Mask – Silk is the best material for the skin and a good rest is essential to have energy for sightseeing.
  • Travel Laundry Detergent – All you need is one small package and a sink, bathtub, basins, or washing machine.

Accessories for travelers

Art and Creative Presents

  • World Map Wall Art – A creative home decoration reflecting their passion.
  • Nature Caricature  – If they love spending time in nature, you will definitely bring them a smile with a background from a favorite place.

Nature caricature

  • Try the World Subscription – A monthly delivery of snacks, ingredients, and beverages from different countries.
  • ‘I Was Here’ Travel Journal – With plenty of prompts, challenges, and suggestions that inspire exploration.
  • City Map Glasses – The glasses are artfully engraved with maps of favorite cities.
  • World Explorer Wall Calendar – Each month is devoted to a famous travel destination.

Caricature Portrait as a Unique Gift for Travel Lovers

If you are looking for birthday gifts for travelers, make sure they are personal and memorable! Caricatures are more than just a portrait because they can be personalized according to the receiver’s interests, hobbies, and lifestyle.  The background of the caricature can feature any details of your choice so you have the creative freedom to turn it into the most impressive and thoughtful gift.

Include some landmarks from their favorite places, add a plane in the background or put a travel bag and passport in their hands! The professional artists at can turn any design idea into a reality!

How to Order a Custom Caricature Portrait

Choose а Picture

You can easily order an exciting gift for travelers in just a few steps. First, select a photo where their face is clearly seen from the front.  The artist will use this picture to turn them into an amazing cartoon character so make sure it has good quality and lighting.

Decide on the Size

There is a diversity of sizes to fit any needs! You can receive your caricature in a digital format or order a print on canvas or poster with free delivery to your address. We would suggest a bigger size for caricatures with more characters or artwork which is meant to be part of the home decor.

Leave Your Suggestions in Comments

To create the best gift for travelers don’t hesitate to craft a detailed description of the desired design. That way the artist will know exactly what you are looking after and deliver a great result. The helpful customer service team can assist you with the idea and give you cool design suggestions so you can get a memorable and emotional art piece for a gift.

Confirm Your Application and Wait for the Order

Lastly, submit your order and wait patiently a couple of days till the artists do their magic. With the fast and express delivery options, the caricature can be ready in 2 days or just 24 hours! You will receive a preview of the artwork and it will be printed only after your approval of the final design. This way you will be sure it looks exactly how you want it!


What Are Good Gifts for World Travelers

When you are selecting gifts for world travelers, look for practical items that will accommodate them during the long journey away from home. Opt for useful gadgets like a travel plug adapter, portable charger, wifi hotspot, or pocket-sized camera.

How to Make Personalized Gifts for People Who Travel?

Custom gifts for travelers can easily combine functionality and creativity. Surprise them with a personalized tumbler, luggage tags, passport cover, or duffel bag. If you want to make the present extra special, consider an exciting hand-drawn caricature dedicated to their hobby.

What Are the Best Gifts for Travelers?

The gifts for people who travel can be useful or sentimental. If you want your present to have practical value you can go for packing cubes, a travel backpack, or a portable coffee machine. To make a more personal gesture you can select a special book about traveling, a fun subscription box, or a personalized travel journal.

What to Get for Someone Who Travels a Lot?

While brainstorming gifts for frequent travelers, have in mind that they already have many of the essentials. You can ask them if there is anything else that they need or go for art and creative presents like a scratch map, travel-themed portrait, or custom accessory.